The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 273: Six-Paths of Pain

Yuu Naito could notice the Rain Shinobis retreating, but he was lazy to stop them. After theyve entirely fallen back behind Hanzo, Naito said.

“Are you ready?”


Hanzo stared to him and revealed his killing intent, obviously, this is was like an understatement of the beginning of the fight.

Naito is not the only one who became stronger in these past years, from today on, the world will only know one person with the nickname of a Demi-God!

For Yahiko and the other Shinobis were looking at the battlefield, Naito looked a little bit off to them.

No one will ask an enemy if hes ready, it seemed like a teacher guiding his own students. This is not how you treat a life and death battle!

Looking at the expression on Hanzos face, Naito slowly retracted his hand back, then he gently clenched it and swung it out at Hanzo from a distance.

The scene looked weird, no one understood what Naito was doing, is he taking a fighting stance? Maybe hes just stretching his body? But even this doesnt make sense! Perhaps hes just afraid of Hanzo?

No one understood his intention, but they were sure that this wasnt an attack.

However, the moment he entirely waved that punch everything changed.


At that very moment, heaven and earth looked like they crushed on each other, the ground started trembling violently, and the thick black clouds in the sky fluttered like a huge vortex.

When that fist fell, a strange distortion appeared on the empty space in front of him. It looked as if Naito has broken the space with his punch!

This is was the punch he learned in his fight against Kushina, the condensed shock wave!

Space started to crack violently and slowly and all of a sudden, it spread quickly along with an intense burst of air!

It may look slow at the beginning, but the speed it has reached after that cannot even be followed by the naked eyes!

The moment Naito started moving, Hanzo has already reacted quickly and did a hand sign using his both hands.

He knew that Naitos attacking power is extreme, so he decided to use an A-Class Earth Release to block it, this is will grant him a few seconds to fall back and counter-attack him with another offensive A-Class Fire Release that he will never be able to avoid.

However, the moment that punch fell, Hanzo knew that his whole planning was for nothing!

An A-Class Earth Release?

It got shattered in an instant against this enormous power!

An A-Class Fire Release?

He didnt have time to do its hand signs, he doesnt even have time to blink his eyes. The speed of the wave spreading wont give him time even to escape from it.

In just one second, the waves reached and destroyed the A-Class Earth Release then penetrated through Hanzos body then swayed to the Shinobis in the rear through the canyon!

The horror and stunning look in Hanzos eyelids were indescribable!

At that moment, his consciousness went blank, he has lost even the ability to think, and there was nothing in his heart but panic.

The expression on Shinobis faces at the rear was stagnated.

Shocked, frightened, desperate, horrified… All of these emotions were fighting each other to show up on their faces. However, there was no time for them to express all of these feelings.


Suddenly, the whole front of Naito at a distance turned into aches including Hanzo, the Rain Shinobis, the rock walls, the canyon, and even half of the forest behind them!

The whole place turned into a big deep hole. It seemed as if the gods have smitten them!

One punch… destroyed the whole place!

Whether its the Rain Shinobis, Hanzo the Salamander, the green or even the dry, under the power of this punch, theyre all gone!

The God of Shinobis, and the Demi-God, the two nicknames might seem strong, but the difference in terms of strength between the two persons is like the gap between heaven and earth!

The man who has been called the God of Shinobis before, ended the war with his hands, created Konoha, changed the environment of the whole Fire Land, creating living forests around it, and had the power to divide the resources between the five major Villages. That existing of that man was the foundation of this world itself.

Hanzo cannot face that level of power, he cannot even have the slightest resistance against it, even if he chose to escape, he wouldnt be able to do it!

Even though Naito cannot compare himself to that man yet, but the people gave him the same nickname as Hashirama, and this punch was proof of his worthiness.

Yahiko at the rear couldnt help but blink his eyes with an incredible look on his face. How did this happen?

A punch that has the power to destroy the whole place? What a force!

This destroyed any old impression Yahiko had on his Sensei, the old Naito he knew cannot even be compared to Naito today!

“This a little bit too much…”

Even if she knew how much hes strong, Kushina looked a little bit shocked.

She didnt expect him to use such a power against weak flies. Moreover, he just destroyed the canyon that the people in here use to cross over toward the forest!

Fortunately, there was another canyon far in the distance that they can use instead of this one.

“Hes a Demi-God, you cannot hold out your strength against someone like that.”

Naito turned around and looked at Naito, then he chuckled.

Kushina showed a helpless expression. Naito was clearly mocking Hanzo and questioning his worth for a nickname like a Demi-Gold.

Hanzo cannot be compared to someone like Naito.

In Kushinas view, the only man who can be called the God of Shinobis after Hashirama is Naito!

After all, hes the only man with the capability to destroy a whole country with his strength, only a man like that can be called the God of Shinobis!

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