The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 286: The Nanabi

Naito put the teacup on the ground, then he said: “I dont care about any of this, even if I return to Konoha, will you guarantee that Kushina will not be hated by the people in the Village?”


Jiraiya didnt know how to respond, the last accident of the Kyuubi felt like a thorn in their hearts. This will never be erased at all.

They even looked happy by hearing the news of her departure.

Moreover, the people inside the Village has grown more afraid of Naito strength after he left, although they respected him before.

“This is not all. If I said I wanted to become the next Hokage, will Konoha allow me?”

Seeing how Jiraiya couldnt answer him, he added one more question that he cannot answer.

This sentence made Jiraiya expression full of bitterness, even if he wanted to promise him these things, he couldnt help but shake his head. He couldnt promise him something like that, whether its Sarutobi or Danzo the two of them will never allow it.

If Naito was just like Minato, although hes not from the Sanju or one of the existing clans in the villages, as long as he was born in the Village and proved his worthiness he can become the next Hokage.

“Look, theres nothing to say about this matter.”

Jiraiya sighed and stood up, he showed a pleading expression to Naito, then he said: “Yuu Naito, I only hope that if Konoha needed you, you would be there to help.”

Naito gazed at Jiraiya, the look in his eyes was calm and deep, but he didnt speak a word of it.

Naito didnt refuse or agree, if Tsunade is in trouble he will certainly help, but if its Danzo or the Uchiha Clan, Naito will only ignore them.

Even Naito cannot be ungrateful to Konoha, because it was the reason for him to meet people he cares about like Gai and Tsunade.


After Jiraiyas departure, Naito continued his training.

In the two months Naito kept practicing in the Mount Myoboku, the Third War has broken out in the Shinobi World.

In the face of the siege from the four greate villages, Konoha didnt have the slightest fear. They entirely depended on the resources they plundered from the second war, which they turned into power after a few years.

The number of ninjas they have is much higher than any of the other Major Villages!

Moreover, due to Naitos existence, a lot of things have changed, Sakumo didnt die, and Gai received the attention he needed from the start, which gave them a better chance.

Precisely because of this reason, the four major villages stopped fighting each other and decided to focus on Konoha.

In the original, Konoha has also fought against a siege from the major villages. However, there was also a conflict between the Clouds and the Rock. Eventually, it led the third Raikage into fighting against ten thousands of Shinobis for three days.

But now there wont be such a story.

Of course, the Rain didnt have any part in the war.

However, this time, the four major villages have made really clear that they want to ally with the Rain, and theyre treating them as a complete equal!

This is almost unprecedented, the Rain is just a small village, they are not qualified to sit on an equal position with the big Villages and be considered as an ally.

However, because of Naito, the five major villages are no longer considering the Rain a small Village. Currently, the world has Six Great Villages, and this is all because of the existence of the new God of Shinobis!


Rain Village.

Among the most significant buildings in the Village. Naito choose the highest for his office, below it there was his house and the place where Konan and Yahiko lived

The place where Naito lived had a hot bath, which was really easy to get in such an environment.

“This is the only thing in here that better than Konoha.”

Kushina, who was lying there, stretched out her body, then she stood up and walked toward a mirror, she didnt need a towel, just with letting her Chakra out, all the water got evaporated naturally.

After finishing her hair, Kushina turned around to take her clothes. Suddenly she saw someone in the back.

She felt stunned for a moment, how could this person sneak in the bath and avoid her perceive!

Without no hesitation, Kushina surged her Chakra and was about to active Kuramas Mode, however, at the very last second, she stopped because she could finally recognize that person.

Yuu Naito looked at her then smiled: “Huuh, Its been a long time, they dont have baths in Mount Myoboku…”


She felt strange to see him so suddenly, but she also couldnt hide how delighted she felt from seeing him.

She immediately walked toward Naito then said: “Ive just used that water, get a new one.”

Naito pinched her cheek, then said: “Well, its nothing compared to living for two months with those Toads.”


This sentence made the expression on Kushinas face change, and become angry, without hesitation, she immediately pushed him in the water.

“You leave for two months, then you came, and the first thing you do is comparing me to Toads!!”


Naito came out of the water, and he laughed a little, then he quickly reached out for Kushina and smashed her into the water, then he looked at her and said: “So what if I used the water youve used, its just water.”

Kushina drummed her cheeks then she snorted: “Thats disgusting, you even smell like a toad!”

Naito: “…”

That little is actually talking back to him, which made Naito feel like he needs to teach Kushina a lesson.

Naito smirked, which made Kushina panic and run away, however, before she could even take a step Naito caught her easily…

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