The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 317: Im Gonna Catch Them

hes strong, hes just one person!

There are thousands of Shinobis here, and even two Jinchuriki, not to mention a large number of these people are Jonin!

Just before he could even reach Naito, the Shinobis roar abruptly stopped!

A strange power has suddenly spread from Naito and swayed toward all directions, covering the whole camp.

Spiritual Shock!

At this moment, Naitos seemed like he had an earth-shattering momentum, he didnt look like a big guy, but at that instant, the Rock Shinobi felt like if they were looking on a giant!

The Shock force seemed like a wave that, in an instant, sweep the sky, making the white clouds in it burst into disarray.

When that strong momentum gradually dissipated. All the Shinobis in the field looked like if they have frozen in their place with the pupil in their eyelids seems like it has lost its focal length.

Plop! Plop!!

From his left to his right, whether it was a Chunin, a Jonin, or an Elite, all without exception, directly lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

It felt like cutting wheat. They fall like a series of domino in the entire camp.

Thousand of Rock Shinobis got defeated just from one move!

Barely being able to stand and be awake, the Quasi-Kage and the Kage-Level powerhouses stood there stunned and shocked with the back of their clothes soaked in cold sweat.

It was terrifying to the extreme!

At that moment, they felt like if the sky was falling down on them, and they were just weak cockroaches.

Even the Kage-Level Shinobis felt the same way!

Perhaps there was a time in their life when they felt this way facing a stronger opponent, but the moment they reached that level, they have never felt so powerless!

Even if they fought against an actual Kage, they wouldnt feel such pressure, and they wont be so powerless, and still, they will manage to fight back.

However, at this moment, facing Naito, it was evident. If he chooses to kill them, they wont have the power to resist at all, the gap is almost like the distance between heaven and earth!

This is not the level of a Demi-God. Even if they were facing Hanzo, they wouldnt experience such a horror. This man has already surpassed the Demi-Gods!

With trembled bodies and shaky legs, these ninjas looked around at the Shinobis, who has fallen on the ground, cursing their own luck that they were still standing.

This kind of power can even stop the war on its own… Yuu Naito is not a half faked god, but a god that compared in terms of strength to Senju Hashirama!

Naito stood quietly in the field, ignoring the pathetic gazes and the weak spirits in front of him. Even those who managed to keep on standing werent worth his attention.

His whole focus from the beginning was on that building behind, because, inside it, the Yonbi and the Gobis Jinchuriki were hiding!

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