The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 290: 1 Year

ady surpassed being a human. To them hes no longer the God of Shinobis, hes like the God of the World!

In the next year, the Third Shinobi World War has finally broken out. The four Major Villages has joined their forces and attacked Konoha, while the formers didnt show any kind of weakness.

The whole world of Shinobis in a war

In this chaos, the only land which looked peaceful was the Rain!

None of the five Major Villages were willing to provoke the Rain. As for some small villages, they werent as smart as the others; however, they all got defeated by the Rain Village.

Because they dared to attack, Naito didnt show them any mercy, he crushed all of them, and directly incorporated them into the territory of the Rain Land.

This event has made all the other Villages terrified of the Rain.

During this year, Konoha managed to hold their territories, and because Sakumo didnt die like in the Original, they even won some of the fights against the Sand

Orochimaru and Jiraiya also won some battles against the Rock with the help of the medical ninja troops who supported them in various battlefields.

The only particular case was Minato, he managed to master the Flying Thunder God Technique, and become extremely powerful, which made the title Yellow Flash begin to be famous throughout the world. However, he was still too young, it was too early for him to directly command. Thus Konoha has assigned Ino–Shika–Cho team on his side to help him.

Shikamarus IQ was higher than his father Shikaku; however, he was more than worthy for the position of a military strategist, he even reassigned a special task to attack the Cloud.

Konoha was attacking all the Four Great Villages at once, which weakened their forces. However, it has also proved to everyone their capability to fire back!

During this period, Danzo was using all of his resources to create a conflict between the four villages so he could crack the pressure on Konoha.

However, he failed, just when Konoha was looking all good and mightly, the four villages joined their forces and hit them hard!!

The four Big Villages have set out a Jinchuriki!

Due to the fact that Konoha didnt have any similar power to defend itself from this attack, because Naito has taken their Jinchuriki with him, Konoha dominant defense got finally destroyed!

Even if they were powerful, the power of a Bijuu is always troublesome.

If it werent for Minato and the thousand good ninjas that died that day along with the other eight hundred who got injured, Konoha would have fallen.

Even so, the damage was significant, the four big villages managed to hit them hard, and that has caused Konoha to lose all of their later battles.

Whether it was Sarutobi or Danzo, they never thought that the Four Big Villages were bold enough to use a Jinchuriki this early in the war, Konoha was unprepared for this attack, which made the situation even worse!


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