The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 268: Hanzo and The Akatsuki

Naito asked Kurama about the strongest between The Wood Dragon technique and Susanoo. Kurama didnt answer directly, which made Naito more curious to know the answer.

This technique is indeed a formidable technique that has been created by the First Hokage Hashirama Senju.

However, a perfect Susanoo like the one Madara has, can counter that technique by draining its Chakra with the Susanoo sword.

Kurama was a witness of the battle between the two of them, so he knew what he was talking about.

He thinks that Naito can trounce the Wood Dragon Technique. However, he still feels it will be difficult for him to win against The Perfect Susanoo.

In this regard, Naito wasnt surprised. He didnt think from the start that he can win against Madara with his current strength.

However, Naito believes that after he reaches the Second Stage of the Sage Mode and opens the Sixth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, even the days when he thought of Hashirama as a superior wont last anymore!

In addition, Naito had one more thing in his armory that can determine the battle, that is, The New Kusanagi Weapon.

When he first took out that sword, even Kurama got extremely surprised. That weapon seemed almost stronger than Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths.

With this one, Naitos strength can reach a whole other level!

Of course, after he opens the Sixth Gate, Naito will no longer be in need of that weapon, his body itself will be the strongest weapon in his armory.

However, when Naito tried to give it to Kushina, the effect was even beyond his expectations.

Kurama Chakra is enormous and even stronger than Naitos, and it was perfect a match for the Kusanagi Sword.

With the use of this sword, along with activating the Kyuubi Mode, Kushinas power can almost confront Naito.

When she uses Tailed Beast Mode, the weapon turns into a huge golden armor covering the surface Kyuubis body. Its defensive power is almost close to the one that Naruto and Sasuke used in the original!

Naito has never thought that Kushina can become this strong!

It was tough even for him to break through this strong defense.

How strong is this defense?

Even with a simple use of the Shock Force, Naito can smash a huge Bijuudama barehanded.

However, this distractive power of him cant even break through Kuramas armor. The only thing that worked was condensing the Shock Force to a point, but even that didnt break through to Kuramas body, it only crushed the armor.

This result also proves the worth of the New Kusanagi Weapon to be called an artifact!

Of course, Naito didnt only have strength but also the incredible speed that gave him always the upper hand against Kushina.

However, its a fact that Naito cannot break through Kushina defenses when she uses The Kusanagi Golden Armor.

For more than a month, Kushina has only focused on controlling Kuramas Chakra and finally managed to fully master it. Its a tough task if she was forcibly trying to do it, but with the help of Kurama and with both sides cooperating, it was much simpler.

Naito has always handed Kushina his Kusanagi Weapon when fighting against her.

At this stage, even the Kyuubi is no more a challenge for Naito; its difficult for him to feel any pressure if he uses his full power. However, with the use of the Kusanagi sword, the two of them can create some kind of pressure on Naito, and this disadvantage helped him practice more on his Shock Force.

After that fierce battle against the Third Raikage Naitos control over his Shock Force has become perfect, after he opened the Fifth Gate, it became really easy on him to condense and extend the Shock Force at will.

During this month, Naito tried every way possible to break through Kushinas defense. However, no matter what he did, even when he condensed the power on the impact, was only crushing the armor. He has never managed to hurt Kurama.

Therefore, Naito thought of something new and expanded the power of the Shock Force directly after the impact. In result, he forced a sudden change on the Shock Force, which grants him a wide explosive power after the impact.

Now Naito is not limited to use one way from the other. One punch from him can now do both condensed and extended damage!

Even Kurama Mode along with the Kusanagi Golden Armor cannot withstand the power of this attack.

Of course, its still for Naito to use this kind of technique with complete freedom, and it requires a lot of concentration and control mastery.

Naito believes that after he opens the Sixth Gate, he will use this technique freely just like any usual punch.


The roars were constantly echoing around the place, while Naito was flashing and flickering from a place to another punching Kuramas armor constantly and ripping it off his body.

Even urging his Chakra quickly to regenerate it, wasnt effective since he cannot keep to Naitos incredible speed.

In the end, the fight was over by Kushina losing her Chakra. She fell on the ground from exhausting while raising both her thumps at Naito.

“As I figured I would never catch up with you Naito, your strength is always growing fast.”

In the beginning, Kushina could slightly suppress Naito and even counterattack him when she has the chance, but once he figured out how to make that attack, she could no longer compete with that power.

Naito lied down on the ground while he had some drops of sweat on his forehead. It might be true that he won, but it wasnt an easy task.

When he heard Kushina, Naito suddenly showed a helpless expression.

Whom is the one growing fast?

Although Naito has improved a lot in this month, it cannot even be compared to Kushinas growth; she directly surpassed the level of a Kage!!

However, after she fully mastered the control of Kuramas Chakra, her growth rate has slowed down and become the same as Naito.

Unless its someone like Hashirama and Madara, even Nagato wouldnt be able to deal with the current Kushina. If she uses the Golden Armor, even he will not be considered as a worthy opponent.

“Ive almost completely controlled Kuramas Chakra, where are we going next?”

Kushina still doesnt know how strong she is now, but no matter what is the case, the path was always clear in her mind, that is, to always stay by Naitos side.

Naito has never liked the idea of being restrained by rules, he loved to be free, and he will never gain that freedom unless hes the strongest in the world.

“Lets see… How about we go to the Rain?”

Naito walked to Kushinas side then he patted her shoulder, and said: “During the war, Ive trained two disciples, Ive mentioned them to you before.”


Kushina nodded gently. It did matter really where the two of them were going because she will always follow Naito.

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