The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 293: What He Really Wants

After a while, Tsunade came to the Hokage Office.

From a glance at the four elders that controlled Konoha in the office, her expression looked a bit indifferent.

“Why did the Hokage summon me to his office?”

Sarutobi was confused by Tsunades tone, she didnt even call him Sensei as she always does, although, she was very close to him before.

Sarutobi grinned bitterly then he shook his head.

“I didnt summon you here to give you orders, its more like a request. Im asking you a favor as your teacher…” Sarutobi knows that ordering Tsunade may make things more complicated, this is was like a matter of life and death to Konoha, and he was willing to do anything so that the Village can survive.

“The Hokages orders are absolute, for a man of your position to ask a favor from me is too much.”

Tsunade looked like she has guessed what Sarutobi was gonna ask from her. However, her attitude was getting more indifferent.

Sarutobi was bitter hearted. However, he could only reply in a pleading tone: “You know why youre here, the only way to change this situation is to ask for Naitos help, and youre the only one who can do it.”

When she heard Sarutobis words, Tsunade revealed a hint of ridicule on her face saying: “If we need him this much, why did we let him leave in the first place? Just because hes an outsider?”

“Is it the same reason why youre pushing the big clans into the war? Youre all afraid of them growing up more powerful and compete for the authority!”

Sarutobi was quiet, he didnt know how to reply to these words.

In Tsunades point of view, Konoha has always tried desirably to suppress the big clans, but now they are using war to weaken them, which is too much.

They even dared to treat the Senju Clan the same way after the death of Hashirama and Tobirama Senju.

“I can do nothing about this matter, Maito Dai also has a good relationship with Naito, you can ask him for this favor.”

After she said this, Tsunade turned around to leave.

Upon seeing this, Sarutobi couldnt help but scream at her.

He couldnt ask Dai to do this because of his friendly personality, he would never be able to convince Naito to help Konoha.

“Tsunade, even if you dont care about me your teacher or any of the elders, would you say the same about Konoha?”

This sentence made Tsunade stop.

Indeed, no matter how much she hated these elders and their policies, she would never feel the same about Konoha, after all, this Village was established by the hands of her grandfather.

Tsunade kept quiet for a long time, then she calmly opened: “I will go, but only if you agree on accepting whatever Naitos conditions are to help, otherwise, I cannot guarantee success.”

“No!” Danzo whispered.

“This…” Mitokado and Utatane looked at each other.

At this time, Sarutobi clenched his teeth, then said: “You have my word!”

“Were good!”

Tsunade suddenly turned and said: “This includes that if Naito asked to be the Hokage you will grant him this wish, you have to promise!”

Sarutobi nodded severely and said: “Yes!”

Danzo got horrified and looked at Sarutobi saying: “Hey! You have no right….”

“Do you think Im gonna let Konoha fall?!” Sarutobi suddenly released a powerful momentum then he deadly stared at Danzo revealing his killing intent, and with an extremely harsh tone he said: “Moreover, Naito has never sought authority, hes not interested in becoming a Hokage.”

The silent has suddenly controlled the place.

Mitokado turned at Utatane and nodded at her, then the two of them decided to support Sarutobi, Danzo was left there all alone again, clenching his teeth, then he immediately stormed out of the office.


The Rain Land.

Tsunade found it really hard to cross the Land of Fire borders because of the four great villages siege.

However, using the Soru technique, she could manage to reach the Land of Rain. Tsunade was much stronger than in the Original and stopping her wasnt an easy matter, especially with that kind of speed.

After she crossed the borders, every place and corner she encountered has made her heart exclaim.

The Second Shinobi World War has brought a lot of distraction and blood to this land.

However, now this land seems as if it suddenly turned into a piece from heaven!

The place was full of happiness and warmness free from war and hatred!

Compared to the outside world, this place was like a holy land!

This has made Tsunade sighs. If those people werent so damn stubborn and obsessed by power and identity, and let Naito become the Hokage, perhaps the Land of Fire would have been just like this; a peaceful land.

All the way forward, after she finally reached the Rain Village, Tsunade could see across the distance the Nanabi flying over the Rain Village.

“The Nanabi…”

Tsunade couldnt help but feel shocked, she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself the moment she felt the Nanabis powerful Chakra.

Just what kind of a Village the Rain has become after Naitos arrival!

The Nanabi, the Kyuubi, along with Naito, with these three forces, theres no Village from the five great ones is superior to the Rain!

Coupled with the fact that the Rain Land is currently living in peace, made Tsunade couldnt help but admire Naito, the boy who struggled to survive in the beginning, has now become a Leader strong enough to easily change the fate of a whole country!

After she stepped into the scope of the Rain, Tsunade could feel a kind of sensation enchantment similar to that in Konoha, and she thought that this should be Kushinas work.

No one came to stop Tsunade, it seems as if they knew about her arrival, however, no Shinobis has came to her even after she walked all the way toward the tallest building inside the Village.

Tsunade walked until she reached a spacious office, she put her hand on the door and gently opened it and walked in. From first glance, she saw Naito smiling at her.

“Long time no see.”

Naito couldnt see Tsunade again after he left Konoha. Her arrival today was not unexpected. Although he is in the Rain, he also knows everything happening in the world, and he could figure out that Konoha was gonna come to him sooner or later.

Even if they didnt like it, the only person who can save Konoha is Naito!

In the past year, Naito has achieved 90% of the Second Stage of the Sage Mode, he went to Mount Myoboku to practice four times. Just a few days ago, Naito had finished the fourth absorption of Natural Energy and returned to the Rain.

It wont take long before the second stage is completed!

At the same time, Naito has also opened the Sixth Gate of the Reverse Hashimon Tonkou, and reached the Sixth Stage of this Shock Force!


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