The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 314: The Situation In The Shinobi World

several elders, the Third Tsuchikage nodded, then said: “When I fought this little devil before, he wasnt as strong as hes right now. If it werent for the White Fang, I would have erased him. I knew this was gonna turn back on me someday.”

“Now he really grew up, and even a Bijuu cant deal with him.”

There was a hint of regret in the Tsuchikages eyes, if he just used all of his forces at that time to deal with Konohas White Fang, he would have killed Naito.

The moment they heard the Tsuchikages words, some of the elders sighed a bit, and some other said: “Tsuchikage-Sama you dont worry about it. He might be strong, but hes just one person. He cant change the course of an entire war.”

“Yes, the only villages which are still in the race are the Cloud and us. I heard that the Hachibis Jinchuriki can perfectly control the power of his Bijuu, which can turn back on us later.”

Onoki nodded, then took a deep breath.

The only villages which are still powerful to continue this war are the Rock and the Cloud. These two villages are very special. Each has two Bijuu. The Rock has the Yonbi and the Gobi, while the Clouds has the Nibi and the Hachibi.

“As long as those idiots from the Clouds keep their Jinchurikis together, they wont be defeated by Naito, and they might have a chance to kill him.”

“And since Naito is currently hiding, I think we can take this opportunity to launch an attack.

Speaking of this, the Tsuchikage looked at one of the elders and said:” Send fifty Elite Jonin to lead an army of thousand Jonin.”

This sentence made the elders in the room look shocked.

Fifty Elite is not a small number!

“Youre our leader. Youve led us with your wisdom for so many years, even if this looks reckless to me… I support your decision!”

“I object, the Cloud still didnt make a move, why do we have to take the first shot?”

“I support, we need to strike first in order to plunder more resources later. Otherwise, we will need to share those resources with the Cloud Village.”

A skirmish started in the conference room, ane the result of the final vote ended up with the support of the Tsuchikages decision.

As a result, fifty Elite Jonin and one thousand Jonin were assembled immediately. They marched toward the borders leaving the Earth Land and crossing the Fire Land borders, then prepared to launch an attack.

At this time, Naito has just arrived at Konohas Camp.

Although Naito didnt take the Nanabi with him, one of the Shinobis could still notice Naito in the sky.

It didnt take a long time before several ninjas gathered in the camp looking at the sky.

“What is that?!”

“This is… Bad! A Shinobi wh can fly, is it the Tsuchikage?!”

When they heard that word, Konohas ninjas looked terrified, they all took out their weapons looking at that person in the sky. Is the Tsuchikage personally leading an attack on their camp?

In addition to the Tsuchikage, they never heard of other ninjas who can fly.

As that figure in the sky got closer and closer, Konohas Shinobis looked more horrified, and some of them were even ready to release their Ninjutsu!

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