The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 305: Two swords

“What is this? Juzo are you scared?”

Suikazan Fuguki, who was carrying the Samehada on his back, said with a touch of mockery.

Juzo looked at him and said: “I dont fear no one in this world. Moreover, there are seven of us, even a God wont be able to stop us, today is the end of Konoha.”

The Seven Legendary Swordsmen were taking the lead, while the eyes of the Mist Shinobis in the rear seemed full killing intent.

The Mist Village is different than the Sand, the formers focus on raising the numbers of their Ninjas, while the Mist didnt have that same human resource, so they worked on the quality of their Shinobis.

These Elite Shinobi were all trained to be professional assassins, and they all have the same cruel character, they dont know the meaning of fear, and their quality is considered to be the best between the four Major Villages!

The quality of Konoha Shinobis is relatively high, however, facing such a strong side will only leave them with a lot of casualties. Such a fierce battle wont end until one of the two parties is completely crushed.

The Mist army on the battlefield was formed from a few hundred Shinobis, but every single one of them was a high ranked Shinobi.

Finally, the Mist army began to advance, soon, they could see Konohas defenses forces, which were only formed from a small team!

“It seems that guy from Konoha is afraid to come out.”

One of them licked the blade of his sword and said: “Of course, someone who has been called a god, doesnt feel like he needs to play the game himself.”

In the rear Naito was standing calmly on a high hill crossed hands.

This was actually an area of cliffs, and Konohas army has used the advantage of this position to block the Mist several times before.

At Naitos side, Jiraiya seemed troubled looking at the Seven Legendary Swordsmen and the Sanbi, he knew that even if he used his Sage Mode, he wouldnt be able to win against all of them combined.

Konoha Shinobis could feel the killing intent coming from the Mist army.

The previous fierce battles proved for them that the Mist was the stronger side, which made the moral of Konohas forces deep. If just they didnt have the Sanbi and the Seven Legendary Swordsmen among them they could have easily defeated them.

These people were raised to kill, they got no fear of death, especially the Hozuki Mangetsu.


One of Konohas Shinobis looked at the Mist army and couldnt help but swallow, with a hint of fear in his eyelids.

“The Seven Legendary Swordsmen are really there, and the Sanbi too…Were screwed!”

Gai could feel their killing intent reaching the sky, and couldnt help but look at Naito in the distance.

Naito is very strong and can crush him just using his speed, but these are no humans, they are monsters!

Some of the Mist Shinobis could notice Naito standing at the top of the cliff, but they didnt show any fear.

“Is that the legendary God of Shinobis Yuu Naito? I cant feel anything special about him.”

“We dont need Mangetsu-Dono to take him down, I can kill this guy alone!”

One of the of them couldnt help but get excited by the thought of killing Naito.

Naito kept looking calmly at the Mist Shinobis below, under his Ultra Perceive everything was crystal-clear in his mind, including every word the Seven Legendary Swordsmen has said.

Naito didnt care about any of that, the most important thing is that the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist and the Sanbi are on the battlefield.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone in the field, Naito suddenly jumped in the sky and stepped directly in the air.

Waves of ripples appeared under his foot as if he was stepping on the water.

Suddenly Naito started walking in the air step by step.

It seemed as if Naito was walking on an invisible surface in the air!

Looking at this scene, all the ninjas felt stunned, not only the Mist Shinobis, even Konohas looked shocked.

“This guy… Can fly?!”

“Hes actually walking. What kind of Ninjutsu is this?!”

There was a lot of mumble in the Mist side. Although they werent afraid, they still couldnt help but feel surprised, because they have never heard of such a Ninjutsu.

Standing in the forefront of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, Mangetsu snorted: “Nice trick for a pretended god!”

“Is this guy planing on walking the whole distance? Also, I hate the way he looks at us. I wont feel satisfied until I cut him into two halves.”

Looking at Naito in the air, Juzo took the Ku­bikiribocho and suddenly slammed it into the sky.


The whistling sound of tearing the air came out as the Ku­bikiribocho was spinning toward Naito.

If he doesnt dodge it any time soon, Naito is really gonna get cut into two halves!

Finally, Naito made the first move on this battlefield, but it was the most unexpected one. He didnt dodge it, he actually caught it with his bare hand!

Naito didnt use any Ninjutsu he just caught the sword from the nearer semi-circular to the handle.

“Is this one of the Seven Legendary Swords of the Mist? It seems that theres nothing special about. The quality itself is not that bad, but…”

Naito looked at the Ku­bikiribocho in his hand, then he pinched his finger in the middle.


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