The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 2: Devil fruit bloodline limi

earthquakes, air quakes, seaquakes, he could even produce a quake that would have its epicenter on a human itself.

If he develops this power to the extreme, he could even have the power to destroy this world.

He excitedly clenched his fist and looked at it with surprise and thrill. With the power of this fruit, he wouldnt even have to practice ninjutsu.

After a while, Yu finally calmed down

[It is incredible, to get the power of Edward Newgate, but it seems a little different] Yu thought

He thought to test the power one more time to a tree. He walked towards the tree, stopped when he decided the distance was enough. Yu took a stance, and the characteristic transparent white halo formed around his clenched fist. The light produced by the halo was still weak, but it would do for now.

The next moment Yu punched towards the trunk of the tree.


His fist did not touch the trunk and was still a way off from the tree, but his fist felt that he hit the air physically.


Cracks in the air formed and spread to its surroundings. It seemed that space itself shattered. The crack itself, he thought, was still small.

The thick tree took the full brunt of his attack and shook. Leaves were even falling from the shaking the tree took.

[My power is still small, I still need to train continuously] said Yu while nodding slightly.

Using his power, he felt that he used his chakra a bit. His devil fruit power might be connected to his chakra network, like using a blood-line limit.

Although the size of his power was directly linked to his physical strength. Also, if he could use the eight gates, a punch that could break the moon would not be impossible.

In addition, chakra consumption of his ability is minimal. The most important goal is to improve the strength of his body, his taijutsu!

The stronger his taijutsu, the stronger his devil fruit power. For now, even disrupting a rank C ninjutsu is very difficult, as his level is still too low.

To strengthen his body, he might need the techniques of Ē. Techniques that are a closely guarded clan secret of the Hidden Cloud. Yus eyes glimmered in hope, yet it faltered since it was unreachable for now.

Yu snapped from his brooding moment to set his mind to his immediate goal, which is to strengthen himself and increase his chance to find these secret techniques.

As he readies himself to train again, Yu suddenly thought of an important issue.

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