The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 319: Onokis Sorrow

o deal with the situation, but the chaos in the Shinobi World didnt calm down and became more intense.

Many people simply couldnt believe the news.

It was just too much. Yuu Naito caught the Ichibi and the Sanbi first, then they even heard he killed the Seven Legendary Swordsmen. When they first got this news they barely believed it. But for one person to enter an enemy camp and then easily caught the Yonbi and the Gobi is just impossible.

This is more like a myth!

Some people have even doubted the whole thing and accused the Rock and Konoha of conspiracy.

The Fourth Raikage was more annoyed when he thought about this since he needs now to deal with both Konoha and that old man Onoki.

However, he didnt pay much attention to these theories. Even if Konoha and the Rock have secretly made this deal, he wasnt afraid of the Rock Village!

Even if they joined their forces with Konoha, the Mist and the Sands are still part of this game, as long as they can keep some of the enemies forces busy, hes not afraid of fighting both sides!

The Cloud still has the upper hand in the front line, this is why he wasnt willing to stop the attack.

However, he was still cautious and decided to participate in the battle personally. If Naito dares to come to the battlefield, he will kill him with his own hands!


Konoha Front Line Camp.

After he handed the Yonbi and the Gobis Jinchuriki to Orochimaru for researching, Naito didnt go directly to the battlefield, but he temporarily stayed in this camp to study the scroll that Orochimaru has given him.

Orochimarus studies on the Soul has really cough in a bottleneck. Although this information was much deeper than the previous one, they didnt really hit the essence, he still didnt completely understand the mystery of the Soul.

After he carefully read the information recorded in this scroll. It can be said that Naito wasnt disappointed, but somehow unsatisfied.

Because this way, he will never reach the Third Stage fo the Soul.

If you want to develop a technique, you must first have a complete understanding of that technique, as well as the Chakra nature flow needed to cast it. This way, you can really develop that Ninjutsu.

The last time, the soul research results that Orochimaru has attained, was basically equal to exhibiting the concept theory, and Naito has only needed to deduct that path to strengthen his Soul Secret Art.

But the research he got now from Orochimaru is only slightly advanced based on the previous one. No matter what is the concept or the theory, the standard of qualitative change is still not achieved. Its tough to develop the Soul Secret Art relying on the information in this scroll.

After little experiments, Naito encountered great difficulty and went back to find Orochimaru.

Walking through the camp, Konohas Shinobi showed incomparable respect and bowed to Naito.

Naito went alone to the enemys territory, which made the Shinobi in the camp feel really embarrassed when they got the news.

In addition to the shock they felt, they also admired the hard work that Naito has put for Konoha.

Soon once again came to Orochimarus Lab, which he rarely leaves except to participate in the battlefield.

The atmosphere around this place was extremely gloomy. Under normal circumstances, no one would like to enter such a place, but they needed to because Orochimaru has also changed it a command room.

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