The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 272: One Punch

In the field.

The rain continued to fall, and the atmosphere not only did not ease with the appearance of Naito, but it also became more horrible.

The Rain Shinobis clothes were getting soaked by the cold sweat. They didnt want to fight against someone like Naito. They were all stepping back and retreating to Hanzos side.

Naito is very strong, but they also have a Demi-god by their side!

Although no one has seen it, Hanzo has also defeated the former Kage of the Rain, Naito is not the only one who managed to kill a Kage before.

Even if Its Konohas Ashura, as long as they have Hanzo the Salamander by their side, theyre not afraid.

Yahiko cleared his mind from the shock of seeing Kushinas speed and focused on the situation on the battlefield, then he stared at Hanzo.

These ordinary Shinobis wont be a threat to Naito. The only danger is Hanzo, who is also a respected man with the nickname of a Demi-God.

Naito-Sensei has killed the Third Raikage and Kazekage. His strength has definitely increased a lot, but the last time he fought against Hanzo, he needed to join forces with three legendary Sannin to defeat him.

But this time its only Naito-Sensei against him.

However, fortunately, Naito-sensei has brought with him this girl, she looks powerful, if she joins the fight with him, they will definitely defeat Hanzo.

With this thought in his mind, Yahiko immediately walked toward Kushina to take her place so she could tag in. However, Naito suddenly stepped forward and walked towards Hanzo.

Seeing this scene, Yahiko got a little bit surprised.


He kept walking toward Hanzo, step by step, while hes eyes were focused only on one target.

Naito was walking toward the canyon that was separating him from reaching Hanzo.

However, the surrounding rock walls of that canyon werent that high, they were only ten meters.

“What is your relationship with these two?”

Hanzo sighted and looked at Naito, with a hint of envy in his eyes.

He knew that the current Naito is not that brat from before who needed Orochimaru to tag in to have a chance with him.

He killed the Third Kazekage, The Third Raikage, and not a while ago he managed to suppress the Kyuubi on his own.

Undoubtedly, the current Naito is powerful, and Hanzo wouldnt have the slightest chance of victory against him.

“Theyre my two disciples, and it seems youve caused them some trouble.”

Naito replied without revealing any killing intent, actually, his tone had a very casual feeling, which made Hanzo even more uncomfortable.

Looking at Naito who was getting close to him, Hanzo became more vigilant and was ready to shoot at any moment.

“So theyre your disciples, then what do you want?”

“It seems that youve grown anxious from theyre power, so youve decided to kill them, just like that… You think youre gonna walk from this alive after what you did? I think you need to compensate for the damages you did to my disciples…”

Naito paused a little and said in an understatement: “your compensation will be handing over the Rain Village to me.”

This sentence made everyone stunned and wonder if something wrong was with their ears.

Yuu Naito… What are you talking about?!

Hanzo has also looked shocked, then his face suddenly revealed his anger, and with a cold look on his face, he stared at him and said: “Hand over the Rain Village? Do you think youre strong enough to let me surrender the Village to you, youre thousands of years younger!”

What a joke!

Listening to Hanzos answer, Naito finally stopped walking, then he calmly looked at him.

“Since you dont want to hand over the Village peacefully, then… How about you fight against me for it?”

Naito looked at Hanzo then shrugged his hands and said: “As long as you stop me right here right now, everything will be fine right?”

This sentence made the Rain Shinobis feel really awkward, from where his confidence is coming.

The two men are respected Shinobis which people calls them Demi-Gods, the two are very strong, but how can he be this confident.

Keeping this thought in their minds, even the two men shouldnt be sure about their victory.

In the rear, Yahiko got stunned a bit, but then he understood that this was just a trick that Naito has pulled out so both sides will only retreat without any further casualties.

Thinking of this even further, Yahiko felt that this was the right answer, Konan and Yahiko are just Naitos disciples, and he doesnt really believe in their cause, its only natural that he doesnt want to fight someone like Hanzo for them.

The only person who was handling this situation normally was Kushina.

At this time, she was blinking, and her eyes were glowing with excitement, she was really interested in watching an older generation like Hanzo fighting.

This guy… He might be able to make Naito fight seriously!

Kushina was very confident in Naitos strength, even Kurama confirmed to her that his current power is very close to the Rikudou Sennin!

He might have fought with Naito before, but the only thing he knows about him is his Earthquake Release.

However, that trick only is not enough to kill a man like the Third Raikage, now that several years have passed since their last fight, Naitos power should have increased, otherwise, he wouldnt manage to kill the Third Kazekage.

In his view, as long as he can block Naitos attacks, even if he couldnt do any damage to him, the two will just be forced to stop the fight and retreat.

“In this case, let this old man see how much you have grown since the last time.”

Hanzo didnt order any of the other Shinobis to help him with the fight. He knew that numbers dont mean much to someone like Naito.

Regarding the way Hanzo acted, the Rain Shinobis fell back a few steps and looked at Hanzo who has stepped in to face Naito, showing a hint of awe.

“The two are called Demi-gods, but which one is stronger?”

“Hanzo-Sama is stronger. Although hes strong, Yuu Naito is still very young, hes no match for Hanzo-Sama.”

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