The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 279: Naitos Solution

Outside the Rain Village.

Four people were walking at the borders of the Rain Village, the Killer of both Hanzo and Pain, Yuu Naito as well as Kushina, Yahiko and Konan.

The weather in the Rain Village was undoubtedly much stronger than the other small villages in the Rain Land.

During the Second World War, Naito has done a lot of missions in this Village, so he wasnt stranger to the place.

Konan and Yahiko were also acting naturally.

The only one who looked confused was Kushina. She was looking at the buildings around with a surprised expression.

“Is this the Rain Village? The environment is really different. It feels strange.”

“This is were the Rain Shinobis gathers, it is the main Village of the Rain Land.”

Naito looked at Kushina then asked: “Speaking of this, the Rain Village should be the deepest place in the Rain Land right?”


Yahiko nodded. The whole place was surrounded by water. The entire village looked like an island in the middle of the sea.

“Naito-Sensei, what should we do next, should we inform the elders of the Village?” Yahiko asked.

Naito shook his head and said: “No need, just follow me.”

The Rain Village was small, its very different from the five great villages like Konoha and the Sand. Theres no such a thing like a Kage.

Even Hanzo was just a leader. They dont have the title Amekage.

Hanzo was the strongest man in the village, so he was considered as an absolute leader.

Theres no such a person like Danzo or Sakumo, no clans like the Senju, or the Uchiha, they didnt even have actual elders… In this place, Hanzo was like an emperor to them, no one can refute his word.

To put it simply, Hanzo was the Rain Village!

“Go in directly?!”

Yahiko got stunned first then he smiled lightly. For someone like Naito, why does he even need to inform anyone when he can directly enter from the main entrance?!

The next moment, Naito and the others walked directly to the middle fo the Village.

All the way forward, Naito asked them not to hide their traces, soon enough this will drag some of the Rain Shinobis toward them.

Whoosh! Whoosh!!

A few Shinobi from the Rain suddenly flashed from the street and surrounded them.

“Who are you, and who let you in the Village?!”

The leader of this squad was about to talk, but he suddenly revealed a hint of confusion.

He felt that Naito has looked very familiar, but he couldnt recognize him immediately.

As for Yahiko and Konan, because he was just a patrolling ninja, he didnt participate in the attack on the Akatsuki so he couldnt recognize them too.


Naito looked at the Shinobis in front of him, then he shook his head slightly. At that moment, a huge number of the Rain Shinobis gathered around them. This large group of Shinobis made the civilians get terrified and hide.

When theres some troublesome between Ninjas, they naturally avoid getting to close. No one wants to be killed after all.

“Let your elites come here.”

Yahiko stood by Naitos side, then he took a deep breath and shouted at them.

Those who heard his words suddenly looked at each other then burst into laughter.

“Who do you think you are?!”

“You want to see our leader? are you dreaming kid?!”

“Youre stupid enough to leave traces behind you that even us guards could notice and you want to see our leader!”

The laughter has finally come to an end, and all of those Shinobis drew out their weapons and pointed it out at Naito and the other.

Seeing this scene made Yahiko terrified and couldnt help but look at Naito.

If they came to invade the Rain Village, the answer would have been simpler, they would have killed all of them directly. However, they were here for another purpose, they came here to rule not to kill.

If this fight starts, they will just end up killing all of them, and blood will never stop, he needed to step in and stop it before it began.

“Naito-Sensei, you dont need to fight with them, I will handle them.”

“Its not necessary for any of us to fight.”

Naito looked around the place with a faint expression. Its true that he was here to rule and not kill, but he needed to show his power first.

And this is was his opportunity.

It didnt need a lot of effort from him, he just needed to think about it.


In an instant, the whole place started trembling, and an invisible force suddenly burst out bypassing Kushina, Yahiko, and Konan, then it directly spread in all directions covering the entire Village!

Both Yahiko and Konan looked terrified, although that strange force has bypassed them, they could still feel it in their guts! There would have been no way for them to resist if it hit them!

This is… Spiritual Shock!

When the Spiritual Shock spread in all direction, the mind of every ninja near Naito went blank, and they could no longer think straight.

Everyone in the entire Village could feel that horrible force as it hit them, and all of a sudden, people from the whole village started to fall on the ground, unconscious one after another!

Plup! Plup!!

Even the Shinobis who surrounded Naito and were about to attack fall on the ground like pieces of wheat.

Only the leader managed to hold his ground and stand still, but even he didnt look alright, the horror on his face was indescribable.

That man has finally remembered Naito!

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