The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 33: Open The Gate

All the way through the hills, in no time, Naito found an excellent training location.

On one side there the woods, on the other theres a hilly area full of rocks, and between them, there was a flowing river.

“Good! this is the place.”

Without wasting any time, Yuu Natio went to the hilly side and started to stretch his muscles and joints, then he started punching the rock.

With a little amount of force, but still, with the power of the shocks, he throws a punch.

Om! !

The air cracked, Naito trampled all the air beside him, the cracks spread out toward the rock.

Boom! !

The shock made an impact on the rock, but because Naito didnt intend to fully destroy it, a slight crack appeared on the rock.

“Good, lets continue!”

seeing this, Naito nodded with satisfaction, and with his left, he threw another punch.

And all over again with his right, he continued throwing punches, the sound of the earthquakes was all over the place.

Although training with stakes was good, but doing this on a solid object is something else.

Having a solid object to practice with, give it a completely different effect.

Constantly punching the rock, Naitos body constantly stresses out, the skin, the muscle, even his blood, and bones.

He conjured the shocks from his whole body.

This is the first time Naito had the opportunity to use this kind of power. when his start to feel the shock from his whole body, he experienced a new feeling, this feeling made him full of admiration.

This is the first time, he feels this comfortable!

“I knew from the very beginning that this is the right way to practice.”

Feeling this kind of comfortable deep down in his heart, Naito changed his sentence and continued to practice more seriously.

Punch barrage.

The heart starts to beat faster, the blood flowing through the veins like a flowing river.

The bones even the flesh are conjuring shocks.

As if the shocks are refining his flesh and blood.

The effect was better then what Naito imagined!

In fact, when Naito opened the heart gate, the power of the gate enhanced his chakra and gave him control on it, then while the blood was flowing it fed his body and heart, that effect continued every day even when he was sleeping, his body and heart continued to enhance each other.

And the more he practiced, the more it enhanced him better!

In fact, it was only one month since he started practicing the power of the shocks, no one can predict the level he will reach after another two months!

But Naito didnt expect that the eight gates werent the only factor for increasing his speed, even the power of the gura gura no mi itself helped!

With those two factors, his physical power made a great leap forward.

Genuinely after two months, Naito will reach the requirement physique to open the second door.

With keeping this in mind, the two months left are more than enough.

However, Naito also considering the fact, that every gate of the reversal Hachimon Tonkou opened is permanent, that means every time you open a new one, it takes some time to adapt its power.

And every time he opens a new gate, the next one will require more physical power to open it.

The more you improve, the more it will be difficult, this is no different than the normal Hachimon Tonkou.

“Aaah! !”

he shouted then threw a big one, the rock finally crumbled into pieces, then he suddenly stopped.

At this time he was very exhausted, he felt the fatigue from his whole body.

Then suddenly he laid on the ground.

His sweated clothes on the ground become almost dirty.

Yuu Naito was really exhausted he couldnt get up, he even felt very comfortable laying on the ground.

Using this amount of Shock constantly made his body suffer a lot, but that what he was looking for.

This is more effective than the push-ups he was doing before.

When he regenerated his power, Naito he was almost able to feel the power-enhancing in all of his body.

This is was an incredible thing.

He can directly feel the improvement!

This just proves how big his improvement was!!

“This should be due to the first time doing such a heavy training, stressing out the body with the power of the shock, made the improvement even bigger.”

He felt an excessive joy, but Naito quickly found the reason behind this.

Genuinely, the next time, the improvement wont be the same.

However, this is much more effective!

The day passed quickly, Naito dragged his tired body back home, and directly fell to sleep.

The next day, Naito continued to practice in the mountains, bringing with him more food.

Although practicing here is really unsafe because the place is far away from the village, but generally, no one will come here.

Moreover, its the truth that hes away from the village, but its not that far away.

In a blink of an eye, more than a month has passed, Naito gained more muscles.

Overall hes still thin but full of strength, which was unbelievable almost for a nine years old kid.

Naitos physique in the last month has increased fast enough to be appalling.

Especially the first week, he made a great leap forward, then that effect has slowly gone down.

Boom! !

The first punch, sound of buzzing came from the air, Naito was in front of the rock, then suddenly cracks start to appear, and then abruptly the shock burst out a hole on the rock.

“Humph Humph! Now my punch power should be beyond the C-class Ninjutsu power, even a combination between a C-class wind release and fire release should be destroyed with just one blow.”

Feeling satisfied with the destruction his punch made, Naito nodded, his eyes were full of hope.

This power compared to the Uchiha Samui B-class Ninjutsu should be the same or slightly lesser.

However, as long as he can open the second gate shattering a B-Class Ninjutsu should be nothing to him!

At this point, his duel with Samui is one month far away.

During the period he was practicing, the village was so calm and peaceful.

Even on his side, nothing happened.

Do not know if it was Sarutobi or Danzo, but the Uchiha restraint them self, no one interfered with him, as if they forget all about him.

But Naito knew that this is wasnt the matter, they were waiting for the timeline of the duel.

But this is wasnt the only reason, theres a second reason for everyone to ignore Naito for this whole time.

It was… … The second world war has been declared!

Everyone made the war their top priority.

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