The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 284: Jiraiyas Request!

Mount Myoboku.

The place was filled with life as always. Everything was tremendous from the plants to the toads who lived in this place.

There was a slight surging of the Natural Energy in here.

“Senpo: Water Release: Cannonball!”

The frog absorbed the natural energy, then he slammed a massive water release at the big mushroom in front of him destroying it.


The other one on the side sighed then he took a deep breath, and prepared himself to absorb the natural energy to release another water cannonball.

However, just when he started absorbing some of the natural energy, it suddenly stagnated!

“What happened?!”

Just as he was stunned from this strange event, the stagnant natural energy suddenly started flowing violently, then like a big river rushing toward another direction.

The frog kept looking at the natural energy rushing toward that direction, unable to absorb it.

The other Toads has also seemed to sense that change in the flow of the Natural Energy, as they raised their heads with a shocking color in their eyelids.

“This feeling…”

“Yes! Its that human, he came again!”

“Curses! We wont ba able to practice again!”

In the depths of Mount Myoboku, Gamamaru opened his eyes slightly, then he closed them again and continued his sleep.

On his side, Fukasaku and Shima showed a bitter smile.


In the center of the Mountain, next to a water pool, no one know when he appeared, but Naito who was closing his eyes was sitting there cross-legged.

Naitos Ultra Perceive can cover a range of ten miles, which allows him to absorb the natural energy in that distance, forming a horrible and huge vortex of natural energy around him.

Because of it, even the natural energy that ten miles farther from him is violently forced into that vortex, although the rate of the absorption in that range cannot be compared to the ten miles or less.

Within ten miles, even sages such as Fukasaku and Shima wont even be able to snatch a small amount of Natural Energy from Naito. However; although its still difficult, they can absorb some if they stay away from that range.

So the only choice they got to keep their training is to get as far as they can from Naito.

Naito didnt care about the troubles he was causing to the toads. After all, the Mountain was massive, they dont need to stay in the center while hes here.

The gates that got almost drained out of Natural Energy were once again getting filled from the very first one.

Natural Energy can be considered as raw energy which contains unlimited vitality, this energy when used along with the sage mode, can provide a powerful regeneration to the user.

As a user of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, this technique has cost Naito some of his vitality. However, its not as terrible as the ordinary technique because the penalty is death.

Now due to the blending of the Natural Energy process into Naitos body, his Reverse Hachimon Tonkou became more perfect, and he managed to ultimately make up for the loss of his vitality!

The Hachimon Tonkou consumes all vitality in exchange of exploding force, on the other hand, the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou slowly drains vitality in exchange of constant and permanent power.

But now that slow loss in vitality got utterly compensated.

Yuu Naito doesnt understand the first thing about Senju Hashiramas Sage mode, but after he discovered this new thing about the Natural Energy he could figure out that Hashirama didnt gain this extra ability from his Sage Mode. Otherwise, he wouldnt die after his fight with Madara.

The Second Stage that Naito has obtained from his self-cultivation can continuously absorb natural energy and supplement his vitality, which means… This can extend the lifespan!

This is was Naitos final conclusion.

Naito has never been concerned about this matter before because he was already young and at the peak of his physical strength. The world aging was still too far away from him to be a thing, so even if his body was supplementing some extra vitality, it was difficult for him to notice.

But this time, that extra vitality was more than just a bit, and even he could feel his skin become more shiny and spotless.

Naito wasnt sure if this is gonna lead him to gain eternal life, but at least aging will become extremely slow from no on, much slower than other people!

Who is not eager to be immortal, even Naito would be happy to have that!

However, this wasnt the right time to be distracted, he cannot afford to lose focus, Naito needed to be realistic and think more about how to get stronger, hes currently so close to being at the peak of the Shinobi world.

When it comes to immortality, its not impossible to achieve in this world. Its not just Kaguya, the mother of all the Shinobis. If you know the right hand-sign, you can get reincarnated by the Edo Tensei, then gain some sort of immortality.

Of course, this can be a little bit uncomfortable since you wont feel anything and your body will look ragged.

The real immortal is Hagoromo, he lived for thousands of years, even his death didnt stop him from existing in the world since his Chakra itself was immortal. He kept monitoring everything in the world, and he could even give Naruto and Sasuke his power.

Whats even more amazing is Obito, he died by Kaguyas hands, he then went to meet Rin for a few moments caught up with her, then he again used his Mongekyou Sharingan to force himself out of heaven to the Shinobi world, and gave his eye to Kakashi… Its just like a BUG.

“In this world, life and death are really nothing. People can go and back with some forbidden ninjutsu, seals, Sharingan, Rinnegan, or even by worshiping a god…”

Of course, it is definitely not a good experience to die. Naito didnt want that at all, nor see the people around him experience it.

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