The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 295: Battlefield

the Fourth Kazekag fought against each others several times, he as Konohas White Fang was naturally strong, but the Fourth Kazekage wasnt that weak too.

These several encounters with the Kazekage didnt prove Sakumos strength as Konohas White Fang, but how weak the Sands Fourth Kazekage was.

No matter how many times he tried, the Kazekage couldnt break Konohas defense.

In the end, the Kazekage fell back and left the task to Ichibi and his armies.

Sakumo knew this was his chance to put an end to this battle before he looses all of his men.

“This time were gonna try and seal the Ichibi, but first we need to defeat the Sands army, later we retreat again, and hit the Ichibi with all what we got.”

Sakumo knew that the morale of his team was on the verge of collapsing at any time. Thus, he needed to act fast.

After he gave the instructions, Konohas Shinobis regrouped themselves immediately.

They were outnumbering the Sands army, but the Ichibis power alone was worth hundreds of men. However, he didnt have a choice, these were all the men Konoha could provide him, they were the last line before the Village!

Suddenly a huge figure appeared from a distance in the middle of the battlefield. Just from its appearance, the whole battlefield trembled, even the ground under them started moving and turned into Sand.

Seeing the Ichibis appearance, made Konohas Shinobis movements stagnated, it doesnt matter how many times they encountered him, he has never failed to make them panic.

Even the elites had a bit of fear in their eyes.

The amount of Chakra he was surging was enough to make them feel terrified!

“Dont panic!”

Under Sakumos command, sixth of the finest Jonins in Konohas army rushed toward the Ichibi and attacked him!

The Ichibi looked in a state of incomparable anger. He was being used by humans for a while now, every time they release him they use him to attack then seals him back again, which made him feel furious and considered all the people in the battlefield enemies!

Because the seal wasnt completely broken the Sand Shinobis has only needed to close it to suppress the Ichibi, on the other side, Konoha Shinobis were in a bigger problem, they actually needed to deal with him every time.

“You damn humans, die!!”

With both hands, the Ichibi surged his Chakra violently turning the entire battlefield into waves of Sand.

“Quicksand Waterfall Flow!”

The sand has surrounded Konohas Shinobis from every side, while the Sand ninjas looked like they already used to deal with the Ichibis method, after they released him in the middle of the battlefield, they simultaneously withdrew.

Only Konohas Shinobis remained!

The Ichibi will not care on what side you are, whether youre from Konoha or from the Sand, in his eyes, all humans are trash, and they should be all damned!

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