The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 264: Naito And The Kyuubi

In a quiet and elegant forest, the birds singing gave the place a special touch of harmony.

Naito and Kushina had their breakfast then walked through the forest looking for a suitable place to train.

Sarutobi has sent the Anbu to look for Naito and Kushina. However, he couldnt send a large number of them because he didnt want any news to get leaked out to the outside, which made finding them more difficult.

In other words, as long as Naito keeps a low profile and doesnt get in touch with a lot of people, they will never find him.

Naito came out to an open place with Kushina.

This forest was actually near the borders of the Land of Fire. This country is enormous, it will be very difficult to find them in these forests.

“The first important thing to control the Kyuubi is to have a strong Chakra on your own, secondly, to have great physical power… The good thing is youre up to these standards.”

Naturally, Kushian had a tremendous physical power since she was from the Uzumaki Clan, she also has strong Chakra, that allows her to suppress the Kyuubi for a while even after he breaks free from his seal.

Naito explained this as he was walking around.

Kushina was always looking at him and listening to his guidance.

“So, for a person like you, controlling the Kyuubi is very simple, it actually requires one step, and that is to defeat him.”

“Defeat him?!”

Kushina, who was quietly listening to Naito couldnt help but exclaim the moment she heard that word showing a surprised expression on her face.

Naito nodded gently, then his expression suddenly became serious: “Controlling the Kyuubis Chakra forcibly, is not only risky but also not perfect.”

The Kyuubi is the strongest between all the Bijuu, yet hes not invincible.

For people like Uchiha Madara and Hachirama Senju, fighting against the Kyuubi is like playing with a kid.

To be precise, the Bijuu will always have the upper hand when it comes to Chakra, yet theyre using it stubbornly. Theyre not flexible when theyre using their Chakra, the only thing they do is a big Bijuudama after another.

“But how can I defeat him, the Kyuubi is a fearless beast.”

Kushina couldnt believe she could do it.

Naito looked at her then smiled and said: “Hes not that terrible, dont worry, I will always be by your side.”

If it were before, Naito would still manage to suppress the Kyuubi but not defeat him, but after he got controlled by the Madara, he must be more vulnerable than before which will make him more easier to be conquered.

Of course, if Naito were the Jinchuriki, he would have forced him whether he liked it or not.

“Hmm… Alright.”

When the accident happened, Kushina was unconscious, but she heard that Naito has easily defeated the Kyuubi.

Indeed, as long as Naito is at her side, she doesnt need to be afraid of the Kyuubi.

“So all that we need now is to unlock the Eight Seal.”

Naito said this then smiled at her.

Kushina hesitated a little, then she nodded, she believed in Naito, but not in her self, and if anything went wrong, Naito would help her reseal him again.

After all, she could use the Eight Seal technique.


Kushinas mind.

This place is known as Seishin Sekai, which allows the Jinchuriki and his Bijuu to communicate with one another on a deeper plain of their subconscious minds.

In front of Kushina, there was a massive iron gate with a seal on it.

Behind that gate, there Kyuubi who looked angry was lying down inside his cage.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes slowly and glanced.

“That bastard Uchiha Madara…”

The Kyuubi closed his eyes again thinking about that accident, and couldnt help but feel angry and annoyed, but also a little surprised that Madara is still alive.

Moreover, he could feel that Madaras Chakra was more terrible than before.

In the past, when Madara had his Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan, he forcibly managed to control the Kyuubi completely and attack Konoha, which made the Kyuubi hold a grudge on the Uchiha Clan!

However, this time, he could feel something else in Madaras Chakra.

Something similar to the Sixth Path Powers!

Kurama couldnt help but feel anxious.

“How did he get his hands on the old mans powers? That Chakra… Rinnegan?”

The Rinnegan is naturally stronger than the Eternal Mongekyou Sharingan, and if they can forcibly control him, the Rinnegan is not something he can fight.

You must know that the power of the Sixth Paths is what made these Bijuu, they were once the Juubi before Hagoromo split him into Nine separate Bijuu.

Suddenly, Kurama felt something weird and opened his eyes.

At first glance, he saw Kushina in front of his cage, which made him a little surprised.

Kurama looked bored and annoyed to even deal with her problems today, and without even standing up, he turned his head and revealed horrible killing intent.

“Kushina… You came here again, are you gonna unlock the seal and let me out? If not, get lost, and dont bother me.”

Kushina seemed accustomed to Kuramas threats, and especially after she got encouraged by Naito, she wasnt even afraid.

She even laughed a little looking at the scary face he was having.

“Are you always this angry? Arent you bored staying in this cage by yourself all day?”


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