The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 328: Someone Is Missing

in the sky, Naito looked a the Clouds army, who fled, and Konohas Shinobis, who were chasing them. After he shook his head slightly, Naito was ready to leave the place.

However, just when he was about to leave, he suddenly blinked, then he frowned with a stern expression.

Naito could clearly see every corner of the battlefield from where he was standing. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly noticed that someone was missing!

If it was anyone, or even thousands of Konoha Shinobis Naito wouldnt care, but this person that has disappeared… Was Uchiha Obito!

From the beginning, Naito paid more attention to Obito since he was an important character. The amount of attention he gave him was even higher than Kakashi.

Kakashi has returned to the battlefield and was chasing the enemies with the Konohas army. Rin was also here, but Obito was missing!

“It seems that something unexpected happened.”

Naito slightly wrinkled his brows. Then he suddenly flickered from the sky and came to the ground.

Under his Ultra Perceive, he could sense the entire battlefield; every corner was clear in his mind, he could perceive even the movements of every ant in the range of ten miles.

After a quick search, Naito found some strange traces.

The traces of a unique Earth Technique that can penetrate the ground. Naito was familiar with these traces, there shouldnt be any doubt about this… Its Zetsu!

Naito cannot always use his Ultra Perceive since it exhausts his mind, it seems that when Naito was dealing with the Nibi, Zetsu suddenly appeared and kidnapped Obito!

Naito was confused by this strange change of event, why would Madara take away Obito?

Theres no doubt that the story got changed entirely by the appearance of Naito. Still, its not clear what Madara is planning in the dark anymore.

As soon as he thought of Madara, Naitos eyes suddenly slightly flashed with stunning color.

The blood rushed into his brain as the idea flashed in his mind.

From the place he was standing on, he condensed the Shock Force under his feet, and without even kicking the ground, it collapsed under beneath him.

Suddenly he fell directly into the pit that he created.


After falling into the ground, Naito was glowing with a faded white light. If you look closely, that aura around his body was shattering the walls around him and opening the way to him.

The underground didnt stop Naito from tracking the traces that Zetsu left-back.

Although the speed of moving in the ground was much slower than outside, its still relative to Naito. For other ninjas, its almost unbelievable.

Yuu Naito didnt know how far he dug underground. Finally, when the traces disappeared, he sensed a massive cave in the distance!

The moment he sensed that cave, Naito flicked directly, leaving the underground that was continually collapsing.

He seemed like a stream of light, running through the endless layers of the earth and at top speed rushing to the Underground Cave!

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