The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 302: Gais Challenge!

Two people were standing next to Sarutobi, Utatane, and Mitokado.

Both of them looked anxious. This time, even these two has come out to meet with Naito. After all, this was a life and death situation to the Village.

The Nanabi who looked furious to them made them with no choice but to reveal their fear.

The Nanabi looked like he could eat them at any moment!

“Naito… You Naito-Dono, Is it necessary for him to be here?”

Finally, one of the ninjas couldnt help but ask with a fearful expression.

“What do you mean?”

Naito looked at the elders and the others and could notice how horrified they were from the Nanabi. Thus, he looked at him, then waved his hand.

The Nanabi immediately opened his wings and waved them, then he turned around and flew into the sky and disappeared.

Not until they could no longer see him, the others finally took a deep breath and felt somehow relieved.

“Is Danzo coming?”

After he took a glance around, Naito couldnt see Danzo, even with the use of the Ultra Perceive, he couldnt find him anywhere inside the Village, which made him ask.

“He just left a few hours ago to deal with the battle against the Mist.”

Sarutobi carefully answered Naitos question, he wouldnt usually be this cautious and nervous if he wasnt facing such a bad situation.

It seems that Danzo is deliberately hiding.

Naito thought; the Mist battle? Thats good, I will deal with them first then!

After he came to the Hokage Office, Naito was too lazy to argue with Sarutobi. He directly indicated that he will deal with all the Jinchuriki, in exchange for Tsunade staying in the Rain.

Sarutobi seemed full of bitterness listening to Naitos words, watching his attitude, he knew that he already lost him, theres no way Naito is going back to Konoha.

After all, Naito wasnt a Konoha person from the start.

Fortunately, the relationship between him and Konoha was still good, and that will do for the time being.

Naito didnt expect Sarutobi to directly agree on his conditions. Tsunade was very important to Konoha, as the princess of the Village, the Granddaughter of the First Hokage, one of the strongest Shinobis, along with her excellent medical skills, but obviously not as crucial as Naito, who can change the course of this War.

In Sarutobis opinion, anyone can be sacrificed for Konoha, including Tsunade!

“If thats the case, then we can start our work.”

Naito sat on a chair and nodded, after that, he reached for a cup of tea on the table and took a sip, then with a stern expression, he said: “The Ichbi has already got caught by me, after this… I think its better if we go for the Mist, Im guessing that Dai is already there?”


Sarutobi nodded, but he didnt feel strange that Naito know such information.

Because Maito Dai was currently very famous in the Ninja World, The Seven Gates Dai, he is one of the strongest ninjas in the world, and he was acknowledged by the Village as one of its Elites.

However, because hes only strong in Taijutsu, and didnt know much about commanding and gathering intel, Dai wasnt the commander of Konohas army against the Mist.

“So… When are you gonna leave Naito? were gathering forces for you to lead so you can reinforce our army in the front line.” Sarutobi, who was next to Naito, said with a calm tone.

“Reinforcements? Theres no need for that.”

Naito shook his head, then stood up directly and said: “I will be enough.”


When he heard this word, Sarutobi looked relieved, the joy was evident even in his eyes.

He immediately stood up and followed Naito to the door.

Naito didnt pay attention to Sarutobi, after he walked out of the building, he bit his finger, then he pressed his hand gently on the ground.

“Ninja Art: Summoning Jutsu!”


The white smoke emerged instantly, and the Nanabi suddenly appeared. His horrible momentum immediately took its presence in the place.

This scene has even shocked Sarutobi.

It turned out… That Naito somehow managed to make a summoning contract with the Nanabi!

Originally, he thought that Naito has brought up the Jinchuriki of the Nanabi with him, or maybe he temporarily managed to control the Nanabi, but he never expected that Nanabi has signed a summoning contract with Naito.

The summoning contract is a permanent thing!

For a person to force a Bijuu to sign a summoning contract is just an incredible thing. Sarutobi could only think about one person who managed to do this in the past, except for Uchiha Madara no one has ever managed to do such a thing!

Step by step, Naito climbed the Nanabis back.

The Nanabi took a glance at Sarutobi. Then he roared and flew into the sky carrying Naito on his back.


The Borders of the Land of Fire.

This place was the frontline battlefield between Konoha and the Mist. It can be said that they were near the sea, across it on the other side is the Land of Water.

However, the battlefield was taking place far from the borders, the Mist were similarly using the Jinchurik of the Sanbi to break Konohas defenses.

Facing the Sanbi, Konohas Forces were holding their ground and didnt show any weaknesses.

In Konohas Camp.

In a corner, there was a teenager in a tight suit and a shiny bowl-style haircut and thick eyebrows, beating a wooden stake with a punch after a punch.

It was Dais son, Maito Gai.

Even in this place, an attack can take a position at any time. Gai, like his father, didnt know the wordrest. He was always challenging his own limit and training hard to be stronger.

Just like his father, he did have no talent for Ninjutsu, the only choice he had is to work hard on his Taijutsu.

However, unlike the Original, Maito Dai was no longer the eternal Genin, but one Konohas Elite Ninja. He was Gais example, and a goal for him, that made him train even harder.

Gai looked in pain, but he was clenching his teeth throwing one punch after another on that wooden stake, he had no intention of giving up. Because of the existence of his father, Maito Dai. He believed in Taijutsu, he believed that this path can make him a powerful ninja.

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