The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 262: The Kyuubis Cage

“Since we agreed that none of us wants this, then you can continue your discussion.”

Naito kept gazing on everyone, but none of them responded, so after he said this sentence, he turned and walked away.

After he left, the silence continued for a long time.

After a while, someone finally spoke.

“Well, this can work too.”

“If everything else happened to the seal, Naito-Dono can stop the Kyuubi again.”

Naitos arrival changed everyones attitudes.

The moment he left, Sarutobi looked at Danzo, since he couldnt say anything back to Naito, Danzo didnt want to look back at Sarutobi. Still, his anger was clear.

Naito has just put his boundaries.

He wont allow anyone to intervene with Kushinas matter, even if the hate was clear in everyone eyes to that Beast, they couldnt help but suppress it deep into their hearts.


Among the shelters, there was one who looked a little bit placed far away from the others.

Kushina sat there looking a bit awkward, from time to time, someone will pass by the window, and give her an incomparable disgust and hatred look.

Like Naruto in the original, although the Kyuubis runaway was completely unrelated to her, the people in the Village hated her for that.

The moment they know she was the Jinchruki of the Kyuubi they regarded her as the root of all evil, making her believe that she killed their loved ones, which made her blame herself for everything.

Naito pushed the door and walked in to find her all stressed out. He went quickly to her side and gently grabbed her little hand.

The look on Kushinas face made Naito feel really pitiful which its a really rare thing.

Naito gently patted her head and comforted her: “This is not your fault, dont blame yourself.”

“But… Because of me, Konoha got destroyed, and so many people died.”

Kushina looked really sad, she was biting her lips with a self-blaming expression.

Looking at how miserable she was, Naito extended his hands around her and hugged her really tight and whispered in her ear.

“This was the work of someone else behind the scenes, he manipulated things to destroy Konoha.”


Kushina got surprised and looked at Naito, waiting for further explanation.

Naito whispered again: “Think about it, do you really believe that the Eight Seals can be destroyed this easily? Obviously impossible, and remember the last time you were taken away by the Clouds…”

After he reminded her about that accident, Kushina suddenly looked like she realized something.

“Its a bit strange, do you think the Cloud…”

“No, those people werent skilled enough, they wouldnt be able to destroy the Seal.” Naito shook his head and said: “I can finally confirm the person behind this accident.”

“Who is it?”

Kushina looked confused, she couldnt believe that someone can actually break the seal without her noticing, and even control the Kyuubi!

Naito took a deep breath, then his eyes flashed, and finally revealed the truth to Kushina, saying: “Have you ever heard of the name… Uchiha Madara?”

“Uchiha Madara?!”

Kushina looked terrified the moment she heard his name, and couldnt help but ask: “The one who fought against the First Hokage Senju Hachirama? Didnt he die a long time ago?”

“No, hes not dead… Yet. Hes still working on his plans in the dark, we kind of crossed our swords once before…” Naito looked at Kushina, and told her everything about Madara, he didnt care that she will tell someone elses about this because it wont effect Naito anyway.

Listening to Naitos words, Kushina was first horrified, then she gradually calmed down. Still, she believed him.

After she heard the whole story, Kushina felt a little bit relieved, she gently leaned her head against Naitos chest and lied there in his arms.

She felt sad about the whole damage that Konoha has suffered, yet, she was happy that she wasnt the cause of that accident.


Kushina has finally fully recovered, after that she focused on controlling the Kyuubis chakra and enhance her strength, but also to be sure not to let the Kyuubi break free again.

Still, a lot of unexpected things were happening.

The Elders of the Village knew that everything was fine now, and they didnt change their attitude toward Kushina; still, they became really protective about letting her go out of the Village.

However, the people didnt share the same idea as them, they didnt care about whos fault was that they all treated her with incomparable disgust and hate!

In their view, Kushina is the Kyuubi, and she killed their family and friends!

Although because of Naito, no one will pick up on her, or even dare to say something to her; still they all looked at her with disgust and hatred eyes.

What Kushina was experiencing now is much cruel than what Naito or Naruto has experienced in the Original.

Naito can prevent everyone from picking up on Kushina, but he cant change their attitudes.

It will always be this way, respect for Naito, and hate for Kushina.

Some people were even talking about how Kushina is just an evil fox beast, and shes not worthy for Naito.

Although they didnt say these things directly to her, it was finally passed by to Kushinas ears.


Rebuilt Konoha, at Naitos home.

There was no expensive furniture, everything looked simple.

Naito opened the door and walked in then turned to close it, suddenly Kushina came over and hugged him from behind.

“Naito-Kun, do you think it would have been better… If I didnt exist?”

She was trying her best to control the Kyuubi and help Konoha, but no one understood her.

Kushina is a powerful person, although no one understands her, she was still working hard, what is behind her sentence wasnt sadness nor giving up, but disappointment in Konoha.

“Your existence is the meaning of my existence.”

Naito turned and hugged her tight.

The atmosphere has become very warm, whether its Naito or Kushina, it always felt the warmth for them when theyre together.

They stayed that way for a long time, suddenly Naito whispered, saying: “Kushina, lets go… Lets leave Konoha.”

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