The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 317: Im Gonna Catch Them

Although the Tailed-Beasts bodies are composed of Chakra, their consciousness is not. The existence of Consciousness means the presence of the Soul.

The existence of the Bijuu seems to be a combination of Chakra and Soul. This should be the reason behind their immortality.

The reason why Naito can cause Bijuu pain when he attacks them with his Shock Force means that it doesnt only affect their Chakra but their souls too.

Naito kept quiet, he didnt talk for a while thinking about this. After he paused a little, Orochimaru continued: “The Spiritual Transformation technique seems to be related to the existence of the Bijuu… Thus, I want to study it. I will need the Chakra of one of the Bijuu for that, and it will be in exchange for this scroll.”

Orochimaru looked disappointed, he knew that Naito has already caught the Ichibi and the Sanbi, but he couldnt just ask Konoha to give him these two to study them in such a situation.

“We might encounter the Yonbi or the Gobi in the next battle, I want you to get me some of their Chakra. Of course, it would be better if you can just catch them and bring them to me.”

Orochimaru said this while he was observing Naitos expression, he didnt know how the former will react to his request after he already took the scroll.

“In this case, I will get you both of them in exchange for this scroll.”

Listening to Orochimaru, Naito took a quick glance at the scroll then closed it, and nodded casually.

Naito came to this battlefield intending to deal with both of them. Orochimarus request to study their Chakras just happened to be easy.

Upon seeing Naitos agreement, Orochimaru felt relieved, facing Naito has always put him under a lot of pressure.

Dealing with a man who has enough power to erase him from the existence has always made him lose his calmness.

“The Rock Village has dispatched thousand of Jonin to the front lines. This time a pleasant surprise is gonna be waiting for them on the other side.”

Orochimaru didnt have the slightest doubt that Naito could efficiently suppress the Yonbi and the Gobi. Others may lack the specific details about the Bijuus rank of power, but Orochimaru wasnt a one.

The Yonbi and the Gobi cannot be compared to the Kyuubi, and Naito could easily defeat him, so even if they gathered their powers, they wouldnt be an opponent to Naito.

However, what Orochimaru didnt expect was Naitos next question.

“Why do we wait for them to attack?”

This sentence left Orochimaru stunned in his place, while the former headed toward the outside immediately after he finished his sentence.

At that time, Orochimarus has finally realized the benefits of this idea, if he wants to successfully capture both of them, then ambushing them in the camp when theyre not prepared is the best way.

Indeed its a great idea!

With Naitos power, theres no need to wait for the Rock Village to attack, and theres no need even for Konohas Forces to join him.

Naito is enough!

“Its a pity that I wont witness such a battle, but… Its better if I prepare myself, it wont take long.”

Looking at Naitos back, Orochimaru took a deep breath, but still, he couldnt calm down for a long time.

In fact, he was feeling this way from the moment he looked at Naito using his Mangekyou Sharingan.

Naito had six shining stars in his body, the Chakra was violently flowing between them like a river. The amount of his Chakra was vast enough to make Orochimaru feel terrified. However, this wasnt all, Naitos cells felt very similar to the ones he studied from Hashiramas body!

“He has become even more horrifying. His Chakra is currently more horrifying than the Ichibi. His body feels as strong as the First Hokage… Unfortunately, I cant study his body.”

Orochimaru sighed, the former is as pragmatic as ever, he was just happy that he can still do some trades with Naito.

Asking Naito for the Yonbi Chakra to study is one thing, but studying Naitos body is another, he may not be able to do that unless he dies.

Because Orochimaru was confident that the moment he asks Naitos that, the next he will be a dead person.

As Orochimaru estimated, after leaving the laboratory, Naito went directly to the Rock Camp. For other ninjas, it will seem like entering the tiger cave. For Naito, its like crushing the ants with bottom of your foot.

Naito wasnt ready to waste any more time. Moreover, he was eager to try his new powers.

Currently, there are two Tailed-Beast located in the Rock Camp, and sure they are the best option for him to do just that!

The Tailed-Beasts are no longer a problem to Naito, theyre only useful for practice and testing new abilities.

The location of the Rock Camp is actually in the middle of the Fire Land.

Each time they advance, it takes them time to control the surrounding area, and plunder the resources. Now the Rock has almost adjusted, waiting for the fifty Elites who has been sent by the Rock Village. With the arrival of the troops, they will immediately launch an attack on Konoha.

Yuu Naito flew to the Rock Camp overlooking on the entire area. Under the Ultra Perceive, everything in the camp was clear to Naito.

In an instant, Naito determined the location of the two Jinchuriki.

Of course, Naito was also exposed in the sky, but he didnt care much about hiding himself, because the moment he found these two, he rushed directly toward them!

This time, its necessary to grasp the Yonbi and the Gobi, theres no need to hide because even if they could detect his presence, no one could stop him!

With the fall of Naito from the sky, several Rock Shinobis saw him and exclaimed.

“Somone is flying in the sky!”

“Who can fly in the sky… Could it be our Tsuchikage?”

“It should be, no one can fly in the sky expect for our Tsuchikage.”

With such excitement, all of them looked to the sky with expressions full of awe and respect.

However, as the figure in the sky became clearer and cleared, they could see that figure wearing a white robe. The Tsuchikage doesnt have one, something is definitely wrong!

“Not good! Its not the Tsuchikage!”

“Who in the world can fly in the sky beside the Tsuchikage?!”

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