The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 311: Perfect Sage Mode

nage somehow to continue to fight. It came out to be true that the persons will does lead to a spiritual sublimation. Mental Strenght is closely related to Chakra.”

After taking a deep breath, Naito continued to move forward and came to a cliff.

The Second Stage is completed, and his body was in a state of perfection. In addition to the transformation of the Soul, everything in Naito was at its peak.

Naito is not ready to waste any more time since it has already been completed, he was tempted to open the Sixth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou.

After he opens that Gate, Naito will be invincible. Even if he faces the existence of the Sixth Paths powers, he wont be entirely helpless.

Within Naitos body, the First Five Gates of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou were boiling, and the blended power within it was continually surging. The connection between the Five Gates was like stars in the sky, forming a mysterious pattern.

The Eight Gates are the secret for the human body to have a powerful force, open it, and you can get the power to fight toe to toe with gods.

However, Naito was taking the reverse path from the ordinary technique, the Sixth was in the chest, slightly between the shoulders.

The Sixth is the last Gate in the body. The Seventh and the Eighth are located in the brain, and their effect should be completely different than the first Six Gates.

On the other hand, the first two gates in the ordinary Eight Gate Technique are meant to lift the brains restrictions, and limitation, so the body can use 100% of its power.

Ordinary people cannot use all of their physical strength, but First Gate helps the body to extract all of its hidden powers.

The Second Gate increases the users physical strength. This has the added effect of re-energizing the body, enabling it to rapidly recover from exhaustion.

These two Gats are actually influencing the power of the mind on controlling the body, not directly enhance the bodys strength.

Only when the Third Gate is opened, the body will surge that green energy, and the Chakra will run in the body, and the speed and strength will significantly improve.

Thats why these two Gates are obviously different from the latter six.

Naitos Reverse Hachimon Tonkou is different. He now has a full understanding of the first six, but the last two are entirely mysterious for him.

He doesnt know what he will gain when he opens these last two.

Of course, these thoughts were just flashing in his mind. Naito was working on opening the Sixth Gate as he was thinking about this.

After mobilizing the Chakra in his body, it flowed inside the first five gates starting from the one in his heart passing through the front. The flow was getting stronger with every second until it finally pushed the Sixth Gate open.


The sound of a broken glass emitted in Naitos mind.

A crack appeared on the barrier of the Sixth Gate, then spread wide, and finally broke out the Gate!

The Six Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou got finally opened!

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