The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 296: The Power Of The Bijuu

na crush!

Even Sakumos expression was gloomy. He was clenching his teeth, not knowing what he should do next, he didnt expect that the Ichibi will break the barrier this easily.

He obviously miscalculated the situation.


Without any hesitation, Sakumo ordered Konohas Forces to retreat, the Ichibi got out, and theres no chance for them to win this battle, the only choice is to flee.

He learned from the previous battles that once the Ichibi is released, it will be impossible for them to defend. Keeping the fight any longer will only mean more casualties.

Thus, in the face of the Ichibi, they can only retreat.

“Damn humans, I wont let you escape again!!”

Obviously, the Ichibi has also faced this situation several times. With endless wrath in his eyes, the Ichibi fired several wind releases at them.

Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet!

The horror of these wind bullet continually fall, only the Jonin could barely use some defensive Ninjutsu to block it, as for the Genin and the Chunin they didnt have any strength to resist.

They stopped moving and looked at that massive Wind bullet coming toward them, they couldnt really do anything, suddenly, Konohas White Fang flashed in front of them and smashed it.


He really wanted to kill that monster in front of him, but that was simply impossible, even if he fought against him for hours theres no chance of winning!

The Shinobis kept retreating under Sakumos protection, no one thought about stopping and supporting Sakumo against that beast, in their point of view, that monster was invincible.

One thing they didnt dare to do is look back.

However, onething made them stop and looked to the sky.

“That is…”

“No! This is impossible!”

When they saw that thing in the sky, they could no longer move, some of them has even dropped their weapons on the ground.

That thing in the sky was huge and massive, they could run, but sure it could catch them in no time because that thing had wings. That thing was… The Nanabi!

“Why is the Nanabi here?!”

This time, even Sakumo couldnt help but exclaim, the look on his face was full of bitterness, even the slightest chance of escaping is no longer possible!

Moreover, the most terrifying thing about this whole situation is that the Nanabi has landed in front of those troops who were escaping, they just got trapped between two Tailed-Beasts!

“This is… the end…” (Adele?!)

Konohas Shinobis looked desperate, even the idea of running away was gone, theres nothing left for them to do, death was chasing them from every corner.

Sakumo clenched his teeth, and the look on his face changed, he made his choice, he was gonna fight and help as many people escape as possible.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice that let him stop.

“Youre stronger than this old man! Why are you having a hard time dealing with One Tailed-Beast?

Everyone could hear that voice coming from the Nanabi.

It didnt take them a long time before they could figure out that someone was standing on the back of the Nanabi, and they were actually very familiar with that face!

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