The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 340: The End Of The Third Shinobi World War

Chapter 339: Completed

Looking at Kushina next to him, Naito forgot all about the troubles and tiredness that he had to go through, and couldnt help but turn and hug her gently.

“This is exactly what I want from this world…”

Naito whispered these words softly, he was ready to do anything for Kushina, no matter what is or who is he needs to overcome, even if its Kaguya herself.

For this reason, Naito swore that hes gonna keep walking no matter how hard its the road, he will go unswervingly and get stronger until hes on the peak of this world, until… He can protect her.

“What happened to you so suddenly…?”

Kushinas cheeks became red, she was slightly surprised to see Naito hugging her.

“Its nothing.”

Naito let go of her then smiled.

Kushina cluelessly shrugged, then suddenly leaned toward Naito and kissed him, then turned with a smile.

“Ive made dessert, come and eat some.”

“Sounds good.”

Naito looked at her for a moment, then followed Kushina.


After taking a break, Naito restarted his practice again. For Naito, now sleeping is not a big issue.

The perfect sage mode prevents him from feeling any kind of fatigue or exhaustion. As for the spiritual aspect, Naitos souls are strong enough to make him no longer in need of sleep.

The second stage of soul art, which is half completed, is much easier than what he imagined. The difficulty is utterly incomparable to the first half.

Naito has already created a prototype of the soul space.

Soul space is actually called spiritual space.

It has nothing to do with space ninjutsu and has nothing to do with the power of space. Its about the purest spiritual power.

Like the Tsukuyomi Uchiha Itachis unique Genjustsu, create a spiritual space that belongs to Uchiha Itachi, and the one that Naito wants to create has the same nature, but Uchiha Obitos technique is in the same category, it creates a substance space which belongs to the type of pure space and has a little connection with the spiritual.

Both can be called spaces, but one is mainly spirit, and the other is primarily space; the two are fundamentally different.

Spiritual Space belongs to the former and has no substance, its a space between imagination and reality. Its similar to the dream world, but slightly different because it can affect reality.

If the pure fantasy world is zero, and the real world is one hundred, the dream world will be fifty, and the spiritual space should be seventy-five, between fifty and one hundred.

The problematic part is here, the degree needs to be precise, it cannot be substantive, and it cannot be weak.

In the endless darkness.

In the depth of Naitos soul, it can be said that its the innermost of his spiritual ocean.

In the middle of that darkness, there was a bubble with a faint white light glowing inside it. Naito was standing there looking down and thinking, while his figure seemed slightly unreal.

This is was the prototype of the Spiritual Space that was created by Naito.


Looking up, then around, Naitos eyes seemed sharp, the power of his soul surged then got connected to his Chakra, making this illusory world gradually become real.

The ground appeared below the starry sky above.

But at this time, Naito shook his head slightly, then controlled the sky above to disperse, and focused on the ground.

It cannot be too real or too unreal, it must be in the middle, Naito has almost mastered it completely, and he only needs to add the last touch in his Spiritual Space.

The last touch was to integrate his soul completely with the Spiritual Space. This final step is also the most difficult because initially, this space was conceived from his soul. And now, to fully merge the soul with this space, regardless of who came first, you will need firm control.

But for Naito, this is not hard enough.

Naitos soul is too strong, far strong than ordinary people. His control is naturally also stronger than Orochimaru!

It took Orochimaru years of experiments, but Naito could create the Spiritual Space in half a year, even this last step is almost completed!

The world outside of the bubble, the darkness, everything poured into the inside, and eventually, the outside world became empty, on the other hand, the bubble became solid, and it was no longer emitting that white light.

Its edges seemed to be completely connected with the outside world, and there were no longer any gaps or boundaries.

“Its finally done…”

Looking at this scene, Naito felt relieved. The process of developing this technique required him a lot of focus, he needed to be careful, he didnt want to make any mistakes.

Silently, Naitos consciousness withdrew from the Spiritual space and returned to reality, then slowly opened his eyes.

Looking a the meteorite in front of him exuding that strange power, Naito reached out with his hand, and grabbed it, then squeezed his fingers hard.

Ka Cha!

The meteor opened up, and all of its power poured into Naitos body in an instant!

Subsequently, Naito closed his eyes once again, and his consciousness came into the Spiritual Space.

The stream of purple Chakra that was floating in the space seemed like it was trying to force its way out to the spiritual space world.

But with a cold stare, using his spiritual shock he suppressed that purple Chakra and made it tremble for a moment.

The reason why he created the Spiritual Space was to let the Chakra enter here, to have a place where it can have direct contact with his soul.

“Next step…”

Looking at the purple Chakra stagnated in the space after he suppressed it with his Spiritual Shock, he shook his head then he lifted the pressure slightly.

A ray of purple Chakra dissipated then spread instantly.

Although its just a ray, it covered the entire field of the spiritual space; because its not related to the outside world, its not restricted by the outside rules. Thus, theres no such thing as distance.

Ka Cha!!

Under the dispersal of this purple Chakra, there was a slight tremor in Naitos Spiritual Space, but Naito didnt panic. Instead, he looked happy.

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