The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 277: Yahikos Reques

You cant help but wonder how strong is Naitos Shock Force will be if he uses it with the new Kusanagi Sword!

Even Naito cannot answer this question, because up until now there was nothing it touched and didnt turn into ashes instantly!

This time, it didnt encounter an ordinary Ninjutsu. It was a Full Force Shinra Tensei. However, the result was the same; It cut right through it instantly.

After the wave crossed Pains body, it continued to fly shattering the rain all over the sky. Finally, after it reached the highest point in the sky, it split its darkest clouds!

To those who witnessed this event that day, it looked for a moment as if it split the sky!

Suddenly, a ray of light passed through that crack and illumined the ground.

For the first time in hundreds of years, the sun rays fall directly on the Rain Land, and in a moment it became a sunny day!

The sun fell straight on Pains body, and his shadow got reflected on the ground.

The shadow stagnated there, then finally disappeared silently into two halves, as his body got split then fall on the muddy ground.

In a far mountain.

Nagato opened his eyes, with stunning traces in his eyelids. The cold sweat was evident on his forehead, as he found it really difficult for him to calm down for a long time.

“My full force Shinra Tensei… Got easily defeated, how could this happen! even my Rinnegan couldnt…”

Nagato was hardly gasping, although he was just controlling Pains body, that scene couldnt leave his mind.

The feeling of being split by that enormous power was hard to forget, Nagato was afraid that Naito will appear in front of him at any moment with that golden sword in his hand cut his head off. That thought made him terrified of a long time.

After a while, Nagato finally managed to settle his emotions.

“In this situation, its difficult to catch the Kyuubi unless I use my strongest card…”

“Wait, Nagato, If you want to deal with him, we will need to put a long term plan and hit him hard when he least expect it.”

Just when Nagato was about to go for a second round, Zetsu drilled out of the ground in front of him.

Nagato once again remembered that sword, and finally took a deep breath and nodded.

“Yes, we will need a plan, he seems like he doesnt believe in my cause, nor a person who pursue peace, which is very confusing.”


Black Zetsu didnt reply, even the former didnt believe in his cause, he was just a part of Madaras plan, he was completely using him as a puppet in his hand.

Nagato will never be able to get the Kyuubi because he will need to deal with Naito first!

His plan will fail. Nagato is just too naive. Even the man he was working for wasnt someone who pursue peace and only cares about himself, but hes just too blind to see that.

Zetsu glanced on the crack in the sky with profound awe in his eyelids, even he became somewhat afraid of Naito.


That scene where the sun was shining on the Rain Land made the entire country, ninjas or even civilians, stop wherever they were doing.

Everyone was shocked.

What is that crack in the sky? Is that sun? That thing has never been seen for hundreds of years. Are the gods has finally forgiven us for our sins and gave us a sunny day?!

However, as the crack in the cloud gradually closed, the sunrays continued to fade away, and finally disappeared altogether. Making those people wake up from their dreams.

But they will never forget that scene. Every time they thought about that crack, they felt more shocked.

Directly below that crack in the sky.

Naito looked at the sky, then he shook his head, he didnt seem surprised, his shock force has reached an extreme level. Even the Shinra Tensei can no longer be compared to his power, soon when it reaches its maximum potential, nothing will ever be able to stand in front of him.

After he got rid of Pain, Naito flashed directly and roamed around the place for a while.

However, he couldnt find Nagato in any place. Unless his Ultra Perceive scope is much larger, he will never be able to find him.

“Soon, the range of the Ultra Perceive will improve. However, Im more focused on improving my strength…”

After he failed to find Nagato, Naito returned to Kushina and the others, while sensing the situation in his body.

Naitos body was close to blending the whole natural energy he gathered before in the Mount Myoboku.

Its been two months since he left, and he will need to go back again soon after one other month.

The cultivation of the second stage of the Sage Mode is almost one-third completed. Naito expects that the cultivation will be finished after repeating this process two times, and no more than three times.

Once he opens the sixth Gate, as long as he doesnt seal the Juubi in his body, even Madara will not be a threat to Naito!

However, as long as hes around, nor Nagato nor Madara will be able to get the Juubi!

This sudden attack of Nagato made Naito angry, he didnt want to interfere with them. However, after they came for the trouble they cant blame but themselves.

They wont stay hidden forever, they will try to catch some Bijuu, thats good, lets see who will catch more!

Naito was lazy to get out and look for Nagato and Madara, but he found out that he doesnt even need to take the initiative to find them. If they want to collect all the Bijuu, they will eventually come to find him!

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