The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 326: The White Cloud

Very fast!

The fourth Raikage Chakra broke out, he threw a big one while he was rushing at incredible speed toward Naito.

Naito was standing in the same place from the beginning to the end. It looked like if he was utterly incapable of reacting under the Raikages speed.

Watching this scene made the Raikage sneer in his heart. His speed has finally exceeded his fathers, and surely Naito is entirely helpless in front of him.

If a strong ninja gets crushed in terms of speed, he will not have a chance to exert his power and will die under the Raikages iron fist.

Suddenly, the Raikages fist hit Naitos body.

However, something was weird, the Raikage didnt feel like he has hit a hard surface!

Midway, when the Raikage saw how Naito was helpless in front of his speed, he changed his plan and decided that once he hit Naito with his fist, he wont give Naito any opportunity to fall back, and directly throw at him a barrage of punches and kill him. But what the Raikage didnt expect, is that hes the first attack will pass straight through Naitos body!

Its as if Naito has turned into a ghost!


The moment his fist failed to make contact with Naitos body, the expression on the Raikages face suddenly changed, that smirk got wiped off his face as he looked shocked by this event.

Slowly the Raikage passed right through Naito, while the former suddenly smirked.

The Raikage was clenching his teeth with a hint of incredulous and disbelieve in his eyes. It was so hard on him to turn around and look at Naito behind him.

What made it difficult is the fact that Naito was faster.

What shocked him the most is that he has just used his full speed to attack Naito.

However, the Raikage couldnt even touch Naito!

Against that speed, Yuu Naito has just dodged his attack, then came back to his place. That incredible speed he used has allowed him to leave a perfect afterimage in his original position, which is simply unbelievable.

Not willing to give the Raikage any more opportunities to attack, just when he was about turn back and try his luck again, Naito hit the Raikages body with a finger flick.


With a finger flick, Naito destroyed the Raikages Lightning armor, then he got slammed directly, from the air to the ground.

In the process, the Raikage desperately wanted to use his fists to block Naitos attack, but he couldnt react at the right timing.

His speed compared to Naitos, is not just a little bit worse, but the gap is almost the same between heaven and earth!

The whole process seems to be long, but in reality, all of this happened in just a few moments.

Among the people present, only Minato could see Naitos movements, even Kakashi couldnt see what happened!

He couldnt help but look at his Sensei, to find him revealing an incredible expression.

If hes facing the Raikage speed, Minato has confidence that if he relies on the Flying Thunder God, he would easily dodge his punch, then launch a counterattack. However, against Naito, he may only and barely avoid him, but he wouldnt be able to start a counterattack.

In a close-range fight, Minato knew that if he moves to another position with his space technique, Naito will just appear behind him. And even if he uses it again, Naito will just keep chasing him every time.

This is how incredible Naitos speed. With the Sixth Gate open, and the use of the Moonwalk technique, his speed in short distances is like teleporting!


The Raikages body hit the ground like a cannonball, he directly shattered it. And In just a few moments, the cracks filled the entire place.

“What speed!”

“Is this true power of the… Raikage?”

Obito and Rin could barely see the Raikage rushing to the treetop, then in an instant, they saw a figure crushed on the ground.

Both of them looked terrified. Rin and Obito didnt expect the Cloud Village Raikage to be this strong. Even the Legendary God of Shinobi got defeated by him!

However, in the next moment, the two of them became more horrified.

Because the person who got crushed on the ground wasnt Naito, it was the person who rushed to him, the Raikage was on the ground, and Naito was still standing on the treetop!

“How is this possible!”

“What is going on?!”

Both of them were unable to suppress the shock in their hearts and ended up exclaiming.

It was clear that the person who was winning is the Raikage, then why he got bombarded?!

Hardly they raised their head to look again at Naito, who was standing calmly on the treetop.

Even Kakashi was shocked, although he could barely see the Raikages movements, he knew that the person who got crushed on the ground was none but him.

Theres only one explanation to this, Naito… Is much faster than the Raikage!

Much, much faster!

Only at a higher speed he would manage to avoid him, then counterattack and blast him on the ground.


Killer Bee has barely managed to see what happened. His eyes under his sunglasses have also revealed a trace of stunning color. However, he rushed immediately to check on the Raikage.

At the same time, his heart was overwhelmed with endless jealousy looking at Naito.

This guys speed is even faster than his big brother the Raikage, how is that possible!

In his point of view, the Raikage is the fastest in the world, Namikaze Minato is just a space technique user, its not his pure body speed.

But Naito, with his pure body speed, crushed the Raikage in terms of speed!

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