The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 290: 1 Year

Among the clouds, with a stern look on his face, Naito controlled his Chakra into his feet, then stepped.


Naitos shadow got drawn as an arc in the sky as he slightly moved from a point to another, leaving behind him cracks. Then after a few moments, he began to fall, he was still unable to master it.

“Its tough to move quickly in the air…”

After taking a deep breath, Naitos eyes flashed, he didnt give up yet and resumed his training on the Skywalk technique.

At first, Naito could only jump from one point to another, the distance was really short, but he could gradually improve the distance and the speed.

Of course, theres no compassion with his speed on the ground.

The Nanabi stayed there by his side, he didnt dare to escape, he kept watching Naito practicing, thinking about the trouble he ended up with.

What kind of monster is this human, hes very stronger, yet he doesnt have the Sixth Path force, he can hurt creatures like the Tailed-Beasts, his speed is very fast and outrageous, and now he can even move in the air!

This human is incredible.

Under the watchful eyes of the Nanabi, Naitos speed kept improving.

He was using the clouds as a surface to jump on!

A little by little Naito could use more power by spraying it on the entire layer of the clouds, which make his speed in the air faster and faster, although it wasnt comparable to his rate on the ground, he was still faster than most of Jonin.

Under him, there was a battle between Konoha and the Rocks.

Some of the ninjas on the battlefield, couldnt help but notice how strange the clouds looked in the sky.

Immediately afterward, they could notice that its shape what looked strange to them, and it wasnt any random shape, it looked like a footprint! It seemed as if a giant was walking on the clouds, which made all the ninjas widening their eyes.

“What is that?!”

“Is that a footprint? How is this possible? Who can make footprints in the clouds?! Who can actually walk in the sky?!”

The shock was evident on the face of countless ninjas, some Jonins has revealed incomparable awe, they thought it was a god living in the sky!

The Elites didnt believe in such a thing, however, what they saw was real!

Who can leave footprints in the clouds?!


In the clouds, Naito was continually moving forward, ignoring the world below him. His speed gradually improved. Although it wasnt as fast as the speed of the Nanabi in the air, it was already terrific.

After a while, Naito reached the Rain Land.

While there are no clouds, moving faster has become more difficult.

Although Naito can float and walk in the air, the speed is much slower, with such a rate he wont be able to avoid attacks.

Of course, Naito doesnt actually need to avoid any attacks, when hes in the air, any attack can be easily destroyed by a punch!

“It seems that I hit my limit. If I want to reach my full speed, Im afraid that I will need to reach the second stage of the Sage Mode and open the Sixth Gate first.”

After some practice, Naito felt that he reached his limit, and it was difficult for him to get anywhere from here even if he continued training, so he gave up the idea of mastering the Skywalk for the time being.

The Nanabi stayed by Naitos side for the whole time since Naito didnt reverse summoning him.

Naito turned then smiled at him and said: “Youre wondering, why didnt I just fall from the sky and die?!”

“How can it be?! I will never think about something like that!”

Looking at Naito, the Nanabi Said: “How can I have this kind of thinking, even if the boss cannot fly, I will catch him, then he will be able to fly, I will be the boss wings.”

Naito could tell he was bluffing, but he was too lazy to pay attention to it, the Nanabi is not strong, but he has various escape abilities which are the best between all the Bijuu, he can fly, and he uses the special powder which directly makes people lose their vision, that was enough to keep him around.

Naito looked at the bottom, they were already close to the Rain Village, he stepped on the Nanabis back then said: “Lets go down.”

“Roger That!”

The Nanabi headed down toward the Village, and it didnt take the people long before they could notice him coming from the sky.

“That is… The Nanabi!”

“Theres no doubt about it, its as described in the intelligence, its the Nanabi!”

“Why is he coming toward our village, this is bad!”

Their expression was full of fear.

The Nanabi felt that his arrival with Naito to the Village should be widely spread. Therefore, he released his Chakra.


The moment he released his Chakra, the clouds in the sky started gathering, his momentum was terrifying to the point that people started running all over the place.

Even if the Nanabi is weak, hes still a Bijuu, which means that his Chakra is not comparable to human beings!

Feeling this horrible power made the ninjas form all ranks gather in the place ready to attack.

Even the Anbu Captain, who was gearing up himself to head toward the Nanabi, looked terrified.

“Is this the Chakra of the Nanabi? Its powerful! How can a human defeat such a beast, hes more horrifying than Kushian-Dono.”

Although he knew that the Chakra of the Kyuubi should be much stronger than the Nanabi, The Anbu Captain wasnt confident in victory.

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