The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 298: Naitos Snap

In the battlefield.

All of Konoha Shinobis froze there looking stunned at the person who was standing at the Nanabis back.

Finally, someone responded cheerfully.

“Naito… Yuu Naito!”

“Great! It turned out to be Yuu Naito!! Theres hope!”

Although he left them to become the Rains Leader, Konoha has never defined Naito as a rogue ninja, and the Shinobis has always kept their admiration for him

Watching Naito actually standing there on the Nanabi and back to this battlefield, has made everyone shocked, and feared from what he became.

In the distance, when the Ichibi saw the Nanabi, he seemed slightly stunned. He temporarily stopped attacking and stared at him. However, he couldnt see Naito because he was too small compared to him.

Kurama likes to judge the strength of the other Tailed-Beasts based on the number of tails they have, this obviously, makes the Ichibi the weakest between all of them, and for that reason he always hated him.

However, in reality, the Ichibi wasnt the weakest among all the Bijuu.

At least hes not inferior in strength to the Nanabi who was in front of him, because his abilities are focused on flexibility and flying.

The relationship between the Bijuu is not that harmonious, and you can say the same about these two, their relationship wasnt good, but also not bad.

“Hey! Help me kill these damn humans!”

The Ichbi was too lazy to communicate with the Nanabi telepathically, so shouted at him from a distance.

The Nanabi could hear him, but he didnt reply, the Ichibi knew nothing about his situation.

This damned Ichibi talks like he knows everything!

Killing humans together with him? Then what they will do about that beast standing on his back.

Seeing how the Nanabi didnt answer him, the Ichibi became furious, he wouldnt be this angry if he just refused, but what is this? Is he ignoring me?!!

He was already angry, and ignoring him has only made his temper even worse, and without any hesitation, he attacked the Nanabi.

Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet!

Looking at this scene, the Nanabi on the other side has also lost his temper. Thinking that the Ichibi was looking down on him because hes inferior in terms of strength!

Besides, the Nanabi wanted to put an excellent performance in front of Naito. Thus, he roared and smashed the air bullet with one wing and rushed straight toward him.

The Ichibi was already in a rampage state, and looking at how the Nanabi was rushing toward him made him roar and jump directly into the fight.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, the unceasing ground disintegrated, and the sand scattered around the Nanabi.

The entire battlefield seemed to have turned into a hell on earth for a moment. All of the Shinobis from Konoha were retreating with terrified expressions on their faces.

This kind of power… Its not something humans can deal with at all. This is the power of monsters!

The two beasts were fighting violently, but Naito was no longer on the Nanabis back, he was actually standing beside Sakumo.

Looking at him, Sakumo couldnt help but sigh and say: “We still need your help…”

The scars were covering Sakumos body, he was hardly injured in the Second World War. However, in the Third, he repeatedly confronted the Ichibi to cover his comrades while retreating.

Although he was talking to him, Naito wasnt looking at Sakumo, he was actually staring at another person at the rear.

This person was still young, he looked like a teenager, wearing a mask on his face, with a silver hair just like Sakumo, just from looking back at the former he could recognize his identity.

Hatake Kakashi!

Kakashi is now a Chunin, he graduated at the age of five from the Ninja School, and at the age of six, he became a Chunin. Some people defined him as a person who has an incomparable dazzling talent, they even compared him with Yuu Naito and Namikaze Minato.

Kakashi has seen Minato, but he never saw Naito. He was inquisitive about the legendary Yuu Naito.

At this time, Kakashi was also watching Naito from the crowd.

“This fellow… Is he really as strong as the legends say?”

Kakashi couldnt help but wonder since he couldnt feel anything special from Naito.

They looked very similar, Naito has also had a silver hair, but Kakashis was a little bit shorter. He wasnt also wearing the ninjas uniform but a snow robe.

“Theres nothing special about him, he doesnt feel like Father. How does he control the Nanabi?”

In Kakashis view, Naito didnt look like he could control a beast as strong as the Nanabi, although, he heard about the stories of Naito defeating the Kyuubi. Kakashi didnt see him in action because he was performing a task outside of the village at the time.

When Kakashi was watching Naito from the crowd, Naito looked back at him.

On this battlefield, Kakashi is probably the youngest.

It seems hes ten years old, he should be in Minatos team by this time, but it appears that the plot has changed again.

Obviously, the war was the reason behind all of these changes.

The two Bijuu were still fighting violently, and the whole battlefield was trembling. Looking at this scene, Kakashi seemed very calm, although he was still young.

He walked to Naito and Sakumo, then looked at him and said: “Father, I think its better if we retreat.”

Kakashi felt that the situation was hazardous. The two beasts were fighting each other, although, Naito looks like he can control the Nanabi, yet who can trust a monster, what if he decided to change sides and attack them, it will be a terrible situation.

Sakumo looked at Kakashi and shook his head, then said: “No.”


Kakashi looked confused when he heard his fathers reply.

Sakumo didnt answer Kakashi, but Naito turned at him with a smile and said: “Is this the famous Konohas Genuis Ninja who graduated from the Ninja school by the age of five and become a Chunin by the sixth, Hatake Kakashi?!”

“No one can claim to be a genius in front of you Naito-Dono.”

When he heard Naito, Sakumo couldnt help but reply with a smile.


Kakashi felt more confused, looking at both of them.

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