The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 259: Eight Trigrams Sealing Style

Seeing that shadow from a distance raised the hope of everyone on the battlefield.

Yuu Naito… Will he be able to defeat the Kyuubi?

Naito is very powerful, his strength is incredible, this is something that everyone knows, he killed the Third Kazekage, defeated the Ichibi, killed the Third Raikage, and got honored as the new God of Ninja.

However, the power of the Kyuubi is abnormal.

Even if Naito is strong, hes still human, and the power of the Kyuubi is not something that a human being can face, one tail alone has the amount of Chakra compared to thousands of people.

The third Raikage could barely suppress the Hachibi, but the intelligence says that the Kyuubi is way more powerful than the Hachibi!

After all, the Kyuubi has half of the Juubis Chakra, even the Raikage cant win this fight!


The huge, terrifying Bijuudama smashed the void, and the whole place started trembling, this horrible Chakra was extremely shocking.

At that moment, Naito was standing at the forefront facing the Bijuudama.

“Naito, be careful!”

Tsunade, who was at the back, couldnt help but shout, her eyes revealed her worry, even though Naito is very strong, the size of this Bijuudama was… Really terrible!

It has the power to destroy the entire Village!

At that moment, even if you have some unsolved issues with Naito, you can only hope that he can block that terrifying attack. Otherwise, it will be the end of Konoha.

When Pain invaded Konoha, Danzo didnt come out, because he wanted to become the next Hokage. Secondly, he knew that they will deal with him eventually.

The Kyuubi is a mad monster that has no reason, his existence itself is for the purpose of destruction, hes a war weapon after all, and his only goal is destroying everything, if they dont suppress him soon, he will just destroy the whole Land of Fire.

Whether it was Sarutobi, Sakumo, Danzo, Jiraiya, or the others, they all had the feeling of bitterness, they knew that none of them could stop him.

At the battlefield.

Facing the Bijuudama, Naito expression was as cold as ever, which made everyone watching this scene feel the chills on the back of their neck.

“How did this happen?”

Naito has finally opened his mouth, his voice spread throughout the place, but it seemed too cold, cold enough to freeze the blood in the veins!

How did the Kyuubi suddenly run away?!

No one answered Naito question as the Bijuudama was heading toward them. Under the horror of its approaching, everyones expression had a trace of despair, some of them couldnt even feel their legs anymore, there was no chance for escaping.

The Bijuudama got so close flying over toward Naito who was the first in the line, suddenly he stepped in putting his two hands in front of him!


A dazzling white light suddenly burst into the blue flames of the Bijuudama, like an orb, that light wrapped that massive Chakra Ball in.

Under the grasp of everyone, Naito looked as if he wrapped the void itself in his hand, he kept pressing it in his hand until it got smaller, then he suddenly threw it to the sky.


Suddenly, there was a big explosion along with a loud roar that shattered even the ground under them, under the gazes of everyone in the field, Naito stopped the Bijuudama using his bare hands!

The Bijuudama… Got defeated?

Everyone looked shocked.

Even Sarutobi and the other looked as if they got struck by a lightning bolt as they were frozen in their places.

Did they just witnessed the defeat of the Bijuudama?!

This is impossible!!

They couldnt believe it, because they knew that this one was ten times bigger than the previous one, which makes it ten times stronger, this is not something you can face directly!

However, such a huge Bijuudama got completely suppressed by Naito!

What kind of power this man has?!

This man has never failed to shock them every time he put his feet into a battlefield.

Naito stared at the Kyuubi with very cold eyes, then he turned and looked back at Sarutobi and Danzo.

These eyes made even Sarutobi and Danzo terrified.

“Which one of you gonna tell me what happened?”

This time when Naito said this sentence, it made everyone terrified and frozen in their places, they could even hear their heartbeats raises in their ears!

Even someone like Orochimaru looked horrified.

The killing intent that Naito was revealing could make even a grown man piss on himself!

Its like a falling strike from the heaven that gonna smite them all!


The Kyuubi could see how did Naito stop his Bijuudama, which made him roar in anger.

The Kyuubi was waving his tails violently, and destroying the whole place as he was roaring along, suddenly he stopped and started forming another Bijuudama.

“Get Lost!”

Naito heard the Kyuubis roars and turned to him, revealing his killing intent.

Suddenly, he flashed and appeared directly in front of the Kyuubi.

At this time, the Kyuubi was opening his jaws and roaring while he was quickly forming the Bijuudama.

Looking at this scene, Naito directly rushed to the top and waved his hand.

Suddenly a shock wave flew out and hit the Bijuudama that wasnt fully formed yet.


The Bijuudama burst and its horrible power exploded in the sky, then swayed all over the place.

However, the explosion was directed entirely toward the sky, which made the whole space above them crack like a broken mirror.

It looked like if Naitos shock wave has wholly separated the Earth and the Sky into two worlds!

However, Naitos attack didnt stop, as he was on the top of the Kyuubi, he suddenly used his foot to kick him.

But that kick didnt look like it had any strength in it.


The Shock Force slammed the Kyuubi down, and his roars came to an abrupt end. His huge body got pressed so hard against the ground, the tremors were so violent, which made it impossible for him to move any more!

The silence controlled the place, as everyone who was watching this scene looked stunned

Some of them couldnt help but blink several times, they couldnt shake the feeling that they were dreaming.

His power is too incredible, he destroyed half of the Village and fought on against the strongest Shinobis in Konoha, sustained all of their Ninjutsu and was about to destroy them along with the remaining half of the Village… Yet that monster got defeated by just two attacks from Naito!

How strong is… Naito?!!

Many people know that Naito killed both the Third Raikage and Kazekage, but they didnt have any accurate concept to Naitos strength because they didnt witness those battles.

Now, after they saw him in action, they finally understood, the real power of Naito!

The Bijuudama was ten times bigger than the actual body of the Kyuubi still it got wiped out by Naio.

He even managed to smash the Kyuubi to the ground and stop his movements!

Naitos power is the abnormal here!

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