The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 263: Kushina And Kurama

“Leave Konoha?”

Kushina looked confused, even if she wanted to leave, the Village wouldnt let her go since shes the Kyuubis Jinchuriki.

“We dont belong here, were outsiders in the first place, Konoha is just a rest point in our journey, its not the end.”

Naito could feel her anxiety and worry, so he grabbed her hands gently and said: “We dont need to stay in here if its make you suffer, just say the word and no one will stop us from leaving!”

Even if shes the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, if he decides to leave, no one will stop Naito even the Sarutobi himself.

If it werent for Kushinas strong Chakra, they wouldnt find a proper Jinchuriki for the Kyuubi in the first place.

Her existence itself alone is protecting the Village. However, people hate her and regard her as an enemy, which makes Naito feels very disappointing.

The truth, Naito doesnt really care much about Konoha, what he really cares about is Kushina, and shes the only reason that made him stay this long!

Kushina kept quiet for a long time, and with bitterness, she snuggled Naito and nodded gently.

Upon seeing it, Naito smiled and touched her little chin and kissed her cheeks gently, then he carried her in his arms, opened the door, then the two of them flashed and disappeared.

Naito didnt inform anyone about his departure.

When the Village finally realized that Naito and Kushina were missing, the elders got stunned. Sarutobi reacted quickly and blocked all the news from coming out then sent some troops secretly to pursue Naito.

Although Naitos intentions were really clear, and this kind of act can only be considered as a rebellion, no one dared to declare Naito as a Nukenin.

Of course, that was the right decision, theyre not strong enough to declare Naito as Nukenin and list him in the Bingo Book, the man can destroy the whole Village with one attack!

Moreover, even if they listed him in the Bingo Book, who will dare to chase Naito?

Its just a joke!

In fact, this is wasnt the most disturbing thing about the whole situation, what Sarutobi really feared, is if the other Villages knew about how Konoha lost two of their most potent War Weapons!

But this wasnt all, Konoha has also lost most of the Uchiha Clans combat powers, and they recently hit hard by the Kyuubis break out, which makes them really weak!

This will very likely cause the break out of the next war!

The Shinobi Third World War!

“Hope you made the right decision Naito.”

Tsunade sighed then shook her head, but in any case, she still supported his decision, after all, no one would withstand what Kushina has suffered, she felt really sorry for her and equally disappointed in Konoha.

Sakumo, Dai, and the others kept silent about this matter and didnt speak.

As for Danzo, he left the Village secretly, and no one knows where hes going.


Land of Fire, in the forest.

Kushina has never experienced those disgusted and hateful eyes after they left the Village, and she finally became cheerful and happy again.

After leaving Konoha Naito has finally understood something.

Perhaps this was the real intention of Madara, if he really wanted to kill Kushina, it would have been really easy for him even though hes currently so weak.

However, Madara didnt want to kill Kushina, he did all of this to change the peoples mind about Kushina and force them to hate her, which will eventually make her suffer, and her misery will also effect Naito, and he will end up desperate.

This is really the typical Uchiha Madara.

Perhaps he wanted to control Naito this way and make him join his side.

However, Naito will never stand together with Madara, the former dared to make Kushina suffer, and Naito will never forgive him for that!

Slowly depressed these thoughts in his hear, Naito looked at Kushina in front of him, then smiled, and pulled her hair from the back.

“Hey!! Stop it! I just fixed it and now its messed up again! Baka!”

Kushina plumped her chubby cheeks and looked at Naito.


Naito laughed then stretched out two fingers and pinched her cheeks.


Kushina stared at Naito with an evil look, then she suddenly, bit his fingers.

It didnt hurt Naito, but Kushina didnt want to let go, so he deliberately moved his finger inside her mouth.

Kushina felt that and immediately let go of his finger, her cheeks suddenly became really red, then she looked at him with a furious expression and said: “Pervert!! I hate you, I wish you die!”

“Is that so? I am leaving then.”

Naito shrugged, then he turned and walked away.”


Kushina suddenly pulled his hand.

Naito turned around, then he looked at Kushina again, and stretched out his finger on her nose and laughed.

Kushina sighed as he was laughing then she stood up, if it were anyone else, she would have already beaten the hell out of him, but Kushina couldnt do anything to Naito, so she just gave up.

“Yuu Naito, where are we going next?”

“Were not going to any place before… We deal with the Kyuubi first.

Naito looked at Kushina and smiled.

In order to avoid any more accidents with Kyuubi again, Naito decided to help Kushina control the Kyuubis power, although he will always be with her, helping her control the Kyuubis power will make her stronger, this way she will be able to protect herself, which is undoubtedly better.

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