The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 301: The Mist Village

After ordering the Nanabi to take the Ichibis Jinchuriki, Naito took a glimpse at the Sand Shinobis in the distance.

Almost all of them were frozen in their places looking at him, and after they noticed Naito staring back at them, they widened their eyes, and the cold sweat started to appear on their foreheads.

They simply were scared.

“Ill leave them to you.”

After he stared at them, Naito didnt attack, but jumped on the Nanabis back, while Konohas Shinobi stood there calmly.

Later, the Nanabi left the battlefield with Naito on his back.

Watching Naito leaving, the way the two sides looked at him seemed very different.

Konohas Shinobi were revealing their killing intent looking at the Sand Ninjas in the distance, thinking that this was their chance to finally get revenge!

On the other side, the Sand Ninja looked terrified, some of them gave the order, and suddenly all of them fleet.

Konohas forces werent gonna let them escape that easily, and chased them!

In the crowd, Kakashi was still looking at the direction Naito took when he left with an intimidating expression. At that time, he seemed like he finally understood his fathers words.

Indeed, in Naitos presence, no person can be called a genius!

Kakashi had no idea what he can do to reach such a level, this is a power that no human can achieve, its even beyond the reach of a genius!

“This is the true power of the demigod… The power of Yuu Naito…” Kakashi couldnt help but whisper softly.

Sakumo stood next to him and patted his shoulder, then whispered: “Some people are just impossible to be caught up. It was always like that, even when he was young.”

“However, there was a time when he was weak. If Naito could do it, theres always a chance to for you to catch up to him… Ask him more about it if you want.”


After he captured the Jinchuriki, Naito was no longer interested in the battlefield. He directly ordered the Nanabi to head toward Konoha, soon he crossed half of Land of fire, and reach the sky above the Village.

He took a glance below at the Village, and it was just like he remembers, and the same as the original, a peaceful, lively land.

However, at the same time, the atmosphere felt a little bit dark, its as if everyone in the Village were feeling the pressure of the Third World War.

There are ninjas in Konoha who were monitoring the entire Village.

They were also looking for any spies who might act differently. While others were guarding the place against any enemies that may attack from the sky at any time.

In this world, only a few people can fly, but there are few Tailed-beast who can!

The Mist Village has special fog ninjutsu that can help them organize a surprise attack, the Rock Village has special equipments that helps them attack from the underground, while the Clouds have a high speed that allows them to do raids.

To put it simply, they can be attacked at any moment, and from any place. Therefore, Konoha had ninjas everywhere, ready for any kind of enemies.

At that moment, some of them could notice a strange thing in the sky approaching them.

The moment they saw that shadow appear in the sky, they immediately started moving.


The Nanabi was heading below toward the Village at high speed.

“Thats… Tailed-beast?! The Nanabi?”


The ninjas raised their heads and looked at the sky. They all looked horrified, and for the civilians, they were even more frightened. Some of them were already running everywhere, trying to escape.

The Nanabi was enjoying the moment letting his presence out.

Naito was standing on his back, aware of what he was trying to do, but he was too lazy to stop him. Instead, he let him continue, which made Nanabi carry on and release out his Chakra violently, and led Sarutobi and the others to come out.

He already received a report from the battlefield saying that Naito has finally come to support them, and he managed to easily defeat the Ichbi and caught his Jinchuriki.

However, he couldnt help but feel shocked when he saw him on the back of the Nanabi. Naito has never failed to make him feel this way every time he encountered him.

Some of the Ninjas and civilians could see Naito standing on the back of the Nanabi, which made them exclaim.

“Thats… Yuu Naito?!”

Konoha never defined Naito as a rogue ninja, nor they dared to describe his actions as an act of rebellion, thus, in the eyes of the civilians and low-class ninjas, Naito was traveling in the world and ended up fighting with the Rain. Thanks to his braveness, the Rain was taken over by them.

Seeing Naito standing on the Nanabis back made all of them feel like if they were looking at God himself, which led them to reveal their awe and admiration.

That moment, made them feel emotionally broken. And the joy suddenly controlled their hearts.

If Naito is here, then the Third World War is definitely wont be a problem!

In the eyes of many people, Naito was a god, even Sarutobis reputation as the Hokage of the Village couldnt be compared to Naitos.

Under the gaze of everyone in the Village Naito leaped from the Nanabis back and landed in front of Sarutobi.

“Yuu Naito, you came…”

Looking at Naito, Sarutobis emotions were a bit complicated, he couldnt figure out what he should feel about Naitos actual arrival. However, after a sigh in his heart, he greeted him with a smile on his face.

For the invincible Hokage, to feel nervous facing Naito is an incredible thing!

However, the situation was different, it was a life and death matter to Konoha, and only Naito could save them from this crisis. Even if hes the Hokage, he needed to pull the best of an act for Naito.

Almost every time Naito met him, Sarutobis attitude was different.

He was smiling, but he couldnt hide how nervous he was behind it, Naito was thinking of several things he could say and do to this man who made Kushina suffer, because of his weak character, and small vision, but he chose not to, after all, Sarutobi was okay, not a good or a bad person, and at least way better than Danzo.

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