The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 313: Two Answers

Its impossible to pour water into a sealed bottle. So the cultivation in the pure sense has become meaningless to Naito.

What he needed to do is to find a way to break the seal of that bottle.

Only by breaking the seal he can surpass what its called perfection. This perfection is just a barrier for humans, only by breaking it, Naito will go even further.

Naito didnt know how to open the Seventh Gate because his body can no longer be trained any further. If he wants to open that Gate, physical strength is not the answer. In this case, there are only two aspects left. One is Chakra, the other is the Soul.

Chakra, Naito knew a simple answer to this one, if he collects all the Tailed-Beasts, and becomes the Juubis Jinchuriki, he will indeed, break that limit, and open the Seventh Gate.

But the Rinnegan is an issue, and the Juubi is no good news. Thats the key for summoning Kaguya, being a the Juubis Jinchuriki is equivalent to turning yourself into a timing bomb.

Once he cant suppress Kaguya consciousness, Kaguya will be able to come out at any time, just like Madara in the Original.

The path to having a more enormous amount of Chakra is tough, so the only is left is the Soul.

When Naito finally learned the Perfect Sage Mode. His soul power got directly doubled. However, theres a kind of faint feeling in his heart that his soul is about to reach a new level.

Although its only a feeling, the only answer he got to open the Seventh Gate is strengthing his Soul.

The previous enhancement he gained was originally an accident. It was related to the Perfect Sage Mode, opening the Sixth Gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou had nothing to do with it.

The enhancement he gained on his soul, made Naitos Spiritual Shock even stronger.

Currently, the Spiritual Shock will make even an Elite lose his consciousness. And a Quasi-Kage will hardly resist it.

Only those who have gone into hundreds of battles, and stepped to the highest levels like the Kages will be able to resist Naitos Spiritual Shock.

Unceremoniously, if Naito wants to destroy a Village, this technique will be more than enough.

Just like Madara in the Original, whether it was a meteor or a complete Susanoo, he could easily destroy any Village.

The strength has reached a certain level where human tactics are completely ineffective, a Kage-level is like an ant compared to his strength, and a Super-Kage is just a bigger ant.

“In this case, I will go to Orochimaru and check his new studies.”

After a long time of deep thinking, Naito looked up to the horizon, then he flashed into the sky.

The Perfect Sage Mode and the opening of the Sixth Gate have enhanced Naitos physical powers to the point where he can no longer feel any exhaustion.

He already got a vast amount of Chakra, but its recovery speed is what became terrifying. Even with the continuous use of the Moonwalk Technique, his Chakra wont get consumed.

Naito didnt call for the Nanabi this time too, he wanted to experience the feeling of running in the sky.

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