The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 289: Frightening

In the mountains that collapsed, the scene was insane.

Everything was destroyed.

The Nanabi who was in front of Naito looked at him with eyes of grievances. At this time, he looked like if he was a home pet.

What unusual things to see, a Tailed-Beast got beaten into signing a summoning contract, this is the kind of pain he was dealing with!

He glanced at the Nanabi in front of him, then he said with a soft tone.

“It seems like you dont like this outcome?!”

“Of course… No!!” The Nanabi subconsciously nodded, but he suddenly reacted, then shook his head.

“Its a pleasure to serve you.”

The Nanabi raised his head and said these words.

Naito know that the Nanabi has a very unique personality, thats why he choose to control him by power. Kuramas character is different, hes arrogant to the point that he will never allow anyone to control him with power even if its mean staying in a cage for his entire life. On the other side, the Nanabi is pragmatic one, he wont choose something like that over his freedom or life.

In the distance, the Rain Shinobis froze in their places for a while. The moment they woke up from their shock, they looked at each other, then walked toward Naito.

He could feel their shock.

They have never seen anything like this. What have they saw today subverted everything they know about this world!

“Okay, lets go back.”

Naito turned at the Nanabi then smiled. If hes pleased to serve, Naito wont mind acting like a boss.

With one step, Naito leaped lightly on his back.

On the other side, a few of the other Shinobi came close to the Nanabi. Since his body is huge, they felt that theres a room for them also stand on his back.

However, before they could jump on him, the Nanabi suddenly stared at them, then flapped his wings.

Yuu Naito was his boss, of course, he can stand on his back, but not these little bugs, who does they think they are?!

Well, hes right about that!


A gust of wind swept over pushing those Shinobis back.

“Keep monitoring the situation here for a while and wait for further orders.”


Looking at the Nanabi, Naito couldnt help but smile.

The Rain Shinobis couldnt hide their fear from the Nanabi, they nodded respectfully at Naito, then greeted him.

The Nanabi waved his wings then flew up in the sky carrying Naito on his back, leaving the Rain Shinobis with awe-inspired expressions.

When he flew up in the sky, the Nanabi couldnt help but think about the possibility of killing Naito by throwing him off his back.

However, since he already signed the contract by force, he needed to wait for the right moment to do it, he wasnt gonna end up like Kurama who was the first Bijuu to be forced to sign a summon contract with Madara.

Standing there, Naito took a glance on the ground which looked extremely small, he couldnt see the people below, he could only see the mountains, even the hills looked small.

Although Naito can float for a short period in the air, he still couldnt reach the extent that Gai could achieve after opening the Eighth Gate in the original, so he has neven reached this high before.

Looking at the world under him Naito couldnt help but walk toward the side of the Nanabi back then jump to the air.

Original, the Nanabi who was actually thinking about throwing Naito off his back, couldnt help but feel overjoyed by watching this scene. If Naito is the one who threw himself, no one will blame him after that.

However, when the Nanabi was about to go for a beautiful run, his expression suddenly sluggish!

Because Naito didnt fall, he actually was floating in the air!

Naito took a step after step, then he started walking in the sky while some cracks were appearing under his feet.

However, this was all that Naito can do, he could only walk, the surface wasnt actually solid, therefore, he cannot use a lot of power to move faster in the air.

After opening the Eighth Gate, Gai gained a hell of speed that allowed him to fly in the sky.

For that reason, Naito had an idea that felt he should test it.

Naito could already teleport using his Soru technique, all that he needed to do is to use it while hes floating in the air to move like Gai.

This level of mastering Naito has called it Geppo (Skywalk).

The Skywalk is the third stage of the Soru technique, and its better in all aspects. Its second only to the Flying Thunder God Technique. As for using it in the sky, its even better than the Super Soru.

When he first reached the fourth stage of the Shock Force, Naito tried to practice it, but he didnt succeed, and later when he reached the Fifth, Naito tried again, but it was still tricky.

Now after he managed to master the Sage Mode successfully, the Shock Force grow much stronger than the time it was when he first reached the Fifth Stage. Its currently closer to the Sixth Stage, and even his physical strength has improved a lot.

The Soru is based initially on the Brutal Force technique, it is a kind of high-speed blink technique that blasts the force outward, then pushes the user forward with benefiting from the impact.

The Super Soru is an improved technique that uses more amount of Chakra and Physical strength

Using it in the air will be ten times more difficult!

Its easy to jump walk and run on the ground, but doing the same on the water, will need a strong control over Chakra, weak ninjas wont be able to do so, And others even if they can stand on water, wont be able to jump.

As for moving in the air, Naito feels that only Gai in this world can do it only with his Chakra, while others could use other technique to actually fly in the air.

For example, the Third Tsuchikage uses the Light-Weight Rock Technique to make his body very light, while Naruto can fly when he is in a sage of the six paths mode with his Gudodama (six black balls) at the back.

In other words, the ninjas that can fly are actually very few.

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