The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 292: Tsunades Arrival

Konoha, the Hokage Office.

A masked Anbu suddenly appeared from the smoke, he banded a knee to Sarutobi then he opened: “Report from the front line, the Rock has managed to break our defenses, and the Gobis Jinchuriki has crossed the borders.”

When Sarutobi heard the report, he couldnt help but scream.

“Damn it!”

The plan was to carry the Jinchuriki to the front lines with a small group of ninjas after they slightly open the seal, the Tailed-Beast will come out and break Konohas defenses while hes in a rampage state, and weaken them. After they suppress him, they will once again advance and repeat the whole process.

This will lower their casualties compared to Konoha.

Konoha, on the other side, cannot afford to lose hundreds of men every time they use this strategy, which has driven Sarutobi insane, this is just cruel to his side!

The war has just started, and the casualties were much worse than the Second World War!

The unavailability of a similar weapon in Konohas armory has caused them a significant disadvantage!

If Kushina was still here, even if she couldnt control the Kyuubis power, they could have at least have the choice to use the same method to fight back.

“At this rate… Konoha will fall. Danzos plan is not working at all. The four great villages will focus their forces on us until we get destroyed.”

Sarutobi looked anxious, and thinking about this situation didnt make it any better.

They didnt use the Kyuubi before in the Second War, because the Jinchurikis power is too distractive, that power is not meant to be used, but to be feared. However, since Konoha doesnt have one, the other villages found it reasonable to use that power since theres nothing that Konoha can use to fire back!

At that time, the only scene that kept picturing in Sarutobis mind was the one when Naito has stoped the Kyuubis Bijuudama with his bare hands.

If Naito were here, this problem would have been easily resolved.


Sarutobis expression was full of bitterness.

At this time, Danzo entered Sarutbois office with a somber face and said: “War broke out between the Rock and the Sand village, but they didnt dispatch the Bijuu from ou frontlines.”

With a lot of efforts, Danzo managed to revive the hatred between the two villages, they ended up fighting each other, but he still failed to get Konoha out of this plight.

“This makes no sense…”

Sarutobi shook his head, then finally sighed and said: “Theres only one way to end this.”


Danzo knew what Sarutobi was gonna say, and he couldnt help but gnaw his teeth and yell.

However, this is didnt prevent Sarutobi from ending his sentence with a stern expression: “Do you have any better solution?!”

Danzo kept quiet for a moment then said: “We can use the same way to start a conflict between the four major villages and the Rain.”

“Do you hear yourself?! Youd rather crush him than ask his help!”

Danzo kept silent, then he exclaimed: “It doesnt matter, hes not one of us, I dont care if he chose to leave, but he also took our Jinchuriki. We cannot forgive something like this!”

“If you just handed me the Jinchuriki power early on, none of this would have happened, we could have even controlled Naito; obviously, he cares about the Kyuubis Jinchuriki that much!”

Danzo wasnt only screaming, but he was also letting his momentum out, this argument between him and Sarutobi made the whole building shake. Some of the Anbu could even feel it, but they took a deep breath and continued their work.

After a while, two more people walked into Sarutobis office. The only people who can enter the Hokages office and interrupt Danzo and Sarutobi were Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane.

“Its not the time to fight with each other! We need to face this current situation together!” Mitokado said this then looked at both Danzo and Sarutobi.

Both Sarutobi and Danzo got back to their senses and nodded at each other.

Mitokado looked at Utatane and Sarutobi then to Danzo and said: “We understand now that letting Naito leave the Village was a big mistake. Compared to letting Konoha gets destroyed, handing it to Naito and making him the Hokage is better.”

The moment he heard this sentence Danzo clenched his teeth, he looked like he wanted to say something back but he couldnt.

Utatane looked at Danzo then she said: “The only choice we have is to ask for Naitos help, this situation is no longer about us letting him stay, we dont know if hes even willing to come back.”

“We dont need him, hes a traitor, he took our Jinchuriki, hes the reason were in such distress, so he should solve this matter for us, but theres no way were letting him come back!” Danzo still insisted that Naito shouldnt return to Konoha.

Becuase once hes back, all his plans will be in vain.

“Well, since you agree on asking for his help, thats good enough, but the problem is… How can we make him help?”

Mitokado was indulged and looking contemplative.

Sarutobi, who has been silent for a long time, has finally spoken this time and said: “We could send Tsunade to ask him. As long as shes the one who will talk to him, he will definitely answer, but the problem is…”

“Theres no problem,” Mitokado interrupted Sarutobi saying: “Send Tsunade immediately!”

There was a bitter smile on Sarutobis face. In fact, Tsunade is very disappointed in Konoha, and it was clear that she no longer respects Sarutobi the same way as before.

She has always rejected the way Konoha treated Naito, and his departure has troubled her very much.

In war, its only natural for Sarutobi to try and exploit the strength of the major clans in the Village.

It was necessary also for Clans like the Hyuga and the Uchiha to save their power; thus if Konoha gets destroyed, they could survive and inheritance the Will of Fire.

The only difference is the Senju.

The establishment of Konoha was based on the Senjus strength, their belief is to absolutely keep Konoha, and they dont even care if they die fighting for it.

In the Second Shinobi World War, the power of the Senju Clan got reduced dramatically. Between all the other Clans, the Senju has suffered the most.

Tsunade was dissatisfied with how Konoha was handling this matter, the Sanju was suffering a lot, which made that dissatisfaction rise to the level of hatred between its ranks.

Konoha didnt think about joining its forces with Clans, but to consume their strengths, this dark politician behavior has disappointed Tsunade.

After sighting, Sarutobi didnt have a choice but to throw the ball and hope that Tsunade would accept to help.


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