The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 333: Final Strength

Chapter 332: One Sword Two Halves


Suddenly, the Gedo Mazo roared at Kushina.

“Kushina! Dont fight him, wait for Naito to come back.”

Looking at Madara and the Demonic statute, Kurama advised Kushina not to fight them.

Upon hearing him, Kushina nodded, him then she immediately turned from Kuramas form to Kyuubi Chakra Mode then quickly retreated.

“Its useless.”

Madara looked at Kushina running toward the Village, he bit his thumb then pressed his hand on the head of the Demonic Statue.

“Summoning Technique!”


Suddenly, Kushinas movements stagnated, then her entire body trembled as Kuramas Chakra inside her body went out of control.

Madara could still summon the Kyuubi because of the forced contract the signed, he couldnt directly summon him because hes bonded to his Jinchuriki, however; the summoning technique interfered with Kuramas Chakra flow inside Kushinas body and stagnated her for a moment.

Suddenly, the demonic statutes hand moved and grabbed Kushina!


Kurama roared inside Kushina, and she didnt have a choice but to reenter the full form.

Although, turning to the complete form helped her get rid of the Demonics grip on her. But he still managed to catch on of the Kyuubis tails and slammed him on the ground.


The Kyuubi then turned his head and bit the Demonic statutes hand that was firmly grasping his tail.

The Kyuubi was struggling hard to get rid of his grip. However, the other hand suddenly moved and nailed his neck to the ground.

Madara was watching this scene with a faint look as if he had already everything in his hands.

“Although the order of absorption must be respected, Ill just use the Gedo Mazo to temporarily seal the Kyuubi, it wont be a problem.”


Suddenly, the Gedo Mazo opened his mouth, and the Chakra Chains extended out and penetrated the Kyuubis body.

Kushina screamed in pain, as the Kyuubis Chakra was pulling out of her body.

“Damn it!”

Kushina panicked, but she wasnt gonna gave up and immediately used the Adamantine Sealing Chains.


Suddenly the chain rushed out from her body, bonding the Kyuubis Chakra, preventing the Gedo Mazo from swallowing it.

All of a sudden, the game of tug-of-war started.

“Not bad, Uzumaki Clan. Shes standing her ground against the Gedo Mazo! but this is nothing but a futile struggle.”

Madara, who was on the head of the Gedo Mazo, looked calmly below.

The Kyuubis Chakra was slowly being pulled by the Gedo Mazo, although, Kushina was trying to fight back, her power against the Renningens outer path was obviously not enough, she could barely slow down the speed of the absorption.

The Kyuubis head was already swallowed, then his shoulders and claws were slowly following.

Kushinas heart screamed in awe the moment she saw that. If this continues, the Kyuubi is gonna completely get sealed inside the Gedo Mazo!

Although Madaras oppression caused her high pressure, Konan wasnt gonna just watch Kushina get defeated.

“Paper Shuriken!”

It was clearly useless to attack the Gedo Mazo directly, so she targeted Madara, who was on top of it. As long as she can take down Madara, Kushina will be saved.

However, Madara did only a faint glance on Konans attack, before a sizeable blue skeletons thorax appeared around him blocking Konans Paper Shuriken, then the sword in his hand fell and directly hit her.

The moment she got hit, her body turned into pieces of paper in midair, then re-aggregated woundless.

Even though she didnt get injured, Konan was still surprised, she didnt expect Madara to pull out such a powerful technique in this situation.


Konan stretched her hand, and hundreds of paper flew over toward Madara and danced around his Susanoo. Suddenly, they turned into explosion papers!

However, in the face of her attack, Madara didnt even have the thought of dodging, he even showed a hint of disdain his eyes, and let those paper explode.


The explosion was intense, but it didnt even leave a scratch on Madaras Susanoo.

Seeing that none of her attacks could stop him, and how the Kyuubis Chakra was slowly getting swallowed out of Kushinas body, Konan became anxious, she knew that once the Kyuubi gets captured, she as her Jinchuriki will die.

Although she has always envied Kushina because Naito loves her, she never wished for her death. Kushina is the most important person to Naito, for that she was gonna try her best to protect her.

However, she couldnt do anything for neither the Gedo Mazo nor Madara, she could only look at how powerless is Kushina getting the more the Kyuubis Chakra is getting swallowed.

“This cannot be allowed to continue, Naito-Sensei… Where are you…”

Konan clenched her teeth, with Naitos figure appearing in her mind. At that moment, she couldnt think of anything but him, after all, only Naito can solve this crisis.

Kushina was struggling, she was using her Chains to pull the Kyuubis Chakra back, but obviously, she was loosing against the Gedo Mazo.

Looking at how half of the Kyuubis body was already swallowed, she felt horrified, she didnt know when Naito will come back, but in any case, she wasnt gonna give up.


Suddenly, one of her chains got broken, then a second and third followed!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The chains were giving up on her, and she could no longer fight back.

Only a few were left, and once they all get broken, the Kyuubi gonna get sealed entirely inside the Gedo Mazo!

Kushinas heart was almost gonna sunk in desperation, as she looked to the sky to watch it for the last time.

Suddenly, she saw starlight moving at high speed from a distance, this stream of light was coming from the Land of Rain borders and was cutting through the dark clouds of the entire country!

Civilians and ninjas alike were extremely shocked by this event.

He was moving at breakneck speed, the only thing left behind it is the split sky!

Finally, just when the last chain was gonna break, a sound full of anger and killing intent emitted from the sky.


Accompanied with that anger and killing intent, Naitos figure appeared from a distance with his Golden Kusanagi sword in his hand, that he didnt hesitate to wave.


An invisible wave suddenly crossed that whole distance and fell toward the Gedo Mazo!


Madara faintly looked at it, the Chains of the outer path cannot be broken by regular attacks.

However, it didnt take long before the expression on his face changed.

That invisible wasnt targeting the Gedo Mazo but the Kyuubis body!


Half of the Kyuubis body was already swallowed by the Gedo Mazo. When Kushinas last chain breaks, the Demonic statue was gonna complete the absorption and seal the Kyuubi in. However, when Naitos attack fell, it split the Kyuubis body into two haves from the waist!

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