The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 293: What He Really Wants

ven used Kuramas chakra to make it really painful!

Naito barely handled himself then looked at Tsunade and said: “So did those guys have any conditions?”

Naito reached out to his back and grabbed Kushinas both hands so she cannot pull out any more pranks.

Tsunade shook her head, then with a slightly mocking expression she said: “They dont, this time, they wont even complain if you asked to be the Hokage.”

“Oh, so they even used the Hokages card this time!”

Naito looked surprised, at that moment he couldnt help but smirk imagining that scene in his mind, and what expression Danzo will make when he sees him wearing the Hokage hat.

Danzo would be very angry by now watching all of his plans getting ruined!

“Do you really want to be the Hokage?” Tsunade looked at Naito with a trace of curiosity. “When I think about it, youre currently as strong as my grandfather, and your politician skills are almost as good as my second grandfather.”

Her Second Grandfather was Senju Tobirama, who was better as a politician from her Grandfather who was his brother Senju Hashirama. He was the man who established the first ninja school, and the founder of Konohas Military Police.

He was the man who created these systems, and the other great villages have followed his suit.

“No one can match the Second Hokage when it comes to the politician, as for strength… Theres still a gap between the First and me.”

Replying to Tsunade, Naito said these words not to look modes; He was just telling the truth.

Tsunade has appreciated Naitos honesty, but at the same time she looked a little bit surprised, she simply didnt expect Naito to say such a thing.

She initially thought that Naito was really close to her Grandfather in terms of strength!

However, when she thinks back about how he easily managed to suppress the Kyuubi before. She could feel that Naito is probably not that far from reaching Hashiramas level.

“As for being a Hokage… I have no interest.”

Naito shrugged.

Naito is already busy managing the Rain. Even with the help of Konan and Yahiko, theres still a lot of troubles.

However, if he becomes the Hokage, he will need to stay in the office all day long. And Naito will choose freedom over sitting all day in an office like a prisoner.

When she heard Naitos response, Tsunade couldnt help but say with a smile: “Its really not your style.”

If Danzo heard Naitos response, he would have shown a big disgusting grin on his face.

“In this case, Konoha has nothing to offer you back.”

“Not it has…” Naito looked at her then smiled and said with playful tone: “Im quite interested in you Tsunade-Onesan.”

The moment he said that sentence, Kushina suddenly squeezed his shoulder too hard.

It was a little painful!

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