The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 331: Gedo Mazo

“When you know what my will is, what are you gonna do?”

At some point, Madaras tone hit a spot of oppression, it seemed as if the air around them became burdensome, and the pressure gradually spread.

However, this pressure had no effect on Naito.

The field seems to be divided into two distinct worlds; Madaras world and Naitos world.

Two people divided the entire world.

“Hashirama ended the Warring States period with his hands, but not everything he ideals has come true. He died, leaving a constant war in the Shinobi World, and theres no such a thing as peace.”

“The First Shinobi World War, The Second Shinobi World War, and even a third one… No one was provoked by me to start all of this, maybe the first time the war happened due to my actions, but I have nothing to do with humans greed that drives them to slaughter, to wage wars, and plunder money and resources.”

Madara looked at Naito, while his eyes seemed deep and ethereal.

“What I want to do is to really end it all, stop the world and let it disappear from this world along with pain, these things Hashirama couldnt do. This is my will.”

Listening to what Madara had to say, these words didnt shake Naito, he kept his whole focus on Madara. Still, he seemed very calm.

If Naito wasnt passerby from the modern world, and if he didnt already know everything about this world, he would have certainly get shaken by this great speech from Madara.

However, Naito wasnt Obito. This is not gonna work on him. Moreover, he didnt really care about what happens to the world.

Yuu Naito wasnt Hashirama, nor Madara. He didnt care about bringing peace and protect the world. He only wants for his people to be safe, and for himself, he wanted freedom, he wanted to get rid of all constraints.

“Indeed, this way, you can truly beat Hashirama…” Naito whispered, which made a smug grin appear on Madaras face, thinking that Naito has understood him.

But the next sentence made the entire field shroud in endless coldness!

“Still, Im not interested in all of this!”

Yuu Naito stared at Madara, and while revealing his cold killing intent, he said these words.

“I dont care about anything you will do, but if you even think about crossing your sword with me, or hurting the people around me… Ill Kill You!”

No matter how strong Madara in his heydays, in his current state, and with the absence of the Rinnegan, its impossible for him to confront Naito!

Regardless of the reason that made Madara bring Naito to meet him. Since hes here, Naito wasnt gonna show him the slightest mercy.

However, just when Naito was ready to make his move, Madara shook his head.

“Sure enough, people who dont know real pain cannot understand this, but it doesnt matter anymore. Whether you understand and cooperate with me or not is not important… Either way, I will need to take the Kyuubi from you, you cant have it for yourself, its an important part of my plan.”

Madara faintly said, and just by the end of his sentence, the white smoke spurt in the place, then he disappeared.

This scene made Naito stunned.

Its not just Madara who disappeared; even the Demonic Statues vanished with him at the same time.

“This is…”

Looking at this scene, Naito frowned.

How can the enormous Demonic Statue disappear?

Wait… Kyuubi? Plan?!

It all came to him at the same time, which made the expression on Naitos face change. Suddenly, he revealed a horrifying Killing intent that made the whole place surrounding him shatter, the cracks begin to spread in all directions like a spider web.

Even the surrounding hard rock walls had cracks, and they looked like they were about to collapse!

The next moment, without any hesitation, Naito stepped hardly on the ground, and with his body covered with white Aura, he directly hit the side of the wall.

Just like cutting into silk, Naito was moving inside the walls quickly, he didnt care if it was gonna make the entire surface collapse, he needed to reach the top.

suddenly he reached the surface of the ground, then flashed toward the sky.

Now he can move at high speed!


The Rain Land, The outside of the Rain Village.

The dark clouds shrouded the entire sky, and the atmosphere seemed to be extremely heavy and oppressive. In this repression, there were two horrible erupting momentums.

In one direction, a huge figure surging a violent golden Chakra. In its core, Kushina was standing.

In the other direction, Nagato, with his Rinnegan exuding a horrible aura, he was standing a strange and sturdy beast, with black sticks pierced in his body.


On the edge of the battlefield, Konan stood there worried.

Nagato suddenly attacked the Rain Village, with the speed of light, the Nanabi was directly suppressed. Tsunade wasnt in the Village, it seems that she was gambling outside, and its been a long time since Naito has left the Village. Thus, Kushina tried to stop him.

Although with the power of the Kyuubi, Kushina is not inferior to Nagato, the power of the Rinnegan has the upper hand against the Bijuus force, so it was a difficult fight for Kushina.


With a full control under the Kyuubis Chakra, Kushina grew up some huge claws and grabbed Nagato, trying to crush him.

“Shinra Tensei!”

With a cold stare on his face, Nagato screamed.


An invisible shock instantly smashed and shattered the Chakra Claws.

Nagato was the one fighting, not Pain, not only that he can use all the abilities of Six Paths Pain, but also each ability is stronger!

“This guy… Is really strong.”

Kushina said with a severe expression.

“Its the power of the old man Rikudoo. Fortunately, this little kid cant control the real power of the Rinnegan. Otherwise, you would have already lost.” Kurama said at Kushina.

“I Know.”

Kushina nodded and looked at Nagato, and said in a deep tone: “Nagato, I know all about you. I believe your idea is wrong. You should hurry up and stop this madness!”

When he heard Kushina, Nagato looked indifferently. The look in his eyes felt really cold, and nothing Kushina will say was gonna make him stop.


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