The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 265: Horror

Kushina kept looking at the Kyuubi with a smile, while the former was a little bit confused.

This is wasnt like her!

Whenever he called her before into this dimension, she would look scared and rushed to leave, but this time she came on her own and even mocked him.

This is wasnt right, the Kyuubi felt like she was getting cocky and he should teach her a lesson before she gets used to this attitude!


Suddenly the Kyuubi rushed to the cage and slammed it with his claws then roared so loudly.

He was surging a massive amount of Chakra along with terrifying and shocking momentum.

However, Kushina didnt even react, the Kyuubi again looked confused, no matter how intimidating he was Kushina was just standing there with a smile.

Sacring her became useless. Therefore the Kyuubi calmed down, then he snorted and said: “Yes, its very boring, do you want to come in and help?”

With inexplicable braveness, Kushina suddenly extended her arm and touched the Kyuubis noise and said: “Well, as long as youre obedient, I will let you go out whenever you want.”


The expression on the Kyuubis face was indescribable, he looked like hes gonna explode at any moment!

Obedient?! What does she mean by obedient?!! Im the Kyuubi!!

“Well, you should tear that seal off first.”

The Kyuubi tried to calm himself down and take advantage of this situation.

Kushina looked at the Kyuubi, and with a smile on her face, she tore the Seal off!

She tore it down… Down… and down…


The Kyuubi, with an unbelievable look on his face, pushed the gate gently with his claws and the door between them suddenly opened.

The Kyuubi has finally reacted, suddenly he jumped out with a pleasant expression.

Did Kushina eat the wrong medicine today?!

Unlike the previous one, this time no one has forced the Seal to get destroyed, moreover, this time hes conscious, and no one is trying to control him.

Hes finally free!

Kurama finally couldnt help but laugh and laugh loudly. Because hes a fox, hes laughter was a little bit creepy, and Kushina couldnt help but sigh.

“Hey! Dont laugh like this! Its creepy!!”

Kushina stared at the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubis laughter came to an abrupt end, then his whole body slammed down and leaned over toward Kushina with his head and stared at her with his scary eyes.

Later, he put his claws against his chin, revealing a thoughtful expression.

“Hmm since you freed me from my cage, I will give you a great deal, you get the right to pick which part of your body I should eat first…”

The purpose behind the existence of the Bijuus Seal is to weaken them, once the Seal is broken, theres no limitation to the Bijuus power. If the Jinchuriki is not strong enough to suppress the Bijuu inside them, the former will just eat their body and get out.

Although Kushina wasnt afraid of the Kyuubi, the former was teasing her by putting his huge claws against her body.

“Do you think frightening people is fun?”

Kushina was shocked by the Kyuubis act and couldnt help but step back.

The Kyuubi was observing Kushinas movements and the way she was talking and started to understand her intentions, he wasnt stupid after all.

“Do you think that if you let me out, I will listen to you and give you my powers?!”

The Kyuubi didnt wait for Kushinas answer, and without any hesitation, he tried to catch her with his claws.

Looking at this scene, Kushina took her fighting stance and was ready to fight the Kyuubi, suddenly, a figure flashed in front of her.

Naito suddenly appeared in front of her and punched the Kyuubis claws.


The Kyuubi suddenly got pushed back with a shocked expression on his face.

“Yuu Naito?!”

Kushina also looked horrified, she didnt expect Naito to appear in this dimension, she thought that only a Jinchuriki and his Bijuu can enter it.

Naito also didnt think he could come in, but the moment he put his hand on her Seal, he figured out the way to go in, using his spiritual powers.

“You are…”

The Kyuubi suddenly stopped the action and looked at Naito.

Although he wasnt sure, the Kyuubi felt that Naito was familiar, he had vague images in his head about someone who defeated him when Madara controlled him and made him attack the village. However, after he saw how Naito managed to stop his attack, he had no doubt that it was him.

The Kyuubi narrowed his eyes, then he exposed his killing intent.

The time of playing is over, the Kyuubi became serious.

Because he understands now the reason behind unlocking his Seal, perhaps these two wants to get his power.

“How do you feel after you got controlled again by Madara?”

Naito appears and the way he talked, made Kushina somehow feel at ease and smile again, while the Kyuubi looked angrier the moment he heard this sentence.

“How do you know…”

“I know everything.”

Naito looked at the Kyuubi with a calm expression.

This what he looked for Kushina, but for the Kurama, the way Naito is looking at him was the same way Madara looked at him!

“Everything? Youre too arrogant, human!”

The way Naito talked and looked at Kurama, made the former really angry.

“There are things that a mere human like you can never know!”

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