The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 287: The Nanabis Repression

Naito spent about two months in Mount Myoboku, and he left after he once again filled all the five gates with natural energy.

Hes currently halfway before finally achieving the Second Stage of Sage Mode.

Of course, he wont be able to benefit from the Second Stage powers before he completes the whole process.

Even if its half-done, it didnt blend with every cell in his body. It might not be perfect yet, but sure it made his body stronger.

Yuu Naito was sitting in his office.

At this time, he was reading some information, while Konan was standing beside him quietly.

In terms of gathering information, Konan was one of the best, she managed to get her hands on some useful information about the Bijuu. Unfortunately, she couldnt find any about Nagato.

However, she could find some weird information, about the Akatsuki organization, and how theyre still doing some operations.

Yahiko, the former head of this organization, is currently working with the Rain Village, even the old members have also joined him, and now theyre Shinobis from the Rain. Its reasonable to say that everyone has believed that they will never hear anything again from the Akatsuki.

However, while Konan was there looking for any useful information, she found leads about the persistent existence of the Akatsuki, and how theyre no longer operating from the Rain!

This new Akatsuki is an entirely different one, even Konan doesnt know anything about them. However, she could guess who was their new leader.

It seems like Nagato has actually wanted for Yahiko to fail, and the moment that happened, he took the organization for him. However, he decided to keep the name.

Therefore, Konan had decided to track this new Akatsuki, but since they changed their base, it was challenging.

“The Itchibi has once again got caught by the Sand, what is a little bit interesting is the Cloud, they managed to put their hands on the Nibi. the Sanbi is in the Mist, the Nanabi seems to be in a wild state, and the Yonbi and Gobi are in the Rock…”

Naito looked at the intelligence in his hands, and suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind. This information helps Naito understand where the Tailed-Beasts are currently not where they should be.

The only difference to what he already knows is that the Nanabi is currently in a wild state, in the original he was sealed in a child.

Moreover, Konan has also accurately located his position.

It can only be said that its a coincidence. Although the Nanabi not actually in the Rain Land, hes currently in a small country not that far from the borders, Konan inadvertently discovered his location when she was pursuing some information about the new Akatsuki.

“The best choice is to always get the nearest. And since its the Nanabi, it will be enough! Getting him first will strike them hard.”

Naito couldnt help hiding that grin smirk from appearing, having Kurama was enough to blow up their plan, but after they get the Nanabi, they will never be able to summon Juubi.

The Nanabi is a tailed beast that can fly, speaking of it… Although Naito is very strong, he cant fly!

Using him as a way to travel will be a perfect choice.

Naito has not yet thought about being a Jinchuriki.

The main reason to this that hes already powerful enough that he almost doesnt need the Bijuu powers.

“Naito-Sensei, the Nanabi is always on the move. Therefore, I have already sent some ninja to keep an eye on his movements, I think its necessary that we capture him quickly.”

“I agree.”

Naito threw the folder in his hand on the table then he stood up, and said: “Im familiar with the location, no need to worry, I will operate this mission myself. After all, who else can fight a Biju.”

“Dont you think we better inform Kushina-Sensei first?”

Konan asked because shes aware of Kushina situation, and as the strongest Jinchuriki, she should be able to help.

“No, I will be back soon.”

After he patted her on the shoulder, Konan gently nodded to Naito, then hes figure suddenly flickered and disappeared directly.

Konan didnt reveal any strange expression. Instead, she went toward Naitos table and rearranged it.

She knew that Naito is strong enough to deal with a Bijuu without the assistance of anyone else.

She actually believes that currently theres nothing in the world that can be at the same scale of power as Naito.


The Nanabi is very cautious, and he often changes locations, and extremely good at hiding his traces.

If they didnt keep an eye on him from the start, it would have been tough to find him again even with the help of perceptual ninjas.

In a small village.

The place was surrounded with mountains, and dense forests, the environment was magnificent in here, this village is bordered by the Rain land, a lot of water was flowing from there, which made the landform similar to the Fire Land.

Suddenly, Naitos flashed and appeared in this forest, then he faintly glanced at the front.

After his arrival, several Rain Shinobis soon came to him.


“The Nanabi is in front, I will show you the way.”

One of the perceptive ninjas opened.

However, Naito squinted at the distance, then he shook his head and said: “No, theres no need for that.”

The moment he said that a fierce wind whistled, and the trees of this forest were blown in the air, as that horrible momentum fell from the top.

“Sure enough, there will always be some small flies following… Well, I dont mind some snacks!”

The massive figure of the Nanabi suddenly appeared in the sky. Although his body seemed to be fragile, the horrible Chakra that was coming out fo him made the Rain Shinobis look pale.

“This is the worst possible situation, the Nanabi found us!”

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