The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 323: The Raikage and The Kiiroi Senko

Anko didnt have the slightest discomfort or pain in the process, the application of the second stage was completed successfully, but still, Naito couldnt find a way to do it on other people.

After another failed test, Naito sighed and shook his head.

“It looks like it wont be easy to achieve. Anko, youre an exceptional one.”

He said, then touched Ankos small head, who was standing on the side.

Anko is now very familiar with Naito. She no longer fears him and watches him with awe, but she smiled at him and looked up then said: “Of course, Im the one who got chosen by Naito-Sama.”


Naito has always felt that the way she refers to him by Sama a bit strange, but he never said anything about it.

Naito calls this the Transformation of the Immortals.

If you can complete five transformations in a row, you should be able to achieve the same physical strength and vitality that Naito has gained after he perfectly mastered the second stage of the Sage Mode, but of course, this is too difficult.

Even the second phase of the transformation was only successful on Anko, this future is far away from happening.

After the second stage, Ankos strength has once again jumped levels ahead. From nearly Jonin, she stepped in the Jonin level directly at one fell swoop, if she werent too young, and practiced more ninjutsu, she would have leaped straight to the Elite Jonin Level.

Ankos talent is obviously not comparable to Kakashi, but after the transformation of these two stages, it has already caught up with his footsteps.

Orochimaru wasnt particularly concerned about Anko. He only treated her as a temporary assistant, but after these transformations, Orochimaru was shocked.

Originally, he wanted to study Anko. However, Naito directly warned him not to even think about harming her. Orochimaru honestly could only give up on that thought.

Whose disciple is Anko in the first place?

In the following time, Naito didnt continue the experiments of the third stage on Anko, because Orochimaru has finally finished his research. The result made Naito quite interested.

The deepest connection between Chakra and Soul was found by Orochimaru!

Naito has long felt that Chakra and Soul are related. Body, Chakra, Soul, theres an absolute connection between these three. Although, the relationship between body and Chakra has already been found hundreds of years ago.

Not to mention the Body and Soul, simply because if they werent connected, we wouldnt be alive.

However, the connection between Chakra and Soul has always been in vain and challenging to be found. Although it is possible to deduce some answers using the Spiritualization technique, its still tough to touch the core.

While Orochimaru was studying the Chakra and the Soul of the Bijuu, he finally found the essential connection between the Chakra and Soul.

Chakra is the nutrient of the Soul!

As everyone knows, once the human body is exhausted and drained out of Chakra, It basically means that the host is gonna suffer an Inevitable end, death!

Theres a problem here. The physical strength is undoubtedly related to the body. When the physical strength is exhausted, it means that the body has no Stamina.

When Chakra is exhausted, it merely means that the host has run out of Chakra.

But what about the soul?

Why the soul gets disconnected from the body due to the exhaustion of Chakra and Physical Strength?

The connection between the Soul and Body doesnt need to be studied. The focus is on the relationship between Soul and Chakra. Orochimaru has come out with an answer. That the Soul lives in the human body as its vessel and nutrient on its Chakra.

Once the Chakra is exhausted, and nutrients are lost, the soul will leave the vessel, and get summoned by the afterlife world, which means death.

Just like the Edo Tensei, if you combine a part of the human, plus Chakra, you will be able to forcibly summon the soul from the afterlife world.

After getting the research results from Orochimaru, Naito felt that the fogs have gotten cleared on many things out of his mind.

The Soul uses Chakra as a nutrient. The answer to strengthening the Soul is simple. Nourishing it more with Chakra, but this requires a unique method.

Regarding this unique method, Orochimaru hasnt studied it in detail yet, but he gave Naito rough speculation on its concept.

However, Naito hit another bump on the road.

His Body, Chakra, and Soul are perfectly combined, that is to say, his own Chakra can only nourish the function of the soul, but cannot strengthen it.

If he wants to enhance his soul, he will need to devour the Chakra from the outside.

Moreover, that Chakra must not have an unconscious or soul on its own. Otherwise, the two souls will have conflicts, and this can cause damage.

If Orochimaru has studied this, his soul wouldnt be damaged in the Original and get swallowed by Sasuke.

And maybe this is why Itachi has insisted on getting Orochimarus soul out of Sasuke because he was afraid that hes little brothers soul will also get damaged.

Even if one of the souls is strong to the extreme and the other is weak, the conflict is inevitable, which will undoubtedly damage the soul.

It can be said that two different souls are like water and fire, its impossible to combine the two together; The water will inevitably evaporate, and the flame will certainly extinguish.

To devour Chakra to strengthen your soul, you must meet two conditions.

The first condition is to possess a method to absorb the Chakra from the outside.

The Second, The Chakra must be soulless, unconscious free one, just like the natural energy scattered between the heavens and earth.

Chasing others Chakra wont enhance your strength.

Senju Tobirama understood the mystery of Chakra and Soul. He was the creator of The Edo Tensei. This technique is based on the understanding of the connection between Soul and Chakra.

He had Hashirama between his hands, and he could do almost any experiments he wanted, and catching a Bijuu at those times was just like playing. The experimental environment is much better than what Orochimaru gots currently, and its no surprise that he studied more things.

To find an unconscious, soulless pure Chakra, the conditions are more demanding.

Any ninjas must have a soul. Thus, their Chakra cannot be used. The Bijuu are also out of the formula since they also have souls.

Chakra, with a soul, cannot be used. Just by this condition, Im afraid finding such a thing in this world is impossible for anyone, expect Naito.

Naito knew just the place to find a pure Chakra without soul and consciousness!

Ryumyaku is the place hes seeking.

That is to say, this Chakra can be sued to nourish and strengthen the soul. For Naito, enhancing the soul was the key to break the shackles on his body and open the Seventh and the Eighth Gates.

Now he finally has a clear path in front of him!

This world is still too big for Naito. People say that he currently surpassed Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara, even if he did, the world has still Hagoromo and Kaguya, and these are the true gods of this world, its too early before he can face them!

Once Hashirama and Madara conquered the whole Shinobi world by themselves. But the later stages of the Original had more influential people than these two, and Naito needed to be ready for them.

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