The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 328: Someone Is Missing

In the distant sky, Konohas signal flare blasted open in the sky, representing a unique signal that the Cloud Village has launched an attack.


The distant land began to tremble, even if youre far away, you can feel the Bijuu horrible Chakra raging over there.

Its the Nibi!

The Cloud Village has two Bijuu, the Hachibi, and the Nibi. Even though Killer Bee, the current Jinchuriki, can perfectly control the Hachibi, this is wasnt the case for the previous generations of his Jinchurikis.

Basically, every time the Hachibi does a rampage, he gets suppressed by the Third Raikage.

As for the Nibi, the current Jinchuriki is not as good as Matatabi in the Original, who can entirely control her Bijuu.

Therefore, the Nibi is often violent. If he cannot be controlled, it is better to use him on the frontal battlefield. Theres not a lot of flexibility in using the Nibis powers.

“It seems that the Cloud Village has launched an attack. Well, its not a surprise since the Raikage is personally here.”

Yuu Naito looked far away, with the use of his Ultra Perceive, he barely managed to sense Konohas forces fighting with the Clouds.

After he took a glance at the battlefield, Naito suddenly flashed and disappeared on the horizon.

Originally, Minato was about to use his Flying Thunder God Technique to return quickly and support Konohas Forces on the battlefield, but after he saw this scene, he stopped his action with a little relief.

Even if he goes back, he wont be able to entirely rely on the Thunder Flying God Technique to stop the Nibib. Its difficult to defeat him, and he might even get crushed by his powers.

The power that Naito has just revealed was extremely shocking to Minato. Even his Rassengan is hugely inferior to Naitos strength.

Minato feels that even if he completes developing his Rasengan with the change of the Chakra Natural, and makes it, even more, stronger, its still difficult to be compared to Naitos Shock Force, his strength has reached an almost unbelievable level!

Moreover, Naitos speed in short distance is not inferior to the rate of his Flying Thunder God Technique, coupled to how hes almost immune to Genjutsu, makes Minato feel kind of envious.

He doesnt know if he should feel happy or unfortunate by the Era he was born in.

Even if there were even more powerful people or geniuses like Minato, theres no chance for anyone of them to bloom beyond Naito. This Era belongs to one man, Yuu Naito!


Almost instantaneously, Naito arrived at the front line of the battlefield.

Both sides have dispatched thousands of ninjas, but the better side was the Cloud with the power of the Nibi.

However, Shikaku Naras wisdom is almost incomparable on Konohas side, even without Minato, he has been dragging the Nibi around with various strategies, and also has a slight advantage in the frontal battlefield!

But even so, Shikaku didnt have any ease in his heart, but continuous anxiety.

“Is Minato still not here?”

“Maybe he didnt see the signal flare. Otherwise, he would have used the Flying Thunder God Technique immediately and came to the battlefield.”

being responsible for Konohas army Inoichi Yamanaka said.

Nara Shikaku frowned upon hearing this sentence. Although he can temporarily hold the Nibis advancement, this is wasnt a long-term solution. Once the Nibi breaks free and uses his strength, he will cause massive casualties.

“The power of the Bijuu is tough to handle. The only man who we can rely on to deal with the Nibi is Minato…”

Shikaku kept quiet for a long time, he was ready to ask Inoichi to use his secret technique to forcibly communicate with Minato and ask him to come back immediately.

However, in the next moment, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky above the battlefield.

The sudden appearance of this figure attracted the attention of countless people. When he first saw this figure, Shikaku was shocked, then he immediately sighed with relief.

He finally came!

Even with Minatos arrival, they could only hold back the Nibi. They cannot entirely reverse the situation on the battlefield. Theres only one person who can do that; Yuu Naito!

“Its him!”

“Why did he came here? The Raikage and Killer be are not here yet, we cannot block him just with Nibis power.”

The Cloud Shinobis looked at Naito, who appeared in the sky. After they recognized his identity, they got all a little scared and confused.

However, some people didnt believe in the rumors and stories they heard about Naito. Indeed, they can be really some good stories for kids, but accepting them is something else.

Although Naito has really killed the Third Raikage, and the former could suppress the Hachibis rampages several times, but it wasnt an easy task even on him!

“Not necessarily, dont believe those rumors, people tend to exaggerate things. Its not easy for a human being to defeat a Bijuu. Even if he defeated a Bijuu before, it will take from him a lot of time and work to do it.”

The commander of the Cloud forces eyes flashed with jealousy as he kept watching Naito.

“Contact the Raikage and Killer Bee immediately, the situation has changed. Yuu Naito has come to the battlefield.”


The Shinobi instantly started to contact the Raikage and Killer Bee.

At the same time, the Nibi, who his Jinchuriki could barely control him, was violently moving on the battlefield.

The moment he noticed Naito, he roared loudly, and leaped directly toward the sky, rushing to Naito.

“Okay, let him deal with him for the time being.”

The Clouds commander looked at this scene then took a deep breath, ready to continue commanding the forces on the frontal battlefield.

But in the next moment, his expression suddenly changed.


“The strength of the Nibi is much worse than the Hachibi, but his flexibility is quite good.”

Standing in the sky, Naito took a glimpse at the Nibi, then he extended his hand toward him and gently pressed it against the air.

This movement looked pointless since it looked like he didnt put any strength in it.


But in the next moment, the power of a horrible shock force slammed down, and suddenly the shape of a large hand appeared on the space under him!

The huge handprint suddenly slammed the Nibi as if it was catching a kitten, and the Nibi, who has just jumped up to the sky, got pressed instantly on the ground!


The madness spread on the ground, destroying it. For a second, the whole battlefield trembled, stopping the movements of every Shinobi on it, forcing them to look directly at the direction of the sound.

When the dust settled, everyone could no longer take a single breath.

There was a significant handprint on the ground, surrounded by dense cracks. At the center of that hand, there was no trace of the Nibi, just his Jinchuriki lying there dead!

He smacked the Nibi!

Sanju Hashirama used to easily suppress the Kyuubi. Its only simple that Naito can suppress the Nibi, but still, it shocked everyone on the battlefield.

Even Nara Shikaku, who known Naito for a long time, couldnt help but show a shocking color.

Thee intelligence he read, and what he has just seen with his eyes are entirely different!

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