The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 282: Temporary Break

From the fact that Naito left Konoha with the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi then he took charge of the Rain Village, it is evident for the world that the relationship between the two has dropped to the freezing point.

As a result, the four Major Village that had been eager to make a move have finally begun their operation for a strong hit!

Although its still too soon, the Third World War was on the door, the resources of the major four Villages was limited, and they wanted their revenge from Konoha mainly the Sand and the Cloud.

You want to say that Naito is the reason behind all of this! Not Konoha!

But who dares to provoke Naito?!

Killing Hanzo and taking his Village has already pushed Naitos name to the peak and some people have even started to compare him to Senju Hashirama the First Hokage of Konoha.

Although it seems to them that Naito is not as strong as him, yet theres no doubt that his the only person that can be compared to Hashirama, and hes truly the new God of Shinobi!

And theres another point, even by some miracle you managed to kill Naito, what good will come from it?

If you kill him, you will only get the Rain Village, which their resources are also limited!

This is the real face of this world, the five major Villages only move for profit.

In the Original, all the five major Villages knew about the Akatsuki, but none took the initiative to deal with them, because they wont win anything from it, they kept this until the Akatsuki got stronger, took their Bijuu, created an army, revived Uchiha Madara and declared war on them, only then they reacted, but it was too late, when they knew they couldnt deal with them alone, they forgot about all of their conflicts that three wars didnt solve and made an alliance!

And because no one dares to provoke Naito, they sent orders for their ninjas in the Rain Village to not try to cause any troubles!

some of them has even called their Shinobis out of the Land of Rain borders.

All of a sudden, the fear and panic got spread, the whole world sank into chaos, and a new war was about to broke. However, the peace came to the Rain Village.

Many of the people inside the Rain hated Naito and were fearful of him.

However, when they saw how the Shinobis from the other villages has left, and the peace came to their Land, their fear turned into incomparable respect and admiration.

In the eyes of the civilians, in this short time, Naitos status has surpassed Hanzo, and they regarded as a god who saved their Land!


Rain Village.

The tallest building in the center of the Village. The whole building has been renewed and remodeled.

At the highest point, there was a large room. This was Naitos office. At this time, Naito was standing in front of that window, looking at the falling rain outside, the way he looked was profound, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Many people could see Naitos shadow through the window, and all of them, whether they were ninjas or civilians, had a look of respect and admiration.

In their eyes, if Hanzo is a Demi-God, Yuu Naito is a God!

Naito raised his head and looked at the dark clouds covering the sky, then he looked again at the Rain Village then turned around.

Just as Naito turned around, the doors office was pushed open.

“Naito-Sensei, all the arrangement youve tasked us with has been done, and the Anbu has been dissolved.”

Konan walked in with a document and nodded respectfully at Naito, then she spoke and placed the document on the table in front of Naito.

Seeing this made Naito smile and say: “Youre acting like the other Shinobis, even your tone became strange.”

Konans cheeks turned red, with a trace of embarrassment on her face, of course, she will be more respectful for Naito now that he become her leader too.

She even thinks the same way as the others, Naito seems to be truly perfect as a god. He doesnt just have the strength to make the entire world fear him, but he also knows how to manage the Village.

Originally when the leader gets changed, there will always be some turmoil inside the Village. However, the way Naito has managed the system avoided them that turmoil and even brought peace to their land.

Konan suddenly thought about something, so she said: “Yes, theres one more thing. Kushina-Sensei is about to complete the perception enchantment around the Village, from no on, the Rain will become safer and more stable.”

“Yes, I know.”

Naito nodded, the Rain was much smaller as a Village from Konoha, the Ultra Perceive can almost cover the whole Village. However, it difficult for Naito to keep that long-range for the whole day.

Because the Rain is small, Its more convenient to set up a perception enchantment around it like Konoha. Kushina is very good with enchantment, she picked some good Shinobis from the Rain, then they began the work.

In less than half a month, they completed it.

Because of this, Konan started to respect and admire Kushina, and she also started to add the word Sensei after her name, although they were at the same age.

“Kushina-Sensei is really amazing not only shes second in strength to Naito-Sensei, but also the way she handles things is amazing.”

Konan stood next to Naito, then she said these words with a hint of admiration in her tone.

Listening to Konans words made Naito smile.

Speaking of this, Kushina has also looked happy, and she is very gentle to everyone.

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