The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 315: Research Results

> “It seems that youve already transplanted the Mangekyou Sharingan. Did you use Hashiramas cells?”

Going straight into the interior of the room, Naito looked calmly to his front where Orochimaru was doing some experimentations.

Orochimaru turned around and looked at him with his Mangekyou Sharingan. However, his eyes suddenly turned to its normal state, then he smiled at Naito. Naito looked confused, he didnt really know how could Ororchimaru pull this out. He seems to be able to activate the Sharingan at will.

Most of the time, the answer is Hashiramas Cells.

“Well, I have done a lot of complicated experiments so that I could use it, but mentioning it wont worth wasting your time. This power is nothing compared to yours.”

Orochimaru said that with a firm tone, but hes evil aura was unusually hidden, it seems that even now hes still afraid of Naito.

Naito didnt care much if Orochimaru could use the Mangekyou Sharingan or not. If Orochimaru could somehow awaken the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, perhaps then, Naito will be slightly concerned.

“What progress did you make in the studies of the Soul?” Naito calmly said.

Orochimaru didnt look surprised that Naito has asked this question. If Naito has come personally to him, then it should be about the results of his researches.

Although Orochimaru didnt want to share with the others the secrets to immortality, he cant really say no to Naito.

Moreover, Orochimaru knew that Naito didnt really care about immortality, he only cares about the soul researches.

Without hesitation, Orochimaru turned to Naito and handed him a scroll saying: “I almost fell into the bottleneck with these research, but this scroll should be more useful to you than the previous one.”

“Also Ive come to a conclusion… That the body is almost impossible to become eternal, but the Chakra and the Soul could. Of course, the fate of the weak souls will always be the Afterworld. Only with the strong Chakra and the right Ninjutsu, the soul can be forced to stay in this world, and the answer to that may be… The Spirit Transformation Technique.”

Orochimaru looked very serious, he doesnt really look like that unless he was talking about experiments!

Naito took the scroll that Orochimaru has handed him. But, the moment he heard Orochimaru, his eyes flashed thoughtfully.

The Spirit Transformation can really control the soul, but since the Chakra of the caster can never be infinite, the Soul will never be eternal too.

Naito couldnt help but think about Hagoromo who have been hiding for centuries in the dark observing the world. He has also given up on his body, and still existed purely in the form of Chakra and Soul.

The Chakra of the Six Paths is too strong. It should be even stronger than the Bijuu. Thus, he could theoretically exist in that form forever.

At the same time, the existence of the Bijuu itself seems to be related to this. The Bijuu doesnt have a physical form. Their bodies are completely composed of Chakra, and they can be reborn many times. They cant be killed, this is why they can only be sealed.

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