The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 334: Clash of Swords


Under this crazy collision, a small crack appeared on the Susanoos sword, then it spread directly across the entire blade, and the whole sword broke from the middle!

Half of the sword flew behind beside Naitos head, tearing the ground all the way toward a mountain in the distance, which ended up split into two halves too.

After the breaking of the sword, Naitos sword swayed with a horrible, violent power that burst out to the distant sky, opening the dark clouds in it!

However, this is was not the most shocking thing…

The most shocking thing is not the fact that he could break the Susanoos sword, nor the split mountain, nor the sky that got torn open, but what between them!

The rain stopped, its not like the sky has stopped raining, you couldve seen the rain coming down from a distance, but when it hit some point, it stagnates in mid-air and stays that way. That point was a wave mark that was created in space from Naitos sword, it seemed like if he has cut the world into two halves!

That wave mark was bending the space!

Time seemed to be stagnated for a moment, without mentioning the Rain Shinobis in the distance, even Kushina, Yahiko, and Konan, who saw before Naitos power felt shocked.

Its like living the same moment, and it felt like its gonna last forever. However, after a few moments, the mark wave began to fade away, and things regularly started to go back to normal.

The rain fell again as if originally there were two separate worlds and suddenly has merged together. The clouds filled the sky one more time, and the cracks behind Naito has got instantly filled with water, forming a big river.

However, you can hear nothing but the sound of the water.

The silence was controlling the place.

“You broke the Susanoos sword… Since Hashirama, youre the first who managed to compete with the Complete Susanoo.”

Madara was inside his complete Susanoo looked calmly below, but his heart wasnt as calm as he looked.

He excepted Naito to be able to complete with the complete Susanoo, but Naitos power is beyond his imagination, he even managed to cut the Susanoos sword into two halves!

“Looks like, youre not all talk, little demon, this era really belongs to you.”

“Uchiha Madara….”

The sword in Naitos hand slowly melted into a golden liquid, then got wrapped around his hand, then covered his hands, forming a pair of golden gauntlets..

Naito looked up at Madara with an extremely calm expression.

“Dont you think youre… Talking too much?!”


Just when those words were out of his mouth, he clenched his fist and threw a punch facing the front of the Complete Susanoo!

The distance was quite far, but Naito didnt try to come close first, nor did he jumped to the front of Madara, but he directly waved on the space in front of him!

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