The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 261: Disappointed

Finally, at the center, Kushinas figure start to appear, and the Kyuubis Chakra pressed back into her body, but she was lying there in the middle of the rubbles unconscious.


After the Chakra of the Kyuubi got completely suppressed into Kushinas body, Naitos rushed toward her and lifted her upper body up, then he gently pressed his hand on the Seal of the Kyuubi to help to suppress it.

The Seal was destroyed entirely, but as long he manages to suppress the Kyuubis Chakra and seal him back into Kushina, everything will be fine.

Speaking of it, there was one more strange thing, although the Seal was destroyed entirely, the Kyuubi didnt leave Kushinas body. Instead, he still used it as a container.

But this is obviously a good thing.

If the Kyuubi got separated from Kushinas body, she would then die since shes his Jinchuriki. In that case, even suppressing the Chakra back wont solve the problem.

But this wasnt the case, she was safe now.

Tsunade came to Naitos side, and looked at Kushina who was in his arm, and asked: “How is she?”

“Shes in a temporary coma, but the Seal is completely destroyed and must be re-sealed.”

Naito looked really worried.

Sarutobi and the others didnt come close, they didnt dare to approach Naito in this state, even though they explained that they didnt have anything with what happened to Kushina.

Especially Orochimaru who did know Naito the most, it was evident in his heart, he could feel that Naito was ten times more dangerous than the Kyuubi!

Not anyone can get close to him, only a few people, such as Tsunade and Sakumo.

When she heard what Naito said, Tsunade got relieved that Kushina was fine.

Later, she looked at the Seal that Naito was pressing with his hand, and she could feel that the Kyuubis Chakra could overflow at any time.

“I will use the Four Symbol Seal, then the Eight…”

“No, I will!”

A voice came from behind, Tsunade turned to find that it was Uzumaki Mei, after the Kyuubi got completely suppressed, she rushed over.

As an Uzumaki, she was proficient in seals.

Naito looked at her then he nodded and said: “Sorry for the trouble.”

“No, Yuu Naito, am the one who should be sorry, I wasnt there when Kushina needed me the most, I feel embarrassed.”

Uzumaki Mei took a deep breath then she nodded at Naito, she looked really serious, then she walked to Kushinas side and started performing the Eight Seal.

The perfect combination between the Four Symbols seal and the Eight needs a high level of mastery in Fuinjutsu, most people can only perform the Four Symbols.

Performing the Eight Seal perfectly is more difficult, but an Uzumaki member wouldnt find it hard since their familiar with most seals.

Soon, a new seal was placed on Kushina stomach, and the Chakra of the Kyuubi was no longer out of control, the people who were watching this scene felt really relieved.

In particular, Sarutobi and the others who couldnt help but wipe the cold sweat on their foreheads.

If something terrible happened to Kushina, no one could truly imagine the horror that Naito was gonna place on them, I think the scene where Naito slammed the Kyuubi using his hand will never be wiped from their memories.

They kept checking Kushinas health, but there was nothing wrong with her, only temporary coma, she only needed to rest for a few days, which made Naito finally calm down.

At the same time, Naito looked really upset.

Naito and Madara have become deadly enemies, Madara who wants to control the entire ninja world, and Naito who want to be the strongest and protect his people.

However, only one person can be the strongest, theres no place for the two of them.

Holding Kushina in his hand, Naito turned and looked to the Village, half of it was destroyed, and the people looked really terrified.

Although Sarutobi and the others tried to push the fight out of the Village, the Village got damaged, and this only proves the Kyuubis extremely horrible power.

Theres no doubt that Naito is currently the strongest in the world, but he still didnt reach the level of the likes of Hachirama and Madara.


In a hidden dark place underground.

Madara, who was closing his eyes, slowly opened them and revealed a faint look.

“Its ended.”

“I dont doubt your decision, but I still dont understand, whats the point of doing this?” Zetsu, who was on his side, looked at Madara with a confused expression.

Madara snorted then said: “Just wait, and you will see, if you want to control someone, you will need to make him desperate first.”

“Its all part of the plan.”


Konohas temporary camp.

Most of the Village was destroyed, and the ninjas were working on rebuilding it, so they built some temporary camps first, so the civilians can rest in them.

At this time, and in the middle of a temporary camp, some people were arguing.

“This kind of thing can never happen again!” Danzo was standing there with a cold face, then shouted: “The Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi must be handed over to me.”


Sarutobi was still against this idea, moreover, how is he planning on controlling Kushina in the presence of Naito?

“Hokage-Sama, I propose to temporarily hold the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi in a safe place, we dont know how did this happen, and it might happen again.”

One of the Shinobis stood up then said to Sarutobi: “We need to hold its force into a special enchantment, so when it breaks free again, we can stop it easily.”

The Shinobi said this, but none of the other said anything back.

The silence suddenly controlled the place.

The reason behind this silence was Naito, who suddenly came from the front door.

Naito suddenly, looked at the person who has spoken then asked with a calm tone: “What do you want to do again?”

Although he didnt reveal any killing intent, this simple sentence made the Shinobis heart sank in horror.


No one thought that Naito would suddenly appear in the room, which made the Shinobi stop talking, and the cold sweat started dripping from his forehead.

The relationship between Naito and Kushina was well known, the only reason for them to call this secret council was their understanding of the difficulty of dealing with this matter.

“Who wants… To imprison Kushina?”

Naito said this sentence then gazed at the people in the room, but no one dared to look at Naito straight to his eyes!

At this moment, Naitos presence was all over the place, which made more pressure on the people inside the room.

Naitos presence was always strong, but after he started working on his Immortal Body, his presence got more terrifying.

In addition, the scene of Naito single-handedly defeat the Kyuubi was still lingering in their hearts, at that moment, no one including Sarutobi dared to talk back to Naito!

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