The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 326: The White Cloud

g a horrifying sound. If such a punch is gonna fall on a person, it will directly penetrate his body!

However, in the face of this terrifying punch, Naito didnt even swing his fist.

One finger felt enough for Naito to stop the Fourth Raikages punch.


Suddenly, the Raikages punch came in contact with Naitos finger. In an instant, the lightning burst out violently.

However, it didnt last a second before it collapsed and faded away.

Even the Raikages Lightning armor got also shattered from his fist to his arm, then to his entire body!

The expression on the Raikages face was full of despair and disbelieve, he has just swang a full-force punch, and it got stopped by one finger from Naito, but this is wasnt the end!

Suddenly, the Raikages body has once again got sent flying, with his back digging in the ground for the whole distance. However, he didnt stop even when he hit a big tree, it got destroyed, then he continued flying backward.

After smashing several large trees ina row, he barely stopped!

Everyone saw this scene. But processing it was another story. This is simply doesnt make sense to anyone, no one can imagine the Fourth Raikage of the Cloud Village himself getting a beating by a finger!

How can a small finger burst out such a horrible power!!

The Raikage came fast, then got sent flying backward even quicker.

Killer Bee, couldnt even react, nor catch the Raikage, he could only watch him flying out in the distance.

“Damn! You bastard…”

Killer Bee was horrified, and at the same time, angry. Looking at Naito standing there calmly, he could no longer hold it anymore. The Hachibis Chakra burst out, then a huge octopus tail suddenly fell down on Naito.

Seeing this scene, made Naitos eyes flash a little, then say: “The Hachibis Strength is really stronger than other Bijuu.”

Without any hesitation, Yuu Naito clenched his fist and swang it directly.


The space in front of him seemed to be distorted from the power of this punch!

Even the light got forcibly reversed, and a terrible fist mark suddenly appeared on the space!

The moment this fist collided with the Hachibis tentacles, it shattered it directly, leaving nothing but aches behind it!

What is even more shocking is that the traces of distortion didnt stop and instantly spread into the endless distant toward the sky, hitting a white cloud. Suddenly, it penetrated it violently, bursting out the mark of Naitos fist!

What a shocking and incredible scene, Naito has just pierced the sky with his fist!

At that moment, everyone looked up at the sky as if they were petrified.

Killer Bee didnt even dare to move an inch after that. Kakashi, the others, and even Minato were all stunned.

Silence controlled the place.

Obito and Rin, have even lost the ability to think. Because one thought was running in their minds.

Is Yuu Naito… A God!

Time seemed like it got frozen. It felt like if they kept looking at the sky for decades. Suddenly, the sky in the distance flashed with signal flares, at that moment, Minato has finally woke up.


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