The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 311: Perfect Sage Mode

When Jiraiya walked to the direction of one of the voices, he suddenly saw there several Shinobis with some confused expressions.

He was wondering whats happening, so he joined them to see with his own eyes.

There was a corpse on the ground, it belonged to one of the Mist Shinobis, but it wasnt any ordinary one.

The face of this corpse was familiar to everyone, he was one of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen!

“Why is this here? Who killed him? Wait… This wounds…”

He looked at the corpse and noticed the wide slash on his body. It seems he got cut by a sword, and that wound has directly killed him!

The moment he thought about it, he couldnt help but take a deep breath. He turned around immediately and rushed to the other direction.

After he walked toward several directions, Jiraiya could no longer take his breaths. He looked nervous and unable to calm down for some time.

Jiraiya looked around with a bitter smile on his face and said: “I was wrong. Hes not a human being, after all. He killed all of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, none of them could escape. He destroyed them in just a few moments. The power he has is enough to stop the War… This is the power of the God of Shinobi!”


The Mist Shinobis were slower than the Seven Legendary Swordsmen. However, because they spread out while escaping, only a few were caught by Konohas Forces.

At this time, the Mist Shinbois has completely lost their will to fight. Almost none of them stayed and fought back. They all escaped, even under Konohas attacks.

The Mist has wholly lost this battle.

In the pursuit, Maito Dai couldnt help but express his admiration for Naitos strength, he did not only crush the Mist Forces, but he also destroyed their will!

Its easy to defeat a person, but its hard to beat his heart.

The more they chased the Mist Shinobi and saw how their spirits seemed broken, the bigger his admiration grow for Naito.

“Naito-Senseis Strength… Im afraid that even if you opened the Eight Gate, Dad, you wouldnt be able to defeat him…”

“Hahaha! Thats totally true! However, this is only mean that we need to put Naito as our goal! Youth will never get defeated!”


After he killed the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, Naito didnt rush to support the other battlefields; The other two were Orochimaru and Minato.

These two were leading Konohas forces, and even if they face a Bijuu, they could deal with it efficiently. They were powerful, one seemed like he cannot be killed, and the other had high speed, flexibility, and has mastered the Flying Thunder God Technique.

Of course, that wasnt the main point. Naito felt in recent days that the Second Stage of the Sage Mode was nearly completed, and he needed to focus on it!

Naito has temporarily left the battlefield. After all, the Seven Legendary Swordsmen were destroyed, and the Sanbi has been captured. There was nothing left for him to do. Although the Mist still had their Mizukage, the odds were really against him, and Konoha should easily finish the job.

While he didnt participate in the further battles, Naito focused during this time on the Second Stage and assisting Gai in his training.

Gai was on his way to become a Jonin, as for Kakashi, just like the original, he became the disciple of Narutos father, Minato Namikaze.

Although, Naruto choose Jiraiya to become his master in the end.

Ranks dont matter much in this world, power is everything.

In a forest.

One person was throwing a punch after another, struggling to connect any attack.

Every fist had the power to shatter a tree.

However, no matter how many punched he threw, that person stood still in his place, waving his hand and blocking every one of his attacks.

“Not fast enough, and youre also leaving a lot of openings.”

Naito said to Gai, who was attacking him. He looked a little bit bored blocking his punches. At the same time, he pointed out the flaws in Gais attack.

Although Gais attack was almost like a storm, against Naito, this speed was very slow, the same as the speed of a climbing snail.

Humph! Humph!

Gai gasped fiercely, but he didnt look tired, he actually was extremely excited.

“Naito-Sensei is really too strong, but Youth wont be defeated!”


Yuu Naito looked at Gai with a dull expression. He always hoped that Gai will eventually stop saying this nonsense!

It really makes him feel like he wants to vomit. Although he really respected both Dai and Gai for their hard work, he could never accept the amount of gibberish these two shared!

“Okay, lets stop here today, you need to work on the few points I told you about, and then master them all.”

Gai took a few steps back and bowed to Naito, the former nodded at him, then left.

Gai looked at Naitos back with a stern look, he nodded firmly, then he roared and recontinued his training, regardless of the physical fatigue he was feeling.

Step by step walking far from Gai, Naito could see clearly his movements with his Ultra Perceive.

“Perhaps this what makes Dai and Gai very unique. Although I really cant hear any talking about youth from these two, its the only word that can express their passion.”

“They have the heart of a strong man, that keeps them going forward even in the hardest times, no matter how tired they are, or how hard the training is, they keep walking, step by step to reach the top of the world with their ordinary bodies.”

Naito slowly walked away while he whispered to himself, and couldnt help but think about the journey he had during his lifetime in this world.

Perhaps, what he is right now was all because of Maito Dais enlightenment.

“This is not something that can be taught in school, its something that you have or dont.”

“This is the only path to the top of the world. Even against a person like Madara, Gai didnt lose his heart and fought on until the very end.”

“This is the true meaning of having a strong heart, not the one that despises everything, but the one that can transcend anything, and firmly believes that it can overcome everything!”

Just when Naitos heart flashed through this last thought, his soul and will seemed to have a faint sublimation, and his Sage Mode silently ushered in the final transformation.

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