The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 306: Divine

Suddenly, a crack appeared on the sword where Naito has pinched with his fingers, then it spread on the whole blade.


The sound of the crack struck the Mist Shinobis as if it was bolting thunder.

“Compared to the Kusanagi Sword… Its just an ordinary sword.”

Although he used his bare hand to crack the blade of the Kubikiribocho, not a single scratch was on his fingers, as if it was the hand of the god itself.

The Kubikiribocho was destroyed before the battle has even started. Some of them couldnt even believe what they saw.


“Is this a joke? He crushed the Kubikiribocho… With his bare hand!!”

Even Juzo couldnt believe it, the fear was evident in his eyes, and he couldnt help but pick his broken sword from the ground.

The Kubikiribocho cannot actually be destroyed, the sword has a unique ability to repair itself from the blood of the enemies. Thus even if its broken, it can be fixed.

But… He has never seen anything like that, the blade is not this weak, it cannot be destroyed this easily!

This is simply incredible!

Did he use some kind of Ninjutsu?

“This guy seems to have some skills, we need to get serious.”

Hozuki Mangetsu with a stern look on his face took a deep breath, then he did a seal with both of his hands.

As a member of the Hozuki Clan, he mastered the Water Release to its extreme level, after all, his Clan understanding for this release is superb.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!!”

In an Instant, Mangetsu launched this high-class Ninjutsu using just one hand sign.

And the strength of this Ninjutsu seemed to be higher than usual, with his high mastery of the Water Release, this technique is classified as an S-Class Ninjutsu. The water steam looked like it was gonna cover the entire battlefield!


The horrible stream was strong enough to reach the sky, and the height of the wave has even surpassed the range of the cliff where Konohas Shinobis were standing, which made them feel horrified.

At that moment, the Jinchuriki of the Sanbi has also finished the hand-seals of another Water Release Ninjutsu, although his speed rate was a little bit slower than Mangetsu.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!!”

Just when Mangetsu has displayed that terrifying water release, suddenly, the Sanbis Jinchuriki has surged the beast Chakra to shoot an astonishing Water Dragon Bullet at Naito.

Looking at this scene, made Jiraiya in the rear feel stunned.

“These levels of releases is beyond my strength even if I use my Sage Mode…”

Looking at that crazy Water Dragon in the sky, made Konohas Shinobis terrified, while some of the others begun to desperately to surge their Chakra to launch a defensive Earth Releases.

As for Gai, who didnt have under his sleeves any Defensive Ninjutsu to block this attack, he couldnt help but look at Naito in the sky with a worried expression.


Gai could feel that although Naito can walk in the air, he cannot actually use his full speed. The scope of this attack is enormous, he wont be able to avoid it this way.

As for the Mist side, the Shinbois looked very excited to see Naito trapped.

“Let show that guy the Mist Village true strength!”

“Yes, we will finish this half-pretended god with one attack.”

Suddenly the strong water stream inundated Naito, and they could no longer see him.

However, despite what the two sides were thinking, and how much the situation seemed dangerous, Naito has never stopped walking, he kept taking step after another toward those horrible releases, as if he wasnt seeing them.

Just before it hit him, Naito extended his hand and a Golden Sword suddenly appeared from nowhere, he picked it then he gently waved.


The shock wave suddenly appeared and directly cut the water wave from the middle.

Suddenly the two releases that seemed like their gonna smash everything, all stagnate in the air.

Then, under countless of shocks and incredible gazes, the water waves that reached the sky got suddenly shuttered, and what left form its lower part fell on the ground where the Shinobis were standing like drops of rain.


Despite all of this, Naito didnt stop, he kept walking forward, at the same speed as before.

As for the upper half it froze for a moment, then once again moved up to the sky above. With great momentum, it cascaded down toward Naito, in the resemble of a magnificent waterfall!

This time, Naito sword has suddenly transformed, and white halo energy flew from its blade to the top of the sky.


The white halo energy flew to the sky, then it burst the void, making a big crack suddenly appeared. It looked as if Naitos attack has hollowed the space!

Suddenly the Waterfall got shuttered!

And the rain fell on the ground making all the Shinobis wet again!

Regardless of all what happened until this moment, Naito kept walking forward toward the Mist Shinobis.

At that moment, it felt that nothing will stop him!

Naito suddenly put down his golden sword as he was walking, then it silently shrank back, and once again it turned into a golden ring.

The wind swayed gently, blowing the loose of Naitos white cloak.

from the moment he took out his sword, and transformed two times, to the point where it shrank back and got wrapped around his finger, there was nothing but silence between the two sides.


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