The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 260: Disposal

“Now, can you tell me what happened?”

After he defeated the Kyuubi in just two hits, Naito stood on the top of his head, and stared at everyone present, suddenly, the atmosphere became really cold.

If it were any other Bijuu attacking the Village and theyre having a real hard time to deal with him, Naito wouldnt even interfere, but this was the Kyuubi!

And the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi was Kushina!

The Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, Naito has also been studying it, this Seal is so strong, that even the Kyuubi couldnt break for centuries in the Original.

So what was happening here was really confusing, almost the whole Seal was broken, and the Kyuubi was fully completed!

Theres no doubt that something is wrong!

The only reason that Naito could think about is that Konoha wanted to change the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi in his absence, but they failed, and beast broke out!

Kushina meant the world to Naito, and touching her only means death!

Its also clear that Naito was close to the edge, which means that hes more than dangerous than the Kyuubi himself.

The last time someone hurt Kushina, was when the Cloud tried to kidnap her, Naito put his anger on the whole Village, destroying it and killing the Third Raikage.

Theres no doubt that if Sarutobi is related to this accident, he wouldnt even hesitate to kill him!

“Yuu Naito, you should calm down, we dont know how did this happen, let us first seal the Kyuubi again, then find out the reason behind breaking the seal.”

Sarutobi looked terrified as the cold sweat was dripping from his forehead.

When he heard Sarutobis words, Naito calmed down for a moment, then he revealed his killing intent again.

“You dont know why?”

Naito was staring at Sarutobi while the veins were throbbing on his forehead, Sarutobi didnt know what to say next, so he looked at Tsunade.

“Although I wasnt around Kushina when the accident happened, I can assure you that none of us know what happened, the Kyuubi suddenly broke free in the middle of the Village.”

Tsunade explained to Naito with a very serious expression on her face.

After listening to Tsunades explanation, then looked at the others, Naito determined that Sarutobi wasnt lying, and even Danzo wouldnt dare to do anything to Kushina, without discussing the matter with Sarutobi first.

Because he knew that none of them would dare to provoke Naito without having a way to deal with him first.

In this case, the whole accident is really strange.

No one has the motivation, and Kushina didnt have any signs of discomfort, theres no way the Kyuubi could break the Seal alone, someone has helped him.

And even if the Seal was destroyed, someone like Kushina should be still able to suppress him for a short time, things cant happen this quickly.

Naito could only think about one person who can control the Kyuubi and break him free from his Seal.

Uchiha Madara!

Except for Uchiha Madara, theres no who have the ability to break the Seal of the Kyuubi.

He also noticed that the Kyuubi didnt look like he had his conscious.

The Kyuubi is not actually as violent as Konoha thinks, hes just an arrogant big fox, the Kyuubi only acts that way because he became terrified from humans after he got controlled by Madara.

However, what is Madaras reason behind this act, does he want to deal with Naito this way?

Nowadays, no one can threaten Madara, nor stop his plan, he only needs to deal with Naito.

If it were the former Madara, he would have killed Nagato and gone head to head with Naito directly to suppress him, but the current Madara didnt have any power left in him, and he must rely on that small amount of Chakra to keep on living and prepare to his plan.


The Kyuubi was still roaring in madness, even though he was defeated by Naito, he was still out of control.

Suddenly, the Kyuubi start surging a terrifying amount of Chakra trying to break free from Naitos hands, which made even the ground under him crack and shatter into pieces.

Crack! Crack!!

Subsequently, the Kyuubi towered into the clouds, along with Naito over his head.

Looking at this scene, with very cold eyes, Naito surged his Chakra into the ring on his finger and turned it into a big sword.

Immediately afterward, he held that sword and slammed the Kyuubis head with it bombarding him to the ground.


Even the Kyuubi couldnt withstand that power and crushed on the ground along with a painful roar. Obviously, Naitos attack had an effect on him. After he got hit by that sword, he couldnt recover from it for a long time.

Naito didnt stop and rushed directly to the Kyuubi and cut his tails, helplessly the former started forming a huge Bijuudama with what he had left from his Chakra and fired it at Naito.

Naito barehanded smashed that Bijuudama, which made everyone in the place couldnt help but swallow.

So this is what it means to be cold the God of Shinobi!

The Kyuubi continued to struggle under Naitos feet that was suppressing him to the ground, yet he couldnt get rid of him, he felt as if he was once again imprisoned in that cage.

This scene made everyone more terrified.

Just when he thought it was the end, Naito moved again and punched the Kyuubi.

He couldnt just defeat the Kyuubi, he needed to crush him along with his will and seal him back, so Kushina can be safe.


The Shock Force was steadily spreading around the Kyuubis body striking him, shattering the ground under him, and trembling the whole place.

Suddenly, the Kyuubis body started constantly getting smaller, and his Chakra was forcibly suppressed, and finally, he began to lose its shape.

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