The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 318: Easy Repression

Even when he tried to use all of his power, he couldnt resist, and finally, his fist got blown away by Naitos punch!


The Yonbi got bombarded by the strong impact and got smashed heavily on the mountains in the distance.

This scene that the Rock Shinbois has just witnessed with their own eyes made them open their mouths widely.

He punched a Bijuu!

Yuu Naito… Hes more terrifying than they ever thought!

Because Naito was too small, the Yonbi and the Gobi couldnt attack him at the same time. The Gobi was watching from the side all mighty and strong, but suddenly he got shocked by this scene.

“He sent Son Goku flying… How could this be!”

The Gobi looked in disbelief. The Yonbi is one of the strongest Shinobis at physical powers, after all. If Naito has just blocked his attack, he would only be surprised, not this horrified.

However, Naito has also thrown a punch, and it was hard enough to send the Yonbi flying, he beat him at terms of physical strength, how could he not be stunned?

After he beat the Yonbi, Naito glanced at the Gobi, then he flickered and flashed straight to the top of his back.


An unstoppable force slammed down, the Gobi tried to resist it, but still, his huge body got crashed, and was directly overwhelmed!

One punch to the Yonbi, and one kick to the Gobi, this is all that he needed to do to repress both of them, which made him couldnt help but reveal his disappointing.

It seems that this is all that the Bijuu can provide, theyre not even qualified to be his training partners.

The Yonbi at that time was struggling to stand up, he climbed his way up again, then he surged his Chakra and launched a vast Bijuudama, standing on the back of the Gobi, Naito shook his head, then he threw a punch at him from that distance.


This punch was different, it actually distorted the space in front of Naito, the waves marks which were visible to the naked eye instantly crossed that distance and directly bombarded the Yonbi once again!


The Bijuudama got also shattered by Naitos punch. It didnt even make an explosion and got destroyed directly. But this wasnt all, the strange force didnt fade away, and suddenly, it ran through the Yonbis body!


The Yonbis body got penetrated and crashed on the ground. Still, that force didnt fade away and destroyed a series of mountains behind him, and kept spreading even far away to the end of the horizon!

Looking at such an incredible scene, the Rock Shinobis in the distance were shocked. Out of his disbelief, the Gobi has even forgotten that he was in pain!

How could a human being have such power!

Watching how the Yonbi got smashed easily by Naito, the Gobi immediately resealed himself back into his Jinchuriki, and the former regained his form. Of course, no one would want to fight such a monster!


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