The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 310: The Heart Of The Strong

In the face of the man who is in his point of view the strongest in the Ninja World, Yuu Naito, Mangestu launched an attack.

He was the Genius of the Hozuki Clan, and the leader of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist, even if Naito was a Monster, Mangetsu has already killed a few in his lifetime.


Mangetsu screamed, then with two hands on his swords, he waved it at Naito. The Chakra that was injected in it turned into a dim blue light cutting energy, then flew toward Naito.

The thick fog around them got directly cut by this attack.

Facing this technique, Naito maintained his calm expression, and with one hand on his Golden Kusanagi sword, he crossed that cutting energy with his sword.


The blade of the Kusanagi sword directly clashed with Mangetsus technique. The impact was strong that it made the space around Naito crack. Suddenly, the cutting energy got shattered into two, then hit the ground from both sides behind Naito.

This was clearly the first clash between Mangetsu Legendary Sword, and Naitos Kusanagi Treasure Sword.

If it were any of the former Kusanagi swords, it wouldnt have such an advantage against one of the Seven Legendary Swords.

Fortunately… The Kusanagi sword was in its highest form!

Moreover, it was held by Naito, who can enhance its power to the point where its qualified enough to fight against a Master Swordsman like Mangetsu Hozuki.

Without any hesitation, Naito rushed toward Mangetsu and cut him into two halves, the former couldnt even move his sword in the time!

The sword cut right through Mangetsus body and his sword. However, Naito was the one who looked surprised, Without stopping, he quickly flipped his sword and waved it again.


The sword fell, and cut Mangetsus body again, the power of this slash has even cut the distant cliffs into two halves!

Under this powerful attack, Mangetsus body once again got cut from two halves, into four divided parts.


Mangetsus body got cut badly into four parts by Naitos attack, but no blood has flowed out of it. Suddenly, his body got strangely liquified, then condensed again behind Naito.

Mangetsu who regained his original form looked a little bit pale. However, he clenched his teeth, and with a touch of sorrow in his eyes, he held his broken sword and slammed Naito from the back.

“Go to hell!!”

Mangetsu was injecting his whole Chakra into his sword, that it made the surrounding air emit some sort of a sizzling sound.

However, what was making Mangetsu look a little bit off is the aftereffect of being cut by Naitos sword.

Although Naitos attack didnt actually kill Mangetsu as it was meant to do, it caused his body significant damage, because it wasnt purely a physical attack!

Even the Sanbi wasnt immune to Naitos Shock Force, let alone the Hydrification Technique of the Hozuki Clan!

This attack has almost made Mangetsu on the very of collapsing.

Mangetsus sword fell on Naitos back, however, just a few inches from connecting, it stagnated in the air, making his sword that was filled with a crazy amount of Chakra stop!

It wasnt Naitos hard body that stoped Mangetsus attack, but some sort of an invisible surface on his back that blocked the swords advancement, then broked like a mirror.

Naitos Shock Force can erupt in all direction, and naturally, it can be emanated from any point in his body at will.

Moreover, Naitos body got really enhanced by reaching the Third Stage of the Lightning Armour, and opening the Fifth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, even if he didnt use the Shock Force, Mangetsu wouldnt be able to penetrate Naitos body with his broken sword!

After all, Naitos body was powerful enough to crush the Third Raikage!

Naito turned around at Mangetsu who was still stunned, then he struck his sword with the side of his palm destroying the whole blade apart.

The Shock Force spread over directly to Mangetsus body, shocking his whole body which made it collapse and liquefy itself.

Mangetsus liquefied body splashed hard on the ground, then he finally poured his body into a stream along the side, trying to take advantage of this opportunity to escape.

Naito wasnt gonna give him that chance, and he directly threw his sword toward that stream.


The Golden Kusanagi Sword flew at high speed and fell directly into the stream penetrating Mangetsus liquid body.

Mangetsu could no longer maintain his hydrated form and restored his original form. Mangetsu looked pale and desperate as the Kusanagi Sword was nailed in his chest.

At his last moment, Mangetsu couldnt help but admit that the gap between him and Naito, is like the gape between Heaven and Earth!

Naitos power is not something he can deal with. Being the Genius of the Hozuki Clan, or the Head of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, is nothing but a joke compared to this man!

Mangetsu came to a conclusion in his last breaths, that if Naito wanted, he could even kill him with one finger!

Mangetsu didnt question his own strength, after all, it was just the power of a mortal, and Naito was a God!


The fog gradually faded away with the death of Mangetsu Hozuki.

It didnt take long before the fog got disappeared entirely. Jiraiya took a deep breath as he looked slightly disappointed. He thought that the Seven Legendary Swordsmen were already gone.

“Does anyone of you have eyes on one of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen?”

“Theres no sign of life from the people who went in the fog, nor from the enemies.”

Hearing this sentence, Jiraiya shook his head and said: “Forget about it, it seems like they have already gone away. Where is Naito?”

“Naito-Dono seems like he already left, we cannot feel his Chakra.”

“Understood.” Jiraiya nodded, then said: “Its okay, he already solved the Sanbis problem for us. We cant count on Naito to solve all of our troubles. Hes just a human being, not a god.”

Just as Jiraiya was about to order Konohas Forces to stop chasing the enemy and prepare to retreat, there was a sudden exclamation from one of the Shinobis.

“Impossible! This is…”

“No way!!!”

Several voices were emitted almost simultaneously from different locations, making Jiraiya a little bit confused. He couldnt help but rush at one of the directions to see whats happening.

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